#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5800: The frog in the well


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“Buzz buzz…”

Another siren sounded, and the strong men of the Purple Blood Clan gathered again. When they looked through the barrier and saw the boundless Demon Clan strong men outside the barrier, the strong men of the Purple Blood Clan all… Scalp numbness.

“How could this happen? We just lost so many strong men, and they came to kill us.”

The disciples of the Purple Blood Clan looked at the boundless demon army outside with horrified faces, their bodies trembling uncontrollably.

The strong men of the Luo family quickly gathered together and immediately joined Long Chen. When they saw the boundless number of strong God-Emperor-level demons, they suddenly felt as if they had fallen into an ice cellar.

“These **** really know how to find the right time!” Luo Yanfeng and the others couldn’t help but grit their teeth. They had just experienced a huge battle, and before they even had a chance to breathe, the demons came to kill them.

The most terrifying thing is that their God-Emperor-level army alone numbers in the hundreds of thousands, while the Purple Blood Clan only has a few thousand at most, and that includes those non-combat God-Emperors. .

The other levels of powerful demons are even more boundless and their number cannot be calculated. This time, the demons came out in full force and directly surrounded the Purple Blood clan.

“Hahaha, the human race is really stupid. It’s now like this and they are still fighting among themselves. They really don’t know how to live or die.”

Someone from the Demon Clan spoke, and the person who spoke was none other than the three-eyed old man from the Demon Clan.

At this time, he was holding a golden staff and wearing a white bone helmet, with a proud smile on his old face.

They had just given an order to prepare for a general attack on the Purple Blood clan in three days. Unexpectedly, only half a day later, the opportunity came.

On the battlefield, the Luo family and the Bi family fought **** battles. Although Long Chen killed the powerful demons who were peeping, this kind of thing could not be hidden from anyone.

When Long Chen entered the Bi family, he set off an alarm, and all the strong men stationed on the battlefield withdrew back to their clan. The demons, like hyenas, sensed an opportunity and killed them directly.

However, when they first arrived, Long Chen and others were still fighting. They did not take action directly, but built formations around them to surround the entire Purple Blood clan.

The so-called formation is the underground blood river. Purple blood is a treasure in their eyes. They want to transport all the purple blood to the altar and use the purple blood to create a group of the strongest demon warriors.

“I just said no fighting, no fighting, now it’s better…” The old man who had previously persuaded Long Chen to be merciful couldn’t help but complain.


However, just as he finished complaining, Long Chen slapped him in the face with a slap from the air, sending him flying away.

Long Chen said with a gloomy face: “Get out of here if you are chirping. I am fifty-eight with you, but forty without you. Don’t let me fart here.

If anyone is afraid, just go back and hide. Today’s battle will be borne by our Luo family. ”

Long Chen’s words immediately caused an uproar among the strong men from other clans. The Luo family wants to fight the demon clan alone? Is this crazy?

However, many people believed that Long Chen was speaking out of anger, and the old man’s complaints at this time were indeed annoying.

“Nine divine queen periods are a bit too much!”

Luo Zichuan looked at the battlefield and couldn’t help but frowned. Although he was in the early stage of the God Emperor, he was not afraid of facing the God Queen stage one-on-one. He could also be regarded as having the combat power of a God Queen stage.

There are only three Zixue clan members with this level of combat power, namely the old clan leader, Shadow Guard and Luo Zichuan, while the opponent has nine.

In the middle stage of the God-Emperor, there were more than twenty people in the Purple Blood Clan, but there were more than 400 demons. As for the early stage of the God-Emperor, not to mention, the gap was even bigger.

There is no need to mention the disciples below the human emperor realm and the heavenly saint realm. According to the ratio, it is probably one to one thousand.

“The plan cannot keep up with the changes. The kill points we have collected now can only activate some of the talismans on the Demon Sealing Map, and can only weaken their strength by about 20% at most. The rest will be entirely up to us. That’s it.” The old patriarch sighed and took out a picture scroll.

The scroll was densely covered with strange runes. When he saw the runes, Long Chen had a vague feeling of familiarity.

“The First Demon Rune?” Long Chen was suddenly startled and blurted out.

“Yes, it is the Shimo rune, which is the divine map used by the Shimo clan to suppress the demon clan. I asked you to collect killing points before. In fact, it is to absorb the blood soul power of the demon clan and use it to activate this demon seal. Figure.

Originally, according to my plan, after the tentative attacks by both sides ended and before the general attack, the collected blood soul power could activate more than fifty runes, thus suppressing nearly half of their power.

Unfortunately, only more than twenty runes are activated now, which can suppress up to 20% of their power. “The old patriarch said.

At this time, the shadow guard suddenly realized that it was no wonder that the old patriarch always looked like he was sure of victory, and his feelings were such a powerful trump card in his hand.

Unfortunately, this plan was interrupted by Long Chen. The old patriarch was also very helpless, but there was nothing he could do.

“If I kill those powerful demons now, can I quickly activate the demon-sealing map?” Long Chen asked.

“It’s too late. It takes a certain amount of time to convert the power of blood soul. Now, we can only fight hard.” The old patriarch shook his head.

“A 20% weakening is enough. I can do one-on-three. I wonder if the rising star of our Luo family can show his domineering power just now.” Shadow Guard said coldly.

Obviously, until now, he still has a grudge against Luo Zichuan and Long Chen.

“If you can do it~Soverse.com~I’ll be fine.” Luo Zichuan said calmly.


The shadow guard was immediately furious. What do you mean if I can do it, you have no problem? Do you mean you are better than me?

“Master Shadow Guard, how old are you?” the old patriarch couldn’t help but ask.

The shadow guard stopped talking immediately. What the old patriarch meant, how old are you, and you are still arguing with a group of children, can you be a little more profound.

“If you can hold back the nine God Queens, then all the remaining God Emperors will be handed over to me.” Long Chen said.

When Long Chen said these words, the three of them were shocked. Luo Zichuan was about to speak, but Long Chen said:

“Don’t worry, Grandpa, after all, we are not frogs in the well.”

“Who do you think is the frog in the well?”

As soon as Long Chen said these words, the shadow guards immediately jumped up, and the whole audience heard Long Chen’s words, and everyone was angry. They couldn’t accept what Long Chen said.

“Don’t get angry, I’m not targeting you, I’m saying this to all the people of the Purple Blood clan who have never left this land.” Long Chen said.


The shadow guard’s nose was so angry that Long Chen’s words scolded everyone except Luo Zichuan.

“This is not a curse word, I am telling the truth!” Long Chen said calmly:

“Of course I know you are not convinced, and I will use facts to prove that you are indeed the frog in the well.

Because I am about to see the broader sky, as a person with purple blood flowing in my body, I have the responsibility to teach you a lesson. ”


Long Chen’s figure shook and disappeared from the crowd. When he reappeared, he was already outside the barrier.


I saw Long Chen holding a brick and slapping a demon leader on the head. Blood splattered and the demon leader’s head was directly smashed.



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