#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5093: Shameless



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When Long Chen came to Hantian City again, Hantian Square, in front of the two statues, was already crowded with people.


Fortunately, there is a place reserved for the Dragon Clan. The Ming Dragon Clan has already arrived earlier and occupies the best position.


Long Chen found that dragons, demons, bloods, monsters and other big clans all have a large territory, because these races have many branches, and the place is too small to fit.


What Long Chen didn’t expect was that he actually saw the Spirit Clan. When he saw the Spirit Clan, Long Chen couldn’t help but shudder. How could the Spirit Clan collude with the Brahma Pill Valley? Some can’t believe it.


Long Chen suddenly remembered that when he got the stone with the handprint, it was left by the Spirit Race powerhouse, that is to say, the Spirit Race also had enemies from the Nine Stars and One Lineage.


Long Chen looked carefully at those spirit clan powerhouses, including the Shiling clan, the dark night spirit clan, and a group of creatures wearing strange costumes and unable to see their faces. Long Chen counted them a little, and there were dozens of races in total. , and, among them, there are many terrifying existences.


Without exception, Long Chen couldn’t feel the kindness and warmth unique to the Spiritual Race on them. What they possessed was spirit blood and bloodthirsty.


The Feather Spirit Clan claims to be the fallen spirit clan, but the kindness in their bones has not changed. These spirit clans have nothing but the blood and breath of the spirit clan.


In addition to the Spirit Race, Long Chen also saw countless races that he had never seen before, and it was a sight to behold.


And of all the races, the largest is the human race, occupying almost one-third of the entire square, densely packed.


According to the division here, as long as it has the bloodline of the human race, whether it is mixed blood or pure blood, it will be included in the human race.


But here, they still have to stand in the pile of human beings honestly. Long Chen saw Luo Yujiao’s face that was as long as a pole. Obviously she didn’t want to stand here, but there was no way.


Also in the human race, Long Chen also saw a group of people filled with evil spirits, and Long Chen recognized it at once, this is a person who believes in the evil god.


However, there are only tens of thousands of followers of the Heretic God. Obviously, the inheritance of the Heretic God has already begun to decline, and it seems that it will disappear soon.


In the human race, there are countless sects, and Long Chen did not have a detailed number, but after a rough estimate, there are also tens of thousands of sects involved.


There are tens of thousands of sects, and those who can be invited by Brahma Pill Valley must be of good strength, otherwise people will not look down on them at all.


Seeing this, Long Chen’s heart is slightly chilled, Brahma Pill Valley’s control is too terrifying, and most of the human race forces are controlled by them.


Now other races are gradually being controlled by them. If this goes on, the whole world will be controlled by Brahma Pill Valley.


“What exactly do they want to do?” Long Chen really doesn’t understand, Dan Gu has such a terrifying strength, why not advance to the wild land in the depths of Emperor Heaven.




It should be that everyone has arrived, or the time has come. At this moment, the void trembled, and a group of figures emerged. The leader was the domain owner of the Cold Sky Domain, a human emperor-level powerhouse.


When the Domain Lord of the Cold Sky Domain appeared, everyone present felt a shudder in their souls. Ninety-nine percent of the people were seeing a human emperor-level big man for the first time, and their eyes were filled with awe.


Seeing the domain owner, countless people also thought of two people in their minds, one was Huang Wudao, and the other was Long Chen.


The incident on the Hantian Square that day has been spread among these disciples, especially Long Chen, who endured the pressure of the emperor and did not die, which is especially shocking.


However, there are also Tianjiao who are not convinced, thinking that the emperor’s coercion is just like that, and they must not want to kill Long Chen, but just give him a warning.


And those who said those big words, saw the cold sky domain master, and suddenly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. They only now know how ignorant they have said before.


Let’s not say that they were locked by the emperor’s coercion, even if they were like this, they all felt unprecedented pressure, and they didn’t even dare to look at the cold sky domain master, let alone look at him, for fear A look at each other will make you lose your mind.


When the Lord of the Cold Sky Domain appeared, the originally noisy square instantly became audible, even if someone as strong as Ming Long Wushang, Huang Wudao, Luo Yujiao and others would not dare to be presumptuous.


“First of all, welcome everyone from afar. Let me introduce myself. I am Han Qianye. I am not talented. I am the domain owner of the Cold Sky Domain.” The whole square was agitated, directly hitting people’s hearts.


At that moment, everyone was excited, and the voice of the strong human emperor, many people have never heard in their entire lives, this incident alone is already the greatest honor in many people’s lives.


Han Qianye continued: “The Heavenly Fire Demon Domain, in the Age of Chaos, she didn’t call her that name, her name was the Heavenly Fire Sanctuary, and it was the birthplace of all the Heavenly Fires in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths…”


Han Qianye talked about the origin of the Skyfire Demon Domain. It turned out that this involved a secret, a secret that was unknown to the strong people present, including Long Chen.


The legend of the Heavenly Fire Demon Domain existed at the beginning of the formation of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. It was a mother’s womb that gave birth to all the Heavenly Fires between the heavens and the earth.


It is said that after the Tianhuo grew up, they left this lair and began to grow on their own, while the mother’s womb remained in the Tianhuo Demon Realm.


When they heard the news, the powerhouses were all horrified. All the Skyfires on the Skyfire Ranking came from here. Even Long Chen couldn’t help but feel mad. No wonder Qiankun Ding asked him to come here. The history is amazing.


Then Han Qianye went on to tell that this place was once the place where Brahma God and Tianye God practised Taoism. There is a place in the Heavenly Fire Demon Realm called the Eye of Heavenly Fire.


It is said that ~IndoMTL.com~ there is the source of the power of the heavenly fire. If the mother’s womb is formed there, the nine heavens and ten earths are the mother’s body, then the eye of the heavenly fire is the umbilical cord, which sends the power of the nine heavens into the mother’s womb, Hatched all Skyfire.


But if you want to go to the Eye of Skyfire, there are only two paths you can take.


One is called the Brahma Road, and the other is called the Bridge of Heaven and Night. Except for one bridge all the way, there is no way to enter the Eye of Skyfire.


The Eye of Heavenly Fire is the core of the Heavenly Fire Demon Domain. If you can be promoted to immortality here, all impurities in your body will be removed by Heavenly Fire, and after the fusion of Heavenly Fire and Heavenly Thunder, it will be easier to awaken the vision of destiny.


The Son of Destiny is the real Son of Destiny only when he awakens the vision. Legend has it that the Son of Destiny awakens the vision and can even challenge the Sanmai Tiansheng by leaps and bounds.


“The Way of Brahma? The Bridge of Heaven and Night?”


When he heard these two names, Long Chen looked at the statues of Da Brahma and Luo Tianye, and a sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth:


“Nyma shameless.”


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