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“It’s finally here!”


As soon as I heard that the Heavenly Fire Demon Domain was about to open, Long Chen suddenly came to the spirit, and Bai Yingxue saw that Long Chen’s mental state was not very good, and his face was exhausted, and he couldn’t help but feel a little worried, and also complained:


“What are you doing these days? You are about to enter the Heavenly Fire Demon Realm. Your state is really worrying.”


In the Skyfire Demon Realm, there are many crises, various races are fighting for each other, and killing secrets are spread. If one can’t get it right, they will lose their lives. Everyone else is recharged, but Long Chen doesn’t take it seriously.


“It’s fine, just give me an hour or two and I’ll be able to recover. I don’t believe it. After they open the door, they’ll let us go in directly.” Long Chen took a pill and went out with Bai Yingxue. go.


“Why is it turned on and doesn’t let us go in directly?” Bai Yingxue was taken aback.


“You don’t understand what I mean, I mean, before the door opens, they will definitely talk a bunch of nonsense, and a bunch of rituals, enough for me to return to my peak state.” Long Chen said.


At this time, Feng You and Hu Xiaoyu also came out. When they saw the two again, their temperaments were completely different, especially Feng You, who was obviously merging with the phoenix marrow, and there was a trace of ancient times on his body. Fengwei, her combat power should have improved a lot.


Once she enters the Heavenly Fire Demon Realm, with the help of the power of Heavenly Fire, coupled with the baptism of Heavenly Tribulation, her strength will soar to an extremely terrifying height.


At the same time, all the powerhouses of the White Dragon clan are ready, each one is full of energy, full of energy, and high-spirited. From their eyes, Long Chen sees firmness and tenacity, and also sees death as home. ‘s spirit.


Long Chen sighed inwardly, this is the real dragon clan, people can have no arrogance, but they must not have no arrogance. Only with arrogance can they stand up, not fear death, and will not bow to others because of their interests.


Besides Feng You, the Bailong family also has dozens of children of destiny. Obviously, they have long been prepared to sacrifice.


“The sons and daughters of the White Dragon Clan, you are the pride of the White Dragon Clan, I am here waiting for your triumphant return!” Bai Yingxuan and all the elders of the White Dragon Clan, standing on the Wanlong Nest, Looking at Bai Yingxue and others.


There is encouragement in their eyes, but also reluctance. The Heavenly Fire Demon Realm is extremely dangerous. Let’s not talk about the dangers in it. It is only in the face of threats from various clans, and even in the face of threats from the dragon clan. How many people of the White Dragon family died here.


But there is no way. The White Dragons must shoulder their mission. When a crisis comes, someone must stand up and sound the alarm. For that bell, they must do it, even if they pay all their lives. .


“Relax, senior, I will do my best to protect the Bailong family.” Long Chen looked at Bai Yingxuan and patted his chest.


Bai Yingxuan nodded. With Long Chen around, she felt at ease, and at the same time told Long Chen to be careful.


Under the gaze of Bai Yingxuan and others, Bai Yingxue led the disciples to salute Bai Yingxuan and others, and then resolutely walked towards Hantian City.


When the white dragon clan walked out of the territory, there were already roaring roars and endless dragon roars. The other dragon clan were also performing farewell ceremonies, and the ceremony was extremely grand and solemn.


In contrast, the White Dragon family’s travels are so low-key. When the White Dragon family travels, there are already many dragon troops around, and the momentum is mighty. In comparison, the White Dragon family is the weakest.


Not compared with the most powerful Nether Dragon clan, even compared with some other weaker dragon clan, the number is far inferior.


However, the people from the White Dragon Clan are all elites, and they are like rainbows, but there are not many people who don’t have long eyes to provoke them.


The Bailong clan is led by Long Chen and Bai Yingxue. Long Chen is holding a flame long stick, and the flames are circulating around him, making him extremely arrogant.


The news of the dragon powerhouses is also well-informed. Long Chen conflicted with Huang Wudao on the Hantian Square, and withstood the suppression of the power of the emperor, so that countless people saw the horror of Long Chen, and dared not provoke easily. .


Although many dragon clan looked down on the white dragon clan before and wanted to bully the white dragon clan to show their strength, but after that time, they were completely afraid.


Although no one has seen Huang Wudao’s strength, it is the son of the emperor. Long Chen even dares to provoke the son of the emperor. This shows that he must have that strength.


Nowadays, in the entire dragon clan, it seems that only the Ming dragon clan is still hostile to the white dragon clan, and the other dragon clans are far away from the white dragon clan.


Because there are too many people, and they are moving forward in a concentrated manner, the teleportation array cannot be used, and everyone needs to fly directly to the cold sky.




Thousands of dragon army roared towards the Cold Sky Territory. The scene was extremely spectacular. Seeing this scene, Long Chen’s blood couldn’t help but heat up.


At this time, the sky was full of black energy, and a team covered in black energy rushed up from the rear. That team was the Minglong family.


Originally, the White Dragon Clan was in front, and other Dragon Clan did not dare to overtake it. Therefore, the White Dragon Clan always maintained the lead. The Ming Dragon Clan came out later. Seeing this scene, they rushed to the front and kept pace with the White Dragon Clan.


Minglong Wushang led the strong men of the Minglong clan to charge up. The number of the Minglong clan was more than ten times that of the Bailong clan, and there were thousands of strong people at the level of the Son of Destiny. The overall strength was completely Can crush the white dragon clan.


After Minglong Wushang caught up, he looked at Long Chen and Bai Yingxue in a dignified manner, and there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth:


“Bai Dalue, I don’t think you look good. Are you approaching your deadline?”


“Isn’t it because of your Nyoma’s egg that you were harmed by your Minglong clan?” Long Chen scolded directly.


What surprised everyone was that Minglong Wushang was not angry, but sneered calmly:


“You are close to death, so you are surrounded by death, what do you have to do with my Minglong family?”


“Fart, the three dragons I bought last time were not fresh. After I finished drinking the soup, I have been having diarrhea until now. Do you think it has anything to do with you?” Long Chen said angrily.




Long Chen’s words~IndoMTL.com~ almost drove Ming Long Wushang into a rage. Long Chen’s words can always accurately hit the key points of the opponent.


Last time because of the dragon corpse, the Minglong clan had already hated Long Chen to the bone, and could not wait to eat its flesh and sleep its skin. Now that the story of Long Chen is revisited, all the powerhouses of the Minglong clan are beginning to condense their breath. War is imminent.


Long Chen faced the angry eyes of the Minglong clan’s strong men, he didn’t even look at it, because he knew that he couldn’t fight, because he was about to enter the Skyfire Demon Realm, there was no need to fight here, they would endure it.


“You Bailong clan wait for me, only one of our two clans can survive out of the Heavenly Fire Demon Realm.”


Minglong Wushang gritted his teeth, and then roared away with the powerhouses of the Minglong family. They dared not walk side by side with Long Chen, and he was afraid that he would not be able to control his emotions.


“If you say that, the Minglong family may be wiped out.”


Looking at the back of Minglong Wushang leaving, a smile appeared on the corner of Long Chen’s mouth.


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