#175 Everlasting Chapter 5433: Come to an end


Latest website: Chen Feng’s heart skipped a beat and he thought something had changed. However, there was indeed a change, but it was aimed at his opponent.

Jiuling Zhenjun and another great emperor actually chose to attack Chen Feng’s opponent at the same time, which showed that both of them were pretending before.

This time the three parties joined forces. Although this opponent was very strong, he could not resist it at this time.

He was seriously injured by three people, and his body was about to collapse.

Zhenjun Jiuling released a law and stepped forward to tie up the opponent.

This law is very special. While binding the opponent, dense tentacles are emitted, and these tentacles follow the opponent’s wounds and penetrate into the opponent’s body.

Originally, this great emperor was still struggling, but now he was entangled tightly, and all his magic power could not be unleashed.

Seeing Lord Nine Spirits suppressing a great emperor like this, Chen Feng felt a little shocked.

Although the law just now was very special, the strength that Jiuling Zhenjun unleashed just now was very powerful. In addition, there was a great emperor beside the other party. Chen Feng was also a little worried about whether the other party would continue to attack him.

Although the two sides are allies, when the strength of the allies becomes very strong, this creates some power imbalances, which has to be worrying.

However, the opponent did not take action against Chen Feng, but stepped forward to help the second generation. In fact, the second generation’s opponent had already chosen to escape as soon as he saw something bad, but he was pestered by the second generation.

After Jiuling Zhenjun and the two arrived, the three of them chain-linked and directly beat up the great emperor. Naturally, the three of them divided up.

On the other side, Chen Feng did not participate in the siege of the emperor. After seeing that the other party had no intention of attacking him, he rushed towards an origin sacred mountain as fast as possible.

After the second opponent was defeated by eight points, Chen Feng also successfully collected an origin sacred mountain.

It’s a pity that the remaining two original sacred mountains have disappeared, and the other party has left this original area.

“Although not all the original sacred mountains have been collected, it will be a huge harvest.” Chen Feng’s heart was beating vigorously at this time, on the one hand it was stimulating power and on the other hand he was excited.

Collecting so much of the Origin Mountain feels more exciting than suppressing an emperor.

“Since the original sacred mountain is useless, then go and collect the original laws.” Chen Feng thought to himself.

In fact, Chen Feng also needs the original law, or the original treasure in Chen Feng’s hand needs this law.

Energy Tower!

It is the earliest source-level magic weapon that Chen Feng obtained. However, the original laws were not perfect when he first obtained it. Although Chen Feng later made up for it little by little, it was still not perfect.

In addition, Chen Feng continued to get better things, which resulted in him not using the energy tower for a long time.

“What do fellow Taoists need?” Seeing the Second Emperor coming to his side, Chen Feng felt a little ashamed. He had gained too many benefits. Although the Second Emperor also divided up some of the Emperor’s body, Chen Feng still felt that he could not reconcile with him. Compared with the original sacred mountain that I got.

“As long as you gain something, don’t force it.” The second generation thought well.

In fact, the second generation also understands that this is just the beginning, and there will be benefits in the future.

“Two fellow Taoists, this is the Taoist Master of Good and Evil, and he is my friend. Let’s get to know each other.” At this time, Jiuling Zhenjun came over.

“Haha, with fellow Taoists joining us, the next operations will be smoother. I think dividing the origin of this party will not be a problem at all.” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Of course Chen Feng would not question the other party stupidly. These are two great emperors. It is best not to become enemies.

No matter what, I only relied on the help of the other party to obtain the original sacred mountain.

“First deal with these intruders, then divide the origin of this place, and finally divide the origin equally. If there are blockers in the process, then the blockers will be divided together.” Jiuling Zhenjun said.

“Okay, let’s do it.” Chen Feng and Er Er naturally agreed.

In fact, there was no need for four people to take action. When the emperor was defeated, those above Hunyuan fled like crazy.

However, some divine insects rushed in, which also showed that the invaders still had the upper hand.

Chen Feng and the others didn’t care at all about these divine insects, and they would crush each other into pieces at will.

The next four people took action together, and the original area, which had long been riddled with holes, began to collapse.

At the same time, Chen Feng also saw several original laws disappearing.

“It’s not that easy to run away.” Chen Feng said.

“Speaking of the origin of this party, it is indeed remarkable. It has existed in Guixu for so long, and there are still complete origin laws and origin sacred mountains. They are not added later, but have the same origin as this origin. “Second said.

Without the seat of the Origin God Mountain and the structure of the Origin Law, all that is left in this Source is energy, and the energy is dissipating rapidly, trying to integrate into the Origin.

The result was divided among four people.

“Without the origin, this origin has not collapsed yet. There won’t be other origin areas.” The Second asked with a smile.

