A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5555: Fuya is pregnant


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Lu Xiyu thought, the gentle tide surging in his eyes.

He held Huang Fuya’s chin and kissed her again…

His kiss was so gentle that Huang Fuya felt several times that she would drown in his tenderness.

Hmm…he must have remembered it!

So, as soon as Lu Xiyu stopped, Huang Fuya immediately asked in his ear: “Do you still want to leave? Or do you prefer to try here and try with me again?”

Lu Xiyu didn’t have to leave in the first place.

But now it is!

Otherwise, he is afraid that he will not be able to control himself next.

The doctor made it clear, absolutely not.

The current Huang Fuya…even if he just touches her lightly, it is absolutely not allowed.

Lu Xiyu felt cruel and let go, “I’ll ask Xiangyi to come and accompany you, okay?”

Huang Fuya grabbed Lu Xiyu and refused to let go, “Your coming back this time… is a bit strange!”

Lu Xiyu kissed her and said, “Be good, I have something very important to do when I go home.”

Huang Fuya had to let go now, “When will you come back?”

Lu Xiyu touched her head and said, “I will give you news when I get back.”

Not long after he left, Lu Xiangyi came over.

Lu Xiangyi was in the training camp recently, mainly studying, which was quite relaxing. Her condition was much better than when she came back before.

She picked a movie and watched it with Fu Ya.

Huang Fuya watched the movie and asked Xiangyi without leaving a trace. His family was also surprised when Xiyu came back early this time, and that everything in the Lu family had gone well recently, and nothing had happened.

So, Lu Xiyu’s return this time… is weird! Lu Xiangyi didn’t realize at all that he had been lied to, and continued: “When did my brother start to be so worried about you? He just went home to see my parents, and he didn’t worry about you being alone, and asking me to do it no matter what. Passed

Come to accompany you. ”

Huang Fuya smiled, “Maybe she knows that I like to stay with you?”

Lu Xiangyi was so easy to coax, he hugged Huang Fuya’s arm with a smile and asked about Jiang Duo’er.

That morning, Huang Fuya warned Jiang Duo’er openly, and Jiang Duo’er calmed down. She no longer dared to ridicule her openly or secretly, and she also worked cautiously, for fear that she would be caught in a pigtail.

It’s just that the little girl is very unwilling.

Huang Fuya knew that once she found the opportunity, Jiang Duoer would definitely take revenge on her.

However, whether Jiang Duoer can find a chance mainly depends on whether she gives Jiang Duoer a chance…

“My mother has heard about this,” Lu Xiangyi said with a smile, “My mother praised you for handling it well!”

Huang Fuya was also quite helpless, “If someone like Jiang Duoer is not treated like this, she will definitely swell in the future.”

“My mother said so too!” Lu Xiangyi handed Huang Fuya a strawberry, “Try it, this must be sweet!”

After Huang Fuya ate, she suddenly felt nauseated.

She got up and rushed into the bathroom, even vomiting out what she had eaten for lunch.

After receiving treatment, Huang Fuya often behaved like this, and Lu Xiangyi no longer found it strange.

On the contrary, it was Huang Fuya herself. The moment she finished rinsing her mouth, a bizarre thought passed through her mind…

But the next second, she was denied by herself.

Since she was a child, she has experienced too many bad things.

She didn’t believe that miracles could happen so easily!

After all, she has never been the lucky one favored by fate…

Lu Xiangyi helped Huang Fuya back to the room and said, “I’ll call my brother!”

“He should have just returned home.” Huang Fuya stopped Xiangyi and said, “I’m fine.”

Lu Xiangyi sat beside the bed, “How about you rest? Or can I chat with you?”

Huang Fuya was not sleepy, so she said, “Tell me about what happened between you and Xi Yu when they were young.”

Lu Xiangyi has a good memory, and she still remembers a lot of things from her childhood.

When she was talking, Lu Xiyu happened to rush into her home.



Lu Xiyu’s two voices immediately frightened the aunt at home.

One of them didn’t know that Lu Xiyu was back, and the other… Young Master Xiyu, who had been dignified and steady since he was a child, had never been like this!

Su Jianan and Lu Boyan were in the study room on the second floor. When they heard Xi Yu’s voice, they looked at each other, obviously wondering what happened to the child?

Downstairs, the servant told Lu Xiyu: “Both Mr. and Mrs. are in the study.”

Lu Xiyu didn’t even have time to say thank you, so he walked upstairs with long legs.

Su Jianan walked to the stairs and saw Xi Yu flying up like a gust of wind.

Before she could ask what was wrong, Lu Xiyu asked: “Mom, where is dad?”

Su Jianan pointed to the study room behind her and was pulled in by Lu Xiyu.

Lu Xiyu panted lightly, not knowing whether he was too impatient or because he was excited.

Su Jianan poured him a glass of water, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to you, or was it Fu Ya? Don’t be anxious, speak slowly.”

This was the first time Lu Boyan saw his son acting so unstable. He stood up and said, “Don’t panic, even if something happens, we will still be here, right?”

Lu Xiyu smiled and called mom and dad again.

He smiled really happily, which was so different from the hurried look just now.

The most important thing is that he has always been an emotionally reserved person, and he is rarely so obviously happy.

Su Jianan became even more worried, “Xi Yu, don’t scare mom…”

Lu Xiyu said slowly: “Fuya is pregnant. The doctor said that although she can’t see clearly yet, it is very likely that she is twins.”

Su Jianan was stunned and looked at Lu Boyan.

Lu Boyan didn’t digest his son’s words and had no reaction for a while.

A week ago, Lu Xiyu had the same reaction when he received a call from the doctor.

At that time, the results of Huang Fuya’s blood test were normal, with no hint of pregnancy at all.

But her performance was slightly different from the reaction caused by the treatment, and since they had met before, the doctor took this into consideration and asked her to return to the laboratory for examination in a week.

A week ago, as soon as Huang Fuya left the laboratory, the doctor contacted Lu Xiyu.

Lu Xiyu immediately decided that he would return to China early.

But because he was not sure, he didn’t want Fuya and her family to have a joyous occasion in vain, so he never said anything.

To this day, Huang Fuya’s blood test results clearly show: she is pregnant! The B-ultrasound could even vaguely see that she was pregnant with twins.

The entire laboratory is ecstatic for Huang Fuya, and everyone wants to congratulate her.

The happiest person is Lu Xiyu.

But he did not tell Huang Fuya the news immediately.

One was because he was afraid that she would be too excited, and the other was because it was too important. He felt that he should let her know in a ceremonial way that she was already an expectant mother.

She once wanted to have a family and have children of her own.

She wants to be a good mother and care for her children to grow up happily.

A year ago, someone told her that this was impossible, and she almost gave up on herself.

But now, everything she has dreamed of will come true…”Perfect~”


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