#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5091: The terrifying Nichongdan



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“Boom boom boom…”


There was a burst of noise in the Qiankun Cauldron, and the violent breath made even Long Chen feel frightened.


The medicine beads are just like summoning the stars and battle bodies. Their power has been increased thousands of times in an instant. Tens of thousands of medicine beads are like shooting stars, colliding wildly in the Qiankun Cauldron, fighting each other. .


At this time, the medicine beads in the Qiankun Cauldron are madly fighting, and many visions are rising. Some rare medicines even summon the vision of the body, some magical dragons and snakes become various beasts, and even magical powers appear. , its intensity is not inferior to the general battlefield.


“Activate the power of your spiritual blood, spiritual roots, and spiritual bones, and start to bind them. The speed of becoming a pill depends on the suppression of your three powers.


If the strength is not enough, it is possible for them to fight in it for ten days and a half months. Moreover, they attack each other, only allow a momentary time, and then must be suppressed quickly, otherwise the divine energy will be consumed by them Light affects the grade of medicinal herbs. “The heaven and the earth.


“I’m going, if I didn’t get back the spirit blood, spirit roots, and spirit bones, wouldn’t it be impossible to refine Nichong Dan at all?” Long Chen was shocked.


“Yes, your spiritual blood must use colorful supreme blood, that is your source blood. Attention, at this time, you must use it with all your heart, not only to balance the spiritual blood, spiritual root, spiritual bone Power, but also control the intensity of the fire of the stars, whether it is the size of the power or the strength of the flame, it will affect the quality of the medicine pill.” Qiankun Ding said.


“This is too difficult!” Long Chen was taken aback.


Whether it is the fire of the stars or the power of the three spirits, it is a power that he has never used before. Now that he suddenly uses it, he has to control it at the micro level. This is an impossible task.


“In the past, before your strength was up, I didn’t dare to let you ignite the fire of the stars, and I didn’t dare to let you use the power of the three spirits. To be honest, now you haven’t reached the standard for refining Nichong Dan. /


However, we’re previewing and adapting right now, but even with preview, you can’t be sloppy and try your best. “Qiankun Ding is serious and authentic.


Long Chen nodded, his hands were imprinted, the dragon blood/spirit root/spirit bone trembled at the same time, his chest glowed, that was where his supreme bone was, when the colorful supreme blood and a sleeping mass in his dantian The root qi was awakened, and the two forces were concentrated on Long Chen’s chest at the same time.


Long Chen suddenly groaned. When the three forces blended in the bones of the Supreme Being, Long Chen felt a sharp pain in his chest. Qiankun Ding told Long Chen that this was a normal phenomenon. Moreover, his strength was very stable and the degree of fusion. Better than it imagined.


When the three forces merged, a vortex was formed on Long Chen’s chest. At first, the vortex was only the size of a mung bean. Over time, it grew to the size of a fist. After reaching this level, it no longer grew. The vortex The three forces within were agitated, and Long Chen tried to get them out of the body.


This is the most difficult time for Long Chen. He is dedicated to using it, and it is also a power that he is not good at. Long Chen gritted his teeth and insisted.




The vortex in his chest trembled suddenly, and Long Chen finally found the trick to control the power of the three spirits, and the power of the three spirits penetrated into the Qiankun Cauldron.


“It’s done”


Long Chen was overjoyed, he succeeded at once, and he admired himself a little.


On the one hand, Long Chen controls the power of the three spirits to press down, and at the same time increases the energy of the fire of the stars. At this time, there is no technical content, and it is completely violent.


“Boom boom boom…”


But Long Chen found that his violent crushing was met with violent resistance. When his power was injected, those medicine beads no longer fought inwardly, but worked together to kill him.


Long Chen suppressed seven times in a row and failed, until the eighth time he pressed down with all his strength, the entire universe roared, and the power of the three spirits finally suppressed them.


