#175 Everlasting Chapter 5430: Original Sacred Mountain


Latest website: “Original Sacred Mountain is indeed a good thing, but since Taoist friends are eyeing it, I will look for other things.” The second generation didn’t care too much.

For the second generation, the sacred mountain of origin is certainly important, but the best thing he needs for his current strength is some origin.

Besides, it’s not like I don’t have treasures and weapons of this level, so there’s no need to compete with Chen Feng.

Besides, since we haven’t taken action yet, no one can say what will happen next.

At first, the three of them were still carefully understanding the situation outside, but when the intruder actually entered the origin, the three people’s expressions changed.

“We were able to attack so easily. It seems that our opponent used very strong force this time.” Chen Feng said.

“It’s indeed a bit strange.” Jiuling Zhenjun was also a little confused. It couldn’t be such a coincidence, right? Could it be that this origin is really going to be divided up this time.

If it were that simple, it would not exist in Guixu for so long. Although I had received the news before, I did not expect that Guixu would use so much power this time.

In this case, can the three of us still control the situation?

“It turned out to be an army of divine insects.” Zhenjun Jiuling couldn’t help but say.

The overwhelming worms have entered the origin of the Heavenly War, which is somewhat similar to the worm army, but different, because the army of divine worms that appeared this time was born and cultivated in the ruins.

The large number is one thing, and it is stronger than the Zerg army Chen Feng has seen.

“This kind of thing is the most difficult to deal with.” Chen Feng also encountered a tide of insects when he first entered the free space. At that time, they were spiritual insects, which were born due to the energy in the space.

As for the real Zerg, Chen Feng is naturally very familiar with it.

I have seen it in the life and death area before. In addition to the emperor-level mother queen, there is also a steady stream of Zerg armies. It can be said that Chen Feng and others are likely to die if they fall into it.

That was the method of Emperor Xu Shi. When Chen Feng thought about it, the resources used to cultivate the Zerg army naturally came from Guixu.

Stealing the power of Guixu, he cultivated a steady stream of Zerg armies.

As for Gui Xu himself, wouldn’t the army of divine insects he could cultivate be even more powerful?

“Wouldn’t it be possible to eat up this piece of origin if this continues? Since there is such a method, why hasn’t it been used before? It has to wait until now.” Chen Feng had such doubts.

“No matter what, if the other party uses such special means, then it is possible for us to be discovered, and we may inevitably fall into disputes.” Zhenjun Jiuling said.

“Then what should we do? Should we take action in advance?” Chen Feng felt that this was indeed the case and could no longer continue to watch the fun.

But there must be a stronger force on this side of Origin now. If the few of them who are invisible now can succeed, they may help the invaders to lead the charge.

“It’s better to wait, but be ready to take action at any time.”

At this time, the attitude of the three people was raised, and they had begun to prepare secretly. At the same time, they also saw more and more armies of divine insects entering the origin.

The practitioners in this origin also began to fight against these armies of divine insects.

“There are still a lot of practitioners here, but I am afraid they cannot stop this attack. Moreover, the scale of the war in front of us has reached a very large level. If it continues, this origin may soon collapse. “Chen Fengzheng said, this side of Origin exuded powerful power and began to bless his own side. At the same time, it also used the pressure of Origin to suppress the intruders.

But this coercion soon disappeared. Chen Feng understood that this side of Origin was squeezed by Guixu. It would be good to release some energy when he was unable to protect himself. It was impossible to interfere on a large scale. war.

Interestingly, Chen Feng and the others also received will waves from this origin. It turned out that this origin regarded the three of them as local practitioners and called on the three of them to participate in the war.

The three of them naturally took it as hearing.

The origin of this side cannot protect itself, and will not use force to force the three of them to join the battle. Besides, if the three of them really take action, it is hard to say who the target will be.

Although the three said they did not want to participate in the war, when their opponents came to their door, they had to participate.

It was still the army of divine insects that discovered the cave of three people, or rather the powerful existence behind the army of divine insects.

Under the fluctuation of the opponent’s will, the caves hidden in Fang Yuanyuan were discovered one after another.

It’s not that the practitioners here are timid, but that some practitioners are not strong enough and can only hide in the caves. Now that they are discovered by the opponent, they can only activate their defenses to resist desperately.

Because they will die when they come out, and they can live for a while before the cave is breached.

The cave where Chen Feng and the others were located was discovered under such circumstances.

“Even ordinary emperors can’t find my cave.” Jiuling Zhenjun said and activated the formation outside the cave. The army of divine insects that rushed up immediately fell into it and were strangled one by one.

“A large formation like a millstone is the best to deal with these insects, but I think sitting like this will attract more masters.” Chen Feng nodded.

This cave may be the temporary residence of Jiuling Zhenjun, but some defense arrangements are still very good.

If it were just the intensity of the attack in front of us, I am afraid that as many as possible would be killed by the army of divine insects.

