#178 Martial God Asura Chapter 5829: The truth is revealed


“Hey, I said, what are you pretending to be?”

“Others don’t understand, don’t you understand yourself?”

“Stop pretending, can you get out of here?”

But at this moment, the young man looked at Chu Feng and spoke nonsense.

Chu Feng ignored him and looked at the beautiful elder.

“Elder, since there is fate and resonance, and the essence is different, there should be a way to distinguish it, right?”


“I’m really sorry. In fact, I have only heard about this thing. What I saw today is also the first time I have seen it.”

“I don’t know how to tell the difference.”

“The two adults are so powerful. I really didn’t expect that you would all be related to this formation, or even resonate with one of them.”

“It’s my fault, I wasn’t prepared well.” The beautiful elder apologized.

“Hey, hey, hey, I say, don’t make things difficult for other people when they are old, be decent and get out of here.”

“Don’t force me to take action, do you hear me?” The young man continued to say to Chu Feng.


But suddenly, a pressure was released and went straight towards the young man.

It was Chu Feng who released the pressure of the Immortal Dragon Robe.

Chu Feng ignored him, just not wanting to argue with him.

But he kept doing it again and again, and Chu Feng would never tolerate him.

But before Chu Feng’s pressure could get close to the young man, he was blocked by another pressure.

That is the pressure of the True God Realm.

She is the beautiful elder on the auction stage.

Don’t look at her, she looks very respectful and polite to others.

But her cultivation level is not as good as that, she is a strong person in the True God Realm.

“Sir, if you have something to say, don’t do anything.” The beautiful elder said to Chu Feng.

Seeing this, Chu Feng also put away his pressure.

“Huh, if you dare to do something, do you think I’m a soft persimmon?”

At this moment, the power of the barrier surged around the young man.

Not only did he release pressure, his linen-like world spirit robe also shone with light.

At this moment, his cultivation level is undoubtedly on display.

The dragon robe.

But the barrier’s combat power has reached the level of the Holy Dragon God’s Robe.

“Oh my God.”

“His voice sounds young. He is a junior, right?”

“No way, how could this junior possess such a level of cultivation? Could it be that Ling Xiao from the Seven Realms Holy Palace has come?”

“Lingxiao, can’t you?”

“If it were Ling Xiao, then this man in the cloak would have been kicked onto the iron plate.”

“Who dares to provoke Lingxiao of the Seven Realms Holy Mansion?”

When the young man showed his cultivation, the entire auction house was in a state of excitement.

No one dares to look down upon this young man again.

Don’t look at that young man, even though his face is covered by the world spirit robe.

But there was no disguise in his voice.

Judging from the voice, you can vaguely feel that he seems to be a junior.

It’s just that I can’t be sure.

But just this possibility makes people dare not be careless.

“Come on, why don’t you do something?”

“A mere Immortal Dragon God Robe, dare to act wild in front of this genius?”

That young man was already proud.

After hearing the voices of praise and exclamation from all parties, I became even more proud.

He was about to go to Chu Feng aggressively, but was stopped by the beautiful elder.


But at this moment, a majestic force of force went straight towards the young man.

It was Xiao Yuer who came out and directly launched an attack on the young man.

It’s just that Xiao Yu’er’s offensive was wrapped up in force and forced to dissipate before it even got close.

He was also stopped by the beautiful elder.

“What are you pretending to be?”

“Do you know who he is?”

“You dare to pretend in front of him, who gave you the courage?”

Xiao Yuer said angrily.

If Xianhai Shaoyu hadn’t pulled him, Xiaoyuer would have rushed over directly.

The young man disagreed.

“Yo yo yo, there are still helpers, frogs in the well who don’t know the heights of the sky, do you know who I am?”

At this point, the young man looked at the beautiful elder: “Don’t stop me, let me teach these frogs in the well a lesson, and if you stop me, I will tear down your Warrior Chamber of Commerce.”

He not only threatened Chu Feng and others, but also threatened the beautiful elders.

