#175 Everlasting Chapter 5431: Hunting


Latest website: Of course Chen Feng agrees with Jiuling Zhenjun’s suggestion, and he is also a little curious. The other party is so kind and wants to benefit himself first.

If this is the case, then I really believe that the other party has no ill intentions. Perhaps True Lord Jiulong also uses this kind of action to express his attitude.

No matter what, the Origin God Mountain must be obtained by himself, so Chen Feng naturally has no reason to disagree.

Next, Lord Nine Spirits and the Second Emperor also took action at the same time, but they chose not to attack the origin sacred mountains in front of Chen Feng, but to attack the origin sacred mountains in the other two directions.

Only by cutting off the connection between the original sacred mountains can Chen Feng succeed.

The strength unleashed by True Lord Jiu Ling is almost the same as that of the Second Emperor. This is also a combat power that is infinitely close to the level of the Great Emperor.

This is not surprising. From the beginning, Chen Feng deduced that the opponent’s strength should not be underestimated. If he did not have the ability to protect himself, how could he survive in the ruins?

Furthermore, Chen Feng also felt that the other party should be quite hidden, just like the second generation.

Of course, you can’t tell it yet. You can only find out after you actually take action and show your strength.

However, even if the two of them unleashed such powerful fighting power, Chen Feng still did not collect the source of the sacred mountain.

“Isn’t this even possible?” Chen Feng was a little surprised, knowing that he was fighting not only the sacred mountain of Zhizhi’s origin, but also the origin and some restrictions left by the emperor.

So Chen Feng released a series of avenues, and these avenues turned into palms and stepped forward to grab the source of the sacred mountain. It seemed that he wanted to uproot the opponent, but in fact, he was constantly eroding the sacred mountain.

Only by breaking through the various runic restrictions on the sacred mountain, or defeating the spirituality inside the sacred mountain, and leaving one’s own mark, can the sacred mountain be taken over as one’s own. If things go well, the sacred mountain can even be refined on the spot. Transform it into your own fighting power.

These avenues of Chen Feng are all the strongest, and the clones they evolve are not much weaker than Chen Feng’s own combat power.

Especially when Chen Feng goes all out this time, Chen Feng is sure to get the treasure he wants even without using Origin.

You must know that Chen Feng relied on these Dao clones to fight against the emperor face to face. Now Chen Feng’s Dao is stronger than before.

Sure enough, the sacred mountain of origin began to shake, and Chen Feng felt that the entire origin was shaking.

This scene surprised Jiuling Zhenjun. He had deduced that Chen Feng was not simple before. He thought that Chen Feng was relying on the power of Broken Origin. He did not expect that Chen Feng had cultivated so many avenues, and each of them was unique. So powerful.

It’s just that it’s still not enough now. Although the original sacred mountain is shaking, it will take some time to take it as your own.

During this process, the origins of this party naturally could not be left to their own devices, and they were constantly using means to attack the three of them, which made it impossible for the three of them to maintain a completely victorious combat effectiveness.

Not only that, as groups of lights flashed, reinforcements began to arrive.

Chen Feng also had some guesses as to why there were no masters in this origin area. First, it was the invasion from outside, which forced the masters here to go out to fight. I am afraid that the other aspect is that the origin will not trust outsiders to come in. .

But now that the original area is under attack, we can only redeploy helpers.

Actually, help came quite quickly, at least Chen Feng and the others hadn’t succeeded yet.

Seeing the helpers appearing, Chen Feng was a little anxious, so he waved the Spear of Destiny and flew out to transform into a clone, blocking these opponents who were charging towards him.

This is not over yet, Chen Feng also released the battle puppet given to him by the Thunder Emperor. This is another considerable force, and there is no problem in blocking Hunyuan.

After releasing these methods, Chen Feng used his magic power to activate two avenues. These two avenues turned into indestructible energy blades and slashed around the source of the sacred mountain in front of him. Sever the connection between the original sacred mountains.

This was really effective. The sacred mountain in front of him shook even more violently. Chen Feng suddenly laughed. He felt like he was pulling out bamboo shoots. The sacred mountain in front of him was just bigger.

Chen Feng kept activating his magic power. At the same time, the power brand and special energy finally took the opportunity to rush into the origin of the sacred mountain. They were like two indestructible long swords. Wherever they guarded, all obstacles were blocked. Cut into pieces.

Chen Feng’s will imprint followed closely to fill the gap, so that he could control the origin of the sacred mountain faster.

This outbreak can be said to be beyond the expectations of the origin of the sacred mountain and the existence behind it. By the time the opponent wants to counterattack, it is already too late.

The imprint of Chen Feng’s will has completely enveloped the Origin Sacred Mountain. Then Chen Feng just had a thought, and the Origin Sacred Mountain that could not be shaken before shrank in circles, and finally fell into Chen Feng’s hands.

“Okay, okay!”

Chen Feng is very satisfied. Because of his own refining, he no longer needs to be completely suppressed in the origin like before.

However, it is safer to put it away now, so Chen Feng took this sacred mountain of origin into his own origin.