“It seems that we need to act in advance.” Jiuling Zhenjun said.

Sure enough, before the three of them could take action, a wave of power swept through the space-time, and accurately captured Chen Feng and the others.

Then the offensive of the divine insect army became more fierce.

“The other party has completely regarded us as practitioners from the origin of the Heavenly War, but they still cannot get along with each other.” Chen Feng said with a smile.

These divine insect armies do seem to have some strength, but Chen Feng has not taken them to heart yet. Chen Feng is only worried about the existence behind them, and the plans that have affected the three of them.

Jiuling Zhenjun thought for a moment, and then released several combat puppets.

These combat puppets all possess combat power above Hunyuan, and they took the initiative to fight out of the cave, and the army of the most divine insects carried out the killing.

“Let’s take action too.” Jiuling Zhenjun said and started another teleportation array.

“This is the teleportation array that I carefully built. It can be teleported directly to the origin zone of this place’s origin.” Jiuling Zhenjun said.

“Oh! It’s really good. I hope there is no great emperor in the origin.” Chen Feng said in surprise.

It is really surprising to think that the other party has such a teleportation array, but Chen Feng is not afraid of any danger, because Chen Feng is sure to escape from danger.

So the three of them teleported directly to the core area where Tianzhan originated.

Almost instantly, the origin of this party’s will locked onto the three people. They hesitated at first, then drove them away, and only launched an attack after seeing that the three people were unmoved.

The will of the origin of Tianzhan had come into contact with the three of them before. Later, the three of them massacred the army of divine insects. This made the will of the origin of Tianzhan think that the three of them were on their side. However, when Chen Feng and the others appeared in the origin zone, After that, the will of Tianzhan Origin suddenly worked hard.

It is a pity that although this is the territory where Tianzhan originated, the will attack that broke out was still resisted by Chen Feng and the others.

The three of them did not take the will of Tianzhan Origin into their hearts from the beginning. What they were worried about was whether there was an emperor sitting here.

As a result, no.

“Isn’t there an emperor?” In fact, there is no need to investigate. If there is an emperor here, the other party should have already come out.


Once again repelling the attack of the opponent’s will, Chen Feng locked his eyes in one direction.

Chen Feng arrived the next moment.

In the mist, a sacred mountain looms.

The Origin Sacred Mountain is also Chen Feng’s goal this time.

It’s just that this sacred mountain of origin and the origin of Tianzhan are integrated into one. If you want to take away the opponent, you are simply fighting against the entire origin. Fortunately, there are intruders at this time to help you share the pressure of the origin of Tianzhan.

But it’s still not easy. There is more than one source of sacred mountains here.

But Chen Feng didn’t want to think so much anymore. He took action as soon as he found the source of the sacred mountain. From the beginning, he hit hard with boxing skills.

Chen Feng is not worried about smashing the original sacred mountain, but wants to test the quality of his opponent.

Sure enough, despite being bombarded by Chen Feng’s fists, the Origin Sacred Mountain remained motionless. Chen Feng noticed that the opponent did not rely on his own strength, but shared his power with other Origin Sacred Mountains, and then transferred it to the entire Origin.

What Chen Feng did was simply to replenish Fang Yuanyuan’s vitality.

However, Chen Feng still did not stop and continued to attack, which surprised the second generation.

“Would you like to change the way?” II asked.

“No rush, just wait.” Chen Feng said, still taking action non-stop.

“I’ve made a fortune. I didn’t expect that there are six origin sacred mountains here. Although it’s not as good as the Tianshen area, it’s not bad. No wonder I can persist in Guixu until now. I just don’t know if these were the only ones at the peak of this origin. The origin of the sacred mountain.” Through the continuous attacks just now, Chen Feng finally determined the location of other origin of the sacred mountain, but it was still very difficult to succeed.

“I think I was trapped by five origin sacred mountains.” Chen Feng thought of his past experiences.




Chen Feng’s punching power is constantly flowing ~Soverse.com~ not only has not weakened at all, but has gradually strengthened.

“We should think of a way.” Chen Feng was actually not as calm as he appeared, because Chen Feng could not use the best means to collect the origin of the sacred mountain here.

Furthermore, Chen Feng was also worried whether Lord Nine Spirits and the Second Emperor would also fight for it.

“The power of the origin cannot be used. My Rigellian sword is still in the **** area, so I will try using the avenue, but now is not a good time to take action.” Chen Feng stopped when he thought of this.

“I’m afraid the news about our coming here has already been known by other great emperors, so we can’t stop now.” At this time, True Lord Jiuling suddenly spoke.

“I’m afraid it won’t have much effect if we continue. It’s better to stop and think of a solution.” Chen Feng said.

“Since fellow Taoists are interested in the Origin Holy Mountain, let’s gather the strength of the three of us and solve the Origin Holy Mountain first. Without the Origin Holy Mountain, this side of the origin will be easier to divide.” Jiuling Zhenjun suggested.


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