#178 Martial God Asura Chapter 5828: 2 people on stage


Opening the door, an elder was already standing outside the door dragging a tray.

“Come in.”

Chu Feng signaled for him to come in, and since Chu Feng came to the Warriors Chamber of Commerce, his tone of voice has changed whenever he speaks.

So I am not afraid of others identifying me from my voice.

After the elder walked in, he closed the door first and then removed the curtain on the tray.

On the curtain, there are three beads the size of fingernails.

On the surface, the bead looks like a stone, even a little rough.

But in fact it is an exquisite small formation.

And the aura of the bead is exactly the same as the aura of the array for the benefit of future generations.

At the same time, outside the doors of other VIP rooms, there were elders holding such beads and entering each VIP room one after another.

All VIP rooms have the opportunity to come into contact with this bead.

The little fish reached out and grabbed a bead, sucking a bead into his palm.

“Excuse me, elder, what should we do?” Xiao Yu’er asked.

“Sir, just integrate your spiritual power into the beads.”

After the elder said this, Xiao Yuer immediately tried it.

As Xiao Yu’er’s mental power merged into the bead, the stone-like bead quickly became crystal clear, and then began to glow slightly.

“Congratulations, sir, you are destined to benefit future generations. You can enjoy the starting price of 10,000 Chamber of Commerce Yuanbao.”

Seeing this, the elder hurriedly congratulated him, and his excitement could be felt just from his tone.

Obviously he was giving away precious things at a low price, but instead of feeling sad, he was very happy.


Soon, the beads in Xianhai Shaoyu’s hand also bloomed with the same light.


Seeing this scene, the elder was stunned for a moment.

After being stunned for a moment, he hurriedly saluted again.

“Congratulations, I didn’t expect that this gentleman is also destined to benefit the younger generations.”

“The arrival of these two adults really makes our Warrior Chamber of Commerce flourish.”

At this moment, the elder’s tone was full of surprise and even more excited.

It can be seen from his reaction that making this formation bead react was something he did not expect.


At this moment, the light shone from the auction table into the VIP room.

It is the formation that benefits the younger generations on the auction stage, blooming with dazzling light.

Seeing this scene, the beautiful elder on the auction stage also looked ecstatic.

“Resonance, this is more than just destiny, it is a manifestation of resonance.”

“It is unbelievable that there are adults who resonate with the mission of benefiting future generations. It is really gratifying and congratulatory.”

“It seems that today, a great figure came to our Warrior Chamber of Commerce.”

“In this case, there is no need to bid. We, the Warrior Chamber of Commerce, will directly donate this item to you.”

“I would like to invite this adult to come on stage to receive it.”

The beautiful elder became impassioned when she spoke at this moment.

“Brother, if you don’t take action, you will become a blockbuster with just one action.” Xianhai Shaoyu looked at Chu Feng.

Because he knew that this was caused by Chu Feng.

It was at the same time that Chu Feng triggered the formation beads that the formation for benefiting the younger generation on the auction stage began to shine.

At this time, the elder also looked at Chu Feng and found that the formation beads in Chu Feng’s hands were indeed shining with light.

“Three adults, please forgive me for talking too much. Who are you?”

The elder was very surprised.

Because he knows that it is very difficult to be associated with the formation for the benefit of future generations.

Because the elders of their Warrior Chamber of Commerce have tried, but they can’t make the formation beads light up.

The elder in charge here once said that anyone who can make this formation beads light up is definitely an extremely extraordinary being.

Either he is one of the few big figures in the vast world of martial arts, or he is the strongest genius in the vast world of martial arts.

But now, there are three people in this VIP room, all of whom have the formation beads lighting up.

This is enough to show how amazing these three people are.

“This elder, it is not convenient for us to reveal his identity.” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“I understand, I understand.” The elder nodded repeatedly and immediately looked at Chu Feng: “My lord, please come with me to the stage.”

“Good work.”

Immediately, Chu Feng followed the elder and walked towards the auction stage.

But as soon as Chu Feng stepped onto the auction stage, he found another elder leading someone onto the auction stage.

“What’s going on?”

The other party also discovered Chu Feng and immediately raised questions.

It’s a coincidence that you can hear it when the other party speaks.

The person who appeared on the stage at the same time as Chu Feng was the group of world spiritists who met at the door.

Let’s talk about the young man who wants to destroy the Warrior Chamber of Commerce.

“Sir, this…”

The two elders who brought people here were also confused.

Because they discovered that the people led by the other party were holding the formation beads in their hands.

And this formation beads exude the same light.

The beautiful elder in the middle of the stands looked back and forth. Her expression fully showed that she was unexpected for this situation.

“There are actually two adults, at the same time?” the beautiful elder spoke, unable to conceal the shock in her tone.

“Huh…at the same time?”

But the young man wearing the world spirit robe made a mocking laugh, and then he walked to the beautiful elder again.

Pointing to the formation for benefiting the younger generation in front of him, he asked: “This elder, I want to ask you something.”

“You said earlier that those who are destined can enjoy the lowest bidding price.”

“The formation behind it bloomed with light, and you said it was because someone resonated with this formation.”

“In other words, destiny will only make the formation beads light up.”

“Only when resonance is generated can this array of benefiting future generations shine. I understand it this way, right?”

The young man asked.

“That’s right.” The beautiful elder nodded.

Hearing this, the young man waved his hand towards Chu Feng.

“You, go down.”

“Why should I go down?” Chu Feng asked.

“Why?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, the young man laughed again, but the laughter was also full of ridicule.

“Are you really confused or are you pretending to be confused?”

“Can’t you understand people?”

“You are just destined to this formation~Soverse.com~but…it was when I infused my spiritual power into the formation beads that this formation for the benefit of future generations blossomed.”

“It’s me who resonates with this formation for benefiting future generations. Do you understand?” the young man said.

“How to prove it?” Chu Feng asked.

“This elder saw it.” The young man said.

After he finished speaking, the elder beside him immediately looked at the beautiful elder:

“Sir, it is indeed when the formation beads in this young hero’s hand light up that the formations on the auction table shine.”

But as soon as he finished speaking, the elder beside Chu Feng also immediately spoke to the beautiful elder.

“Sir, I also saw it with my own eyes. It was the master next to me who triggered the formation for benefiting future generations.”


“Are there two people who are related to this thing?”

“It was triggered at the same time, is it such a coincidence?” The beautiful elder was in a dilemma.

In her expectation, there may not be anyone who can be related to this thing.

What resonates with me has never been thought of before.

So when this thing bloomed with light, she subconsciously felt that it was just the work of one person.

I didn’t expect that two people would stand up.

“In fact, the other two adults in the VIP room with this gentleman are also related to this formation.”

The elder beside Chu Feng continued.

“So four people are destined to be together?”

“Really or fake?”

At this moment, not to mention the beautiful elders, voices of disbelief and doubt came from every VIP room.

Because they all tried it, but the formation beads didn’t react at all.

But many of them also believe that their talents are extraordinary.

Of course I don’t want to believe that there are so many people better than them.

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