After suppressing them, the endless medicine beads suddenly merged rapidly. It seems that under the pressure of Long Chen, they felt the crisis and began to resist together.


When they merged, Long Chen withdrew the power of the three spirits, and at this time, Long Chen had already felt a burst of dizziness, and at the same time controlled the power of the three spirits and the fire of the stars, which was too much for him, some Overwhelmed.


When the precious medicines are in a group, it is the beginning of Chengdan. After that, Qiankun Ding will help him deal with it. He only needs to control the fire of the stars.




After a stick of incense, there was a muffled sound in the Qiankun Cauldron, Long Chen opened the Qiankun Cauldron, and nine medicinal pills lay in the cauldron. At first, when he saw the nine medicinal pills, Long Chen was full of joy.


But when he saw the luster of the medicinal pill and the spots on his skin, Long Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly:


“How many years have passed, the first time I refined a low-grade pill.”


Long Chen immediately took out an elixir and glanced at it. The elixir was supposed to be full of stars, and the dazzling patterns were shining.


Nowadays, this medicine pill is like a sparrow egg. It is not only irregular in shape, but also bumpy and full of freckles. Long Chen can’t even believe that it was made by him. Elixir.


“It is far beyond my expectations to be able to become a pill at one time. Don’t underestimate this low-grade pill, even if it is a low-grade pill, it is also a Nirvana pill.” Qiankun Ding said.




Suddenly, a medicinal pill was ejected by the Qiankun Cauldron and flew directly to a tree of lunar yin. As soon as it approached the tree of lunar yin, it was blocked by the flames on the tree of lunar yin.


It stands to reason that ordinary medicinal pills, contaminated with Taiyin fire, will turn into nothingness in an instant, but the medicinal pills traveled thousands of miles from the Taiyin fire and burst open near the branches.


There was a loud noise, the void was twisted, and the tree of lunar yin shook for a while. Within the range of the explosion of Niechongdan, countless branches were scattered, and the appearance stunned Long Chen.


“So exaggerated?”


This elixir has caught up with the bursting ball created by Guo Ran. Isn’t this too scary? You know, this is a low-grade Nirvana Chongdan.


This low-grade pinching pill bursts open, and it can blow up the powerhouse below the five-star destiny. If it is high-grade or top-grade, wouldn’t its power be even more frightening? Can the Son of Destiny withstand it?


“Wait, senior, is this thing really edible?” Long Chen suddenly thought of a question.


A pill that can blow up the Son of Destiny, if I swallow it, can I still survive? Thinking of this, Long Chen’s scalp felt numb for a while.


“That’s why you have to wait for you to become immortal before you can condense Nirvana.” Qiankun Ding said.


“Don’t look down on these pills~IndoMTL.com~ They are very important to you. Even if you are advanced to immortality, you need to start with low-grade pills, adapt little by little, and take it step by step. .” Qiankun Ding said.


Long Chen suddenly realized that the strength is low, and the rank of the refined pills is also low, and low has the advantage of low. Long Chen took a rest and continued refining with Qiankun Cauldron.


The reason why Qiankun Cauldron wants Long Chen to keep refining with it is to absorb and control his power of three veins and power of spark.


Because it has recognized Long Chen as the main body, so when there is no time to concoct pills, it can extract Long Chen’s two power pill concoctions by itself, without Long Chen’s personal participation, saving Long Chen a lot of time.


In addition, these two powers are not used by Long Chen very much at ordinary times, and the occasional practice of pills in Qiankun Ding will not affect Long Chen’s combat power.


Time passed a little bit, and after Long Chen and Qiankun Ding made a total of seventeen pots of pills, they realized that seven days had passed. At this time, Qiankun Ding no longer needed Long Chen’s assistance, and could follow Huo Linger. Cooperate and make your own.


On this day, Bai Yingxue knocked on Long Chen’s door, because the gate of the Heavenly Fire Demon Domain was about to open.


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