#175 Everlasting Chapter 5432: The harvest is not small


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Although the two have the upper hand, it is not good for the overall situation.

If this great emperor hadn’t appeared, then Chen Feng would have continued to obtain the Origin Sacred Mountain, and maybe the Origin Sacred Mountain here would all fall into his hands.

Thinking about this, Chen Feng became even more murderous towards the emperor in front of him. Only by killing him could he make up for his lost time.

And the other party’s trouble will change the subsequent situation.

After all, an emperor is not that easy to solve.

Chen Feng and Er Er also tried their best to kill each other. Although it was a bit embarrassing to kill each other, there was still no sign of killing each other.

This made Chen Feng even more unstoppable and thinking of a solution in his mind.

The two sides fought for several more rounds. Chen Feng used a lose-lose style of play and finally injured the opponent.

And Chen Feng also directly released Zhenjia’s power from the Spear of Destiny, doubling the opponent’s injuries.


The Spear of Destiny in Chen Feng’s hand almost turned into an afterimage, shrouding the emperor like a storm.

Seeing Chen Feng working so hard, the second generation sighed in his heart, but also launched a stronger attack.

Both of them actually have the same idea.

If the other party disturbs his search for treasures, it will be a capital crime. Besides, the other party is also a great emperor, so he can get huge benefits by killing the other party.

So the second generation used a method to directly enhance his strength to the level of the Great Emperor.

Although it was only temporary, the emperor couldn’t bear it anymore and was pierced through the body by Chen Feng’s spear again.

Feeling the two people’s determination to kill, the emperor regretted a little. If he had known this, he should not have provoked these two people. Anyway, everyone came here for this side. Even if the two sides faced each other, they would not be able to provoke each other. Not through my own efforts.

Now that I am taking the lead, I am in greater danger. Fortunately, the other person did not come forward to attack me, otherwise I might really fall.

“Forget it, it’s better to avoid the edge first.” Although the emperor was unwilling to give in, he also understood that the situation in front of him did not allow him to think too much, so he chose to get rid of the two people first.

It’s just that the emperor still underestimated Chen Feng’s thoughts. Before he could get rid of the two people’s crazy attacks, the great formation jointly arranged by the battle puppets had already enveloped the emperor.

Although the number of combat puppets has been reduced, their power has not weakened when paired with Chen Feng’s clones. They may not be able to kill such a great emperor, but they can haunt the opponent.

At this time, Chen Feng faced two choices, either to kill the emperor in one go, or to turn around and collect the source of the sacred mountain.

However, this thought only passed by for a moment, and Chen Feng decided to deal with our emperor first.

After all, in addition to this great emperor, there are also some Hunyuan people present who can also cause some trouble.

Moreover, Chen Feng noticed that other origin sacred mountains have been relocated. Although he can find them, it still takes some time.

“Damn it!” Chen Feng became even more depressed, so he started to attack the emperor.

What Chen Feng holds in his hand is the Spear of Destiny, which contains the power of the Virtual and Real Emperor. Not only that, Chen Feng also uses two powers that transcend the origin.

The second generation naturally cooperated and blasted the great emperor in one breath. As a result, the opponent was torn apart and released a powerful force, which directly swept the battle puppets and clones tumbling.

The opponent’s broken body rushed out, but Chen Feng and Er Er still left some of the opponent’s body behind.

It was a bit depressing to not have full power. Chen Feng did not chase the opponent, but waved the Spear of Destiny to fly away the two surrounding Hunyuan Shang.

At this time, the origin area was shaking even more violently, which was caused by True Lord Jiuling.

At this time, Lord Nine Spirits was still extracting the law, and seemed to be in a stalemate.

However, True Lord Jiuling is constantly exerting his strength, and the strength he has unleashed has actually reached the level of a great emperor.

“Sure enough, he hid his strength.” Chen Feng was not surprised, but thought this was normal.

If the other party didn’t have some means, how could he dare to interfere in the matter in front of him?

However, even if the emperor’s combat power is unleashed, he still cannot get the benefits smoothly.

Chen Feng only hesitated for a moment before stepping forward to help him.

This can be regarded as a back-and-forth. After all, Chen Feng had successfully obtained the Origin Mountain with the help of the other party before.

Furthermore, Chen Feng understands that after extracting the source law, the origin of this area will become more scattered, and it will be easier to collect the source sacred mountain by himself.

Although his own rules are also very good, Chen Feng has agreed before that he wants Baiyun Mountain, so both sides can get what they need.

With the help of Chen Feng and Er Er, Jiu Ling Zhenjun finally made a breakthrough, and this original law was extracted bit by bit.

“Thank you both!”

Jiu Ling Zhenjun laughed, and the original law was successfully put away.

Sure enough, as this original law was extracted, the origin area became more turbulent, and it affected the entire origin.

This is not over yet, even other origin laws and the location of the origin sacred mountain are looming.

