#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5801: The war begins


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Who would have thought that Long Chen would kill at will, rush out of the purple blood clan’s barrier, and single-handedly enter the strongest camp of the demon clan.

Including the three-eyed old man of the Demon Clan, there are a total of nine strongest leaders of the Demon Clan, and a total of nine powerful people in the God Queen stage. They are staring at the Purple Blood Clan in the barrier while plotting a battle plan.

Although they had huge advantages, in order to be sure, they still focused on the old patriarch and the shadow guard.

Once you take action, you must kill the two of them with the force of thunder. As long as you kill the two of them, you can sit back and relax.

However, just as they were secretly discussing how to cooperate, Long Chen suddenly appeared in front of them with a brick in hand, and smashed the head of an old man with a brick in such a swagger.

At that moment, not to mention the powerful demon clan were dumbfounded, even Luo Zichuan and others were stunned.

“This bastard”

Long Chen fought out alone, and Luo Zichuan’s heart suddenly rose to his throat. This kid was too courageous. He was not happy that Long Chen killed a demon leader by surprise, but was frightened to the point of numbness. .

All the nine leaders are in the God-Queen stage. Not to mention Long Chen, a small God-Emperor, even the old patriarch would not dare to rush over there alone.


Luo Zichuan didn’t even think about it, and didn’t have time to say hello to the old patriarch and the others, so he rushed out. He was afraid that Long Chen would be in danger if he acted too late.

“A group of ants dare to offend the power of the Purple Blood Clan. Where do you get the courage?”

Long Chen killed the demon leader with a brick. While everyone was stunned, he held a **** brick and pointed at the demon leaders and shouted arrogantly.


The demon leader was furious, and suddenly the third eye between his eyebrows activated. The space where Long Chen was instantly collapsed and twisted, and he suddenly activated his pupil technique.


The space where Long Chen was located exploded, but Long Chen’s figure had disappeared. When he reappeared, he had already appeared in the camp of the powerful demon kings in the middle stage.


A strong man in the middle stage of the God-Emperor was hit in the head with a brick. His head was definitely not harder than the head of the demon leader, and it was instantly smashed.


The demon clan leaders were furious. They also saw that Long Chen’s movement was weird. There was no space fluctuation, but he could keep teleporting. This was unreasonable. They knew that there must be something wrong with the bricks in Long Chen’s hands.

“Puff puff puff…”

Long Chen flashed continuously, his figure was like a ghost, and he smashed the heads of seven powerful demons in the middle stage of the God Emperor in one breath.

The strong demons were horrified and fled in panic. This guy came and went without a trace. He had to stay away from the core to be safer.

Because of Long Chen alone, the demon camp was in chaos, and everything was going crazy.


Suddenly, a soul-calling flag appeared, and the demonic energy soared into the sky, instantly filling the entire battlefield. Long Chen’s disappearing figure appeared instantly.

“Found him, kill him!”

The demon old man who held out the soul-calling flag shouted loudly.


However, at this time, a sword shadow fell into the sky and hit the soul-summoning flag hard. The soul-summoning flag trembled suddenly, the demonic energy disappeared immediately, and Long Chen’s figure also disappeared.

It was Luo Zichuan who arrived, but what surprised Luo Zichuan was that the soul-calling flag was a supreme magic weapon. He could not destroy it with a full blow.

However, in order to protect itself, the soul-calling flag withdrew its power. In this way, Long Chen regained his freedom again.


Seeing Luo Zichuan coming, the leader of the demon clan roared angrily, holding a long bone whip and killing Luo Zichuan with demonic energy filling the sky.


At this moment, a divine map flew into the air, endless runes flowed, and divine light surged, covering the entire battlefield.

“It’s the First Demon Talisman”

When he saw the magic talisman, the three-eyed old man of the demon race had a look of horror in his eyes.


The divine map was the Demon-Sealing Map. It appeared on the battlefield and exploded with endless divine radiance. The strong men of the demon clan were shocked to find that there was even a trace of resistance to the power of their own demon blood. stagnation phenomenon.

“Don’t be afraid. This talisman can only weaken us by 20% at most. With our strength, we can still crush them.” The three-eyed old man of the demon clan shouted angrily while calming the fear of the powerful demon clan. .

The powerful demons also discovered that although the power of demon blood showed signs of weakening, the extent of the weakening was not significant.


At this moment, the God of War drum sounded, and Long Chen suddenly felt his body heat up, and the power of purple blood boiled instantly, as if there was a blessing power burning, which boosted his spirits.

“It turns out that the God of War Drum has this kind of magical effect!” Long Chen secretly praised in his heart. It seemed that the old patriarch had made complete preparations.

If he follows his original plan and uses the killing value to increase the power of the Demon-Sealing Diagram to the point where it can suppress half of the opponent’s power, and then uses the God of War Drum to increase the combat effectiveness of the Purple Blood Clan, the Demon Clan will simply not be able to bear the weight of the other. one strike.

However, this beautiful plan was ruined by Long Chen, only weakening the opponent by 20%. The Purple Blood clan was still at an absolute disadvantage.


At this moment, the old patriarch held the God of War drum on his head, and the shadow guard held a golden dragon gun, leading the strong men of the Purple Blood clan to kill out of the barrier.

The old patriarch and the shadow guard immediately rushed to the eight leaders of the demon clan, because at this time, Luo Zichuan was also deeply surrounded and in danger.

“Follow the plan”

Seeing the old patriarch coming out~Soverse.com~The three-eyed old man of the demon clan shouted. What he said was to act according to the plan, which was to kill the old patriarch first.

Everyone can see that the old patriarch is the spiritual leader of the entire Purple Blood clan. As long as he dies, the blow to the Purple Blood clan will be huge, and it may even cause the Purple Blood clan to collapse instantly.

And only by attacking the old clan leader with all our strength can we test out the true strength of the Purple Blood clan. He is the vane of the battlefield, and the demon clan’s methods are quite satisfactory and impeccable.


The leaders of the eight demon tribes all rushed towards the old patriarch. Even the one who had fought Luo Zichuan for several moves abandoned Luo Zichuan and turned around and rushed towards the old patriarch.


The moment he turned around and rushed out, Luo Zichuan suddenly merged with his sword. Purple energy surged into the sky, and strange flames could be faintly seen rising from his long sword, followed by a fierce and unparalleled wave. The murderous intent instantly locked onto the demon leader.

The demon old man’s scalp went numb instantly. Only then did he realize that Luo Zichuan’s seemingly all-out moves just now had completely confused him, making him think that Luo Zichuan was nothing more than that and wanted to kill him. It’s not difficult, it just takes a little time.

However, when he turned around to kill the old patriarch, Luo Zichuan suddenly transformed and released all the suppressed power. The locking power made it impossible for him to dodge.


Seeing Luo Zichuan’s earth-shattering slash, the demon leader roared. At this time, it was too late to summon the soul-calling flag, so he fought hard with the long whip in his hand.


With a loud bang, the old man’s bone whip flew out, and one of his arms was exploded, causing blood to spurt out wildly.


With one blow, the old man suffered a big loss, and all of this was due to Luo Zichuan’s plan. The knife was like lightning, piercing the demon leader’s chest and piercing his body.


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