But the beautiful elder did not put down the pressure, but instead strengthened the pressure to restrain Chu Feng, Xiao Yu’er, and the young man:

“My lords, please calm down. We cannot take action here. If we do so again, we will have no choice but to drive you out.”

The beautiful elder’s attitude is still polite and without any favoritism, but rather fair and just.

“Drive out?”

“You don’t understand what I said, do you?”

“Come here, follow me and tear down this Warrior Chamber of Commerce.” The young man shouted angrily.

After he finished speaking, several figures flew over and landed next to the young man.

Those people can freely pass through the pressure of the beautiful elders, proving that their strength is superior to the beautiful elders.

Seeing this scene, the beautiful elder also looked uneasy.

She didn’t expect that so many experts would come today and dare to be so arrogant.

If this continues, she won’t be able to control it at all.

But at this moment, an old man’s voice sounded, and the entire auction house shook violently.

“The visitor is a guest. If you are willing to be a guest, our Immortal Sea Fish Clan will treat you with courtesy.”

“But if you want to cause trouble in our Immortal Sea and Tianhe, don’t blame our Immortal Sea Fish Clan for being ruthless.”

The sound was loud and did not attack anyone.

But that voice contained coercion.

The pinnacle of true god! ! !

At this moment, the men who were standing beside the young man in a menacing manner persuaded the young man: “Master, forget it.”

The young man also realized that there were experts from the Xianhai Fish Clan sitting here, so he did not say anything more, but snorted coldly.

Seeing this, the beautiful elder also breathed a sigh of relief.

She would not be afraid if the masters of the Xianhai Fish Clan were there.

Because their president has a relationship with the patriarch of the Xianhai Fish Clan.

Tap, step, step…

But at this moment, a figure approached, and it was Chu Feng.

“Sir, forget it.” Seeing Chu Feng approaching, the beautiful elder thought that Chu Feng was about to make a move and quickly stretched out his hand to stop him.

But Chu Feng’s left hand was opened, and a formation layout emerged.

“Do you understand this formation?” Chu Feng asked the young man.

“Such a simple formation, why don’t I, the dignified Dragon God Robe, not understand it?”

The young man immediately set up the formation as he spoke, and within a moment, the formation was deployed.

And Chu Feng also deployed the same formation.

“If you blend it into the bead, you will see the difference.” After Chu Feng said this, he blended the formation into the formation bead in his hand.

The next moment, the formation beads in his hand also glowed with the same light as the formation that benefited the younger generation.

Seeing this scene, the young man’s expression changed drastically.

He was wearing the dragon robe, so naturally it seemed that Chu Feng was not faking it. ~Soverse.com~ So he also hurriedly integrated the formation he had arranged into the formation beads.

The results did not change.


At this moment, not only the young man was stunned, but also the people around him.

“The truth is revealed. It turns out that this person is the one who resonates with the formation of benefiting future generations.”

“It’s amazing. Isn’t this too amazing?”

“Although it is an Immortal Dragon Divine Robe, even the Warriors Chamber of Commerce doesn’t know how to verify it, but he found it.”

“And it was found in such a short time.”

“What kind of observation is this?”

“This is also a big shot.”

“Who is it?”

At this moment, the entire auction house was filled with praises and exclamations for Chu Feng.

Many people here are experts. No one thinks that Chu Feng is cheating, and no one thinks that the Warriors Chamber of Commerce is responsible.

From the quality and aura of the light, it can be judged that Chu Feng has indeed resonated with the Formation of Benefiting the Descendants.

In fact, just confirming this, they are not so surprised.

But when so many experts were present, but none of them knew how to verify, Chu Feng found a verification method.

Still within such a short period of time.

This gold content is even stronger than the resonance itself of benefiting future generations.

It also proves that Chu Feng is genuine.

“Hey, I said the one wearing linen.”

Suddenly a voice sounded, it was Xianhai Shaoyu who spoke to the young man.

“Are you still bragging? You are so stubborn that you won’t shed tears until you see the coffin.”


The young man snorted coldly, then turned and left.

He had no rebuttal.

Because he was unable to refute.

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