“Probably not. It’s because of the origin of the sacred mountain and the origin of the law. It’s just a struggle. Why bother? Rather than integrating into the Guixu in the end, it’s better to take advantage of us.” Zhenjun Jiuling said this.

However, even the origin has been divided, and this origin will not exist for long.

After that, we saw countless armies of divine insects. In this case, even if we divide the origin, the benefits obtained will be greatly reduced.

Chen Feng’s eyes swept across the area, but he did not find the two original sacred mountains.

“The original law has also left, and what is left is an empty shell.” Jiuling Zhenjun said.

“It’s meaningless if it’s an empty shell.” Chen Feng said.

The most important source of the sacred mountain has been obtained, and Chen Feng is also satisfied and does not look down on other energies.

After all, if Chen Feng really used the Devouring Technique, then there would be no energy in Guixu.

Chen Feng wanted to leave, but the Second Emperor and Lord Nine Spirits had no intention of leaving. Besides, even if he wanted to leave, his opponents would not agree.

The countless army of divine insects can cause some trouble, but they can’t do anything about Chen Feng and the others. However, the four of them killed the emperor before and divided up the origin of the war. They had already offended both warring parties. , attracted everyone’s attention.

Fortunately, we have solved some opponents before and weakened the opponent’s strength. Otherwise, it would be really troublesome for the opponent to swarm us, and it would not be easy even now.

Because the combined power of the warring parties still cannot tolerate the community.

On top of the countless armies of divine insects forming a formation, there are some origin-level beings who are also looking for opportunities, and several great emperors have firmly locked onto Chen Feng and the others.

“There’s no point in staying, so let’s go.” Chen Feng suggested.

“Well, this trip is not in vain.” The second generation naturally had the same opinion as Chen Feng.

“Two fellow Taoists, this is enough.” Zhenjun Jiuling said this.

“Is it possible that there are some good things here?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“There may be no more sacred mountains and laws of origin, but these divine insects, as well as existences at the origin level, and even the Great Emperor, are all good resources.” said Lord Nine Spirits.

Chen Feng shook his head: “It’s not that easy. There is too much noise now. Guixu will not just sit idly by and ignore it. I don’t think we can block Guixu’s attack.”

As soon as Chen Feng finished speaking, an extremely powerful will suddenly swept over him, as if the power of heaven had descended, overwhelming the sky. Chen Feng could not care about anything else at this time, and quickly used the strongest means to defend himself.

You can only defend because this is an attack from Guixu.

“It’s strange. Guixu’s attack has become stronger. There won’t be any changes at the Gate of Origin.” Although Chen Feng resisted, he was still a little frightened.

It was obvious that Guixu had mobilized more and stronger forces. If he was determined to deal with himself and others, there might really be a life and death crisis.

But fortunately, Guixu only launched a will attack, but then it turned into an energy attack.

Rolling energy gradually covered the origin of Tianzhan. Because they were attacked by the will of Guixu, Chen Feng and others had no intention of stopping it.

Besides, the strength of the Guixu side was enough to submerge the Origin side. This time Guixu finally succeeded. Only Chen Feng and a few people appeared, but the result was the same, just missing some treasures. Of course, right For Guixu, these few missing treasures are nothing at all.

“Let’s go!”

This time, even True Lord Jiuling is willing to stay. The origin of Tianzhan is completely covered by Guixu. Because there is no origin sacred mountain and laws to sit in, it will not take long to be completely integrated into Guixu and become Guixu. part of the ruins.

“Actually, you can still get some money now. After all, this origin still exists.” Chen Feng said.

This time Lord Nine Spirits shook his head. Chen Feng was right, but Guixu’s attack just now was still scary.

Anyway, I have obtained the original law, so that’s the end of it.

Several people left this area and entered the vast ruins again. Chen Feng immediately sensed the origin that he lent to the Gate of Origin~Soverse.com~ Fortunately, there should be no problem. .

“There should be no accidents in the God area.” Although Chen Feng sensed his origin, he was unable to sense the situation in the God area. Just when he was thinking about further using his methods, True Lord Jiuling spoke: “What are the two Taoist friends’ plans next?”

“Maybe find a quiet place to practice.” Chen Feng said casually.

“Guixu is a good place for adventure. It is better to go to other places to see.” Jiuling Zhenjun said.

Chen Feng’s heart moved and he said with a smile: “It seems that fellow Taoist has a next destination.”

“I do have some ideas. We cooperated very well just now. I hope we can continue to cooperate.” Jiuling Zhenjun said.

Chen Feng and Er Er looked at each other, then said with a smile: “Since there are benefits, it doesn’t hurt to walk more.”

After the discussion was completed, the four of them continued to act, and Chen Feng also quietly used the art of cause and effect. He felt that the Gate of Time and Space and they were still in the Tianshen area, and then he felt relieved. If a war breaks out in the Tianshen area, he and the two I still have to go back.


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