“Originally, I was thinking of re-searching for the location of the origin of the sacred mountain. Now that I have been exposed, I feel that there will be some changes in the next actions, so I need to speed up to avoid unnecessary complications.” Chen Feng said. In a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of an origin sacred mountain.

The original sacred mountain originally wanted to move after its location was exposed, but before it had time, Chen Feng came to kill him.


This time, the origin of the sacred mountain actually launched an attack, and it was very powerful. What is interesting is its suppressive power.

Looking at the situation, the other party wanted to suppress Chen Feng here. Chen Feng understood that once he was suppressed, there should be follow-up methods, such as integrating himself with the origin of this party.

“Is it possible that this treasure turned into life, or is it that the emperor behind it is taking action?” Chen Feng’s thoughts flickered, but he took action one after another to disperse the opponent’s attacks, and then the avenue extended to cover this building. The origin of the sacred mountain.


At this time, the second generation suddenly shouted loudly, disrupting the energy in one place and forcing an emperor hidden in the dark to come out.

I don’t know when this great emperor came. He must have been hiding in the dark and wanted to make a sneak attack, but now he can only be forced to fight.

“This is the great emperor who belongs to the origin of Tianzhan.” Zhenjun Jiuling has already figured out the situation here.

“Fellow Taoist, you will be entangled for a while first, and then I will help you suppress the opponent after I collect these sacred mountains of origin.” Chen Feng said this to show his attitude, that is, he will collect the sacred mountains of origin, and the second generation will monopolize the name. Emperor.

“How reckless, you intruders.” Chen Feng’s words angered the great emperor, who actually controlled the energy in his origin to attack Chen Feng. Although he couldn’t do anything to Chen Feng, it still made people speechless.

Fortunately, the Second Emperor kept pestering him, so that the other party had no extra thoughts to deal with Chen Feng, but the confrontation between the two emperors could still set off a storm in the origin.

The Nine Spirits Emperor was very satisfied after extracting an original law. He was about to step forward to help Chen Feng, but his eyes flashed and the space in front of him exploded, and another Emperor came out.

This is the Great Emperor among the invaders.

“Fellow Taoist, we are all here for this origin. Logically speaking, we should be allies, but everything has a first-come, first-served basis. As long as fellow Taoist does not take action, we will not have a conflict.” Zhenjun Jiuling smiled. said.

The new emperor quickly saw the situation in front of him, nodded and said: “Okay, I only want two origin sacred mountains, and I will not **** other things.”

“I can’t make the decision. These origin sacred mountains belong to my friends.” Jiuling Zhenjun shook his head and simply rejected the other party.

“Then I want two original laws.” The emperor frowned and continued.

“Sorry, the original law here has been predetermined by me.” Jiuling Zhenjun shook his head again.

“In this case, I want this origin area, just some origin energy. I think you won’t compete with me anymore.” The emperor said calmly.

“This, I personally feel there is no problem, but I can’t be the master of others.” Jiuling Zhenjun smiled. Since the other party did not take action immediately, Jiu Ling Zhenjun was also happy to delay the other party’s time.

But without the help of Lord Nine Spirits and the Second World, Chen Feng was not able to collect the Origin Sacred Mountain so quickly.

Fortunately, the Holy Mountain of Origin is no longer as stable as before, and Lord Nine Spirits has drawn another Origin Law.

At this time, due to Chen Feng’s efforts, the original sacred mountain was shaking violently.

This time the opponent’s counterattack was stronger, but with the erosion of the power brand and special energy, the original sacred mountain was gradually taken over by Chen Feng.

But this process takes time.

“It’s really stressful to have two great emperors appear one after another.” Chen Feng said with emotion.

Finally, the origin of the sacred mountain slowly shrank, and just when it was about to fall into Chen Feng’s hands, another great emperor appeared and wanted to **** the origin of the sacred mountain.

Chen Feng was on guard for a long time. Avenues rose into the sky and gathered together to form a fist to block the emperor.

Chen Feng quickly put away the Origin Sacred Mountain.

“Fellow Taoist wants to **** ~Soverse.com~ at this time, but he has to make an enemy.” Chen Feng sneered.

“Hand over the things, and I will spare your life.” Who knew that the person coming was very irritable, and he already took action as he spoke.

Chen Feng had already succeeded, so he simply let go and fought with the opponent. As soon as they met, Chen Feng knew that he was no match.

On the one hand, the opponent is strong, but mainly because of his fierce fighting style, which makes Chen Feng a little unable to resist.

“Trouble, it seems that it is impossible to collect all the origin sacred mountains here. It is even more unrealistic to carve up the entire origin. The emperor in front of him alone cannot deal with it.” Chen Feng thought to himself, at this time No matter what calculations you have at this moment, it is useless, strength is the real deal.

If you can’t deal with the emperor in front of you, then you won’t be able to help the second generation, and what you said before will become empty.

Just when Chen Feng was thinking of a way, suddenly Jiuling Zhenjun and his opponent finally fought. The two had a fierce collision, but the next moment they disappeared from the place, and when they reappeared, they were at Chen Feng’s side. The battlefield on the other side.


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