#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5799: Adding insult to injury


Long Chen originally wanted to take action himself, but he felt that he would not stay here forever after all. It would be more appropriate for Luo Zichuan to take action in this matter.

If he takes action, it will make people think that Luo Zichuan is not a man enough. He wants his grandson to take revenge. This is because he is afraid that the Bi family will retaliate in the future and will not take responsibility.

And Luo Zichuan will be the head of the Luo family in the future. If he doesn’t even have the courage to kill his enemies, the Luo family will not say anything on the surface, but they will leave a bad impression in their hearts.

Now that the Luo family is fighting with the Bi family, hatred has completely erupted. If you continue to look forward and backward, it will seem too courageous.

Long Chen has killed countless people, and he doesn’t mind killing more. After all, the Bi family is responsible for this incident, and no one else is to blame. However, Long Chen still feels that grandpa’s action can establish more prestige and make the Luo family more united. At the same time, , can also intimidate other families, achieving multiple goals with one stone.

However, unexpectedly, the old patriarch took action first. Long Chen was stunned for a moment, and then a complex look appeared in his eyes.

Long Chen and Luo Zichuan looked at each other. Neither of them expected that the old patriarch would end up siding with the Luo family.

All the top disciples of the Bi family were killed, along with the family leader and the core elders. The Bi family will no longer be as glorious as it once was. In the future, the Purple Blood clan will probably have to keep their tail between their legs.

“Long Chen, we remember this grudge.”

One of the disciples of the Bi family roared, and his roar scared the rest of the Bi family out of their wits, fearing that Long Chen would kill them all in anger.

Long Chen said coldly: “Remember, forgetting hatred is tantamount to betrayal, just like the Bi family has bullied our Luo family for countless years.

So many geniuses from our Luo family died inexplicably. Do you really think we don’t know who did it? Do you think everyone else is a fool?

If you come out to fool around, you will have to pay it back sooner or later. Today I am just trying to get back what your Bi family owes us with interest.

The previous events have been wiped out with the incident involving Bi Yingxiong and others. However, if you want to take revenge, it doesn’t matter. We will open a new ledger.

I, Long Chen, never have any kindness towards my enemies, don’t give me a chance, otherwise…”

Speaking of this, Long Chen waved his hand and hit the long sword. The long sword was stained with sticky blood and spattered out.


The long sword was sheathed, and the lingering sound lingered in the sky and lingered for a long time.

The sound was like the cold roar of the gods, the whispers of demons, and even seemed to carry the painful wails of the killed elders.

Long Chen did not continue to say anything, but the sound of the sword said everything, that is, if you give me a chance to eradicate the roots, I don’t mind.

The Shadow Guard disappeared with a gloomy face, and Long Chen also took back the Qiankun Cauldron. In fact, Long Chen summoned it to scare people.

It cannot directly participate in the battle, but Long Chen does not need it to fight, as long as it suppresses the God of War Drum, it is enough.

Because the old patriarch will not take action, only the shadow guard can take action, but according to Long Chen’s estimation, grandpa’s strength is not worse than him.

Moreover, grandpa is still in his prime, and the shadow guard is obviously in decline. As long as grandpa can withstand his first wave of fierce attacks, he will be sure of victory.

Besides, he has the demon’s charged magic weapon in his hand, and Long Chen doesn’t believe that he dares to push too hard, so this shadow guard is just a stick. Although he is powerful, his brain is not very good.

Taking a step back, even if grandpa’s strength is slightly inferior, Long Chen still has the Demonic Moon Cauldron, the Heaven-turning Seal, and Huo Ling’er in his hands, especially the Heaven-turning Seal. If he secretly gives him a brick, this shadow Wei may not be able to defend against it.

Long Chen has so many trump cards in his hand. If he still wants to make concessions to the Bi family, then he might as well die as a coward.

Actually, the shadow guard also knew that this matter was the Bi family’s fault, and the Bi family should really clean up the situation, but Long Chen’s methods were too cruel and his attitude was too arrogant, which he couldn’t stand.

But there is nothing I can do about it. His strength is there, and it is impossible for him to really kill him. He went to fight Luo Zichuan to death. Otherwise, it is said that his brain is not working well, and he finally choked up. The fire is gone.

The strong men from other families couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable when they saw this scene. Although the Bi family had themselves to blame, this kind of internal friction was really unacceptable, and it was still at this juncture.

All major families led their tribesmen and left. Their hearts were extremely heavy. This battle had a huge impact on the morale of the Purple Blood clan.

The disciples of the Bi family either looked fearful or angry, and some of them were dumbfounded, not knowing what they were going to do.

Finally, after being reminded by others, they began to collect the corpses in the square. Elder Bi wanted to order the square to be cleaned, but he was stopped by the old patriarch.

“No need to wash it, we will be moving soon.”

After hearing what the old patriarch said, the Bi family members left. Seeing that the old patriarch had not left, Luo Zichuan winked at Luo Yingchen and others.

Luo Yingchen immediately understood and left with the Luo family. For a moment, only the old patriarch, Long Chen, and Luo Zichuan were left in the huge square.

“Old Patriarch, what are you doing? My Luo family is responsible for everyone’s work, why do you need to get involved?” Everyone left, and Long Chen couldn’t help but say.

Originally, whether it was Long Chen or Luo Zichuan who took action, this matter had nothing to do with the old clan leader. When the time comes to enter the legendary Emperor Mountain, the Bi family will definitely find other Bi family members to complain. This kind of thing, Paper cannot contain the fire.

But even so, it has nothing to do with the old patriarch. However, the old patriarch executed the Bi family. I am afraid that half, or even more than half, of this responsibility falls on him. ~Soverse.com~So, the old patriarch took action, shocking both Long Chen and Luo Zichuan.

The old patriarch smiled bitterly and said: “I am incompetent and have no choice but to occupy the position of patriarch.

I have been working hard to balance the grievances between the major families, and have been waiting. As long as I bring everyone safely into Emperor Mountain, my mission will be completed.

But now that it is about to be completed, it has ended up in such a mess. Alas, to put it bluntly, it is all my fault.

If I could be tougher and harsher on the Bi family, maybe they wouldn’t dare to be so presumptuous.

The Bi family’s fault is also my fault. How can I evade responsibility? ”

“Old Patriarch, please don’t say that. Master Yingchen has been saying that you have been secretly taking care of us for so many years, otherwise there will be problems for our Luo family to continue.

After all, the ancestors of the Bi family were still there at that time, and there was nothing you could do against them. We understand your difficulties. “Luo Zichuan said quickly.

At that time, the Bi family also had a strong man in the God Queen stage, so even the old patriarch was wary of him.

Later, the ancestor of the Bi family died suddenly for unknown reasons, but the Bi family kept it secret, falsely claiming that the ancestor was in seclusion, and still used the ancestor’s signature to run rampant.

Although the old patriarch realized that something was wrong, he did not expose them. However, when the time was right, he would secretly help the Luo family so that the Luo family would not be so sad.

The old patriarch shook his head and said:

“Now is not the time to talk about this…”


At this moment, there was a loud noise, and the entire territory of the Purple Blood Clan shook violently.

“The demon army came out in full force and has surrounded this place.”


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