After getting the things, even though Chen Feng had many treasures in his hands, he couldn’t help but smile on his face.

Speaking of which, after seeing the opponent’s origin mountain in the Tianshen area, Chen Feng had an idea in his mind.

Although I also have a sacred mountain of origin, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Besides, I have many broken origins, and I will develop my own resources in the future. I need this sacred mountain of origin to suppress it.

So even getting some more is not too much.

After collecting this sacred mountain of origin, Chen Feng came to the second sacred mountain of origin.

During this process, Chen Feng’s clones and combat puppets were still fighting. Because the origin of this party was invaded by invaders, they could only mobilize a small part of their power at a time.

If it weren’t for the Emperor, Chen Feng would have been able to stop him completely.

Besides, Chen Feng sometimes broke the opponent’s monolith by simply collecting a sacred mountain of origin.

The next steps will be easier.

Chen Feng still used his previous methods, and Dao Dao stepped forward to wrap the Origin Sacred Mountain, but this time the situation was really different. As soon as he came up, the Origin Sacred Mountain in front of him began to shake.

“Fellow Taoist, please be faster.” At this time, True Lord Jiuling urged.

“Are there any masters coming?” Chen Feng asked.

“Perhaps it will appear at any time.” Jiu Ling Zhenjun looked a little anxious. After all, Chen Feng had already gained something, but Jiu Ling Zhenjun had gotten nothing.

On the other hand, the second generation is not in a hurry. Anyway, with Chen Feng, Chen Feng has gained something, which is equivalent to his own gain.

“Even if the emperor comes, he can’t stop me.” Chen Feng’s deep voice was like thunder, and stronger power was released from the avenue.

The mana spurts out like death, the brand of power and special energy are indestructible and invincible. Wherever it passes, the origin of the sacred mountain emits a crackling sound.

This is the sound of the forbidden brand being shattered.

“It’s amazing!” Jiuling Zhenjun was surprised and delighted.


Finally, the original sacred mountain also began to shrink, and finally slowly fell into Chen Feng’s hands.

As the avenue was retracted, Chen Feng’s whole body was wrapped in golden light, and he looked majestic. In fact, Chen Feng was also very exhausted and even felt a little tired.

The two origin sacred mountains are not so easy to collect. If it were not for the help of Jiuling Zhenjun and the Second World, Chen Feng would have spent several times his strength.

Just when Chen Feng was about to go to the third sacred mountain of origin, there was a flower in front of him and a black shadow shrouded him.

Chen Feng was finally stopped.

“Get away!”

Chen Feng was furious. Someone really stopped him. The benefits were right in front of him. No matter who he was, he would die.

It turned out that this was a great emperor. Chen Feng fought with the opponent and couldn’t help but retreat.

“Great Emperor!”

Chen Feng frowned, wishing he could use all his methods to tear the opponent into pieces.

“Be careful, this should be the great emperor among the invaders.” At this time, True Lord Jiuling said.

“Intruder!” Chen Feng worked harder. Instead of fighting this party, you came to pester yourself.

To block one’s own financial path is simply a matter of life and death.

“I don’t care where you are from, get out of here right now.” Chen Feng shouted and used his boxing skills to kill SAIC. At the same time, a clone came out of the avenue.

Chen Feng looks furious, but in fact he is very calm. Since the other party has taken action, he will definitely not leave in just a few words. In the final analysis, strength will speak for itself, and a fight is inevitable.

Second II no longer bombarded the Origin Sacred Mountain, but quietly rushed forward to hunt down the great emperor with Chen Feng.

The origin of the sacred mountain is important, but if you can hunt an emperor, you will get more benefits. Besides, the two of them are already very skilled at this kind of thing.

Seeing the two people eyeing the great emperor in such a tacit understanding, Jiuling Zhenjun’s eyes flickered and he gave up bombarding the origin of the sacred mountain. However, he did not help the two people~Soverse.com~ but locked in a direction. Rushed over.

“Come out!”

I didn’t see what means Jiuling Zhenjun used, but I saw the phantom of a law appearing, as if it was extracted by Jiuling Zhenjun. As the strength of the stripping became stronger, the phantom of this law appeared. The shadows gradually condensed.

This is the goal of True Lord Jiuling. He originally wanted to help Chen Feng obtain the origin of the sacred mountain, and then collect this law. Who knew that the appearance of the emperor disrupted some plans, but it didn’t matter. Chen Feng collected two The original sacred mountain is now competing with the emperor, and it has given Jiu Ling Zhenjun some opportunities.

Chen Feng and Second World naturally saw this scene, but they didn’t care. Instead, they wanted to destroy the emperor in front of them.


Under the siege, the emperor couldn’t resist. He was hit by Chen Feng’s fist. When he retreated, he saw a stream of light coming quickly. This stream of light made the emperor feel threatened and he quickly took action. In response, after the collision, it was discovered that it was a spear, an original-level weapon.

Chen Feng waved his hand and took the Spear of Destiny in his hand, his fighting power soared, and he cooperated with the second generation to kill the opponent back again and again.


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