World Defying Dan God Chapter 5397: The temptation of the divine fruit


Chen Xiang’s words echoed in the silent void, and there seemed to be no response forever.

However, just as he was about to end this exploration, the darkness in the void began to twist, and a figure slowly condensed out.

It was a tall man wearing a purple robe, Lord Ziyouxing appeared.

His eyes were so deep that they seemed to be studded with stars.

Zi Youxingjun looked at Chen Xiang with a smile on his face and a hint of disdain in his words: “Chen Xiang, you are really smart, you actually found me.”

Chen Xiang’s cold eyes were slightly angry: “Ziyouxingjun, your conspiracy has been exposed.”

Zi Youxingjun still remained calm, he didn’t seem worried. He raised his hand and waved lightly, and a mysterious purple light curtain surrounded him, like an indestructible shield.

“Chen Xiang, do you think you can fight against me alone?” Ziyouxingjun laughed, “You still don’t understand, but I have already been prepared to deal with it.”

As soon as Ziyou Xingjun finished speaking, a mysterious fluctuation suddenly came from the void.

A huge space gate quietly opened, and a huge army poured out from it. They wore armor shining with the light of stars and held radiant weapons.

This army is fierce and numerous, at least hundreds of people. They have only one goal, and that is Chen Xiang.

Zi Youxingjun had a cold smile on his lips and pointed at Chen Xiang: “Chen Xiang, what are you going to do now? How many people can you deal with by yourself?”

“I am the master of the Land of Stars!”

Chen Xiang quickly used the Star Soul Stone to activate the power of the Xinghui Ancient Tree to seal the space gate.

Chen Xiang’s voice was full of determination. With a wave of his hand, the divine power of the ancient star tree spread quickly, forming a huge star barrier, sealing the door of space within it.

The army attacked the star barrier, but no matter how hard they tried, they could not break through this impenetrable barrier.

The power of the Starry Ancient Tree is condensed into a solid wall, guarding the boundaries of the Starry Land.

Zi Youxingjun’s expression changed slightly. He did not expect that Chen Xiang could react quickly to block his army.

He took a deep breath and decided to take action himself.

I saw his figure like electricity, instantly passing through the void and appearing in front of the star barrier. His palms flashed with purple starlight, and a terrifying star explosion technique was instantly released, slamming **** the star barrier.

The star barrier trembled violently, but still persisted.

Chen Xiang had no expression on his face and continued to activate the power of the Starry Ancient Tree to continuously strengthen the barrier and secure the boundaries of the Starry Land.

Zi Youxingjun laughed angrily. He had no intention of wasting time here. His figure twisted again and disappeared into the void.

Chen Xiang breathed a sigh of relief, but he also knew that Lord Ziyouxing would not give up just yet!

“This guy is indeed a bad guy!” Chen Xiang cursed in a low voice, “We must capture this guy, otherwise he will always come in and out of the Land of Stars at will.”

Ziyou Xingjun couldn’t defeat Chen Xiang, but his ability to travel through space was so powerful that Chen Xiang couldn’t do anything to him.

Chen Xiang knows very well how powerful Ziyou Xingjun is. His ability to travel through space makes him almost impossible to track, which makes it very difficult to deal with him.

He stood at the core of the Land of Stars, looking up at the stars and frowning. He could no longer let Ziyou Xingjun continue to enter and leave the Land of Stars unscrupulously, otherwise the safety of the Land of Stars would be threatened.

Chen Xiang focused his attention on the ancient star tree and communicated with it spiritually. This ancient tree is the soul of the Land of Stars and his greatest support.

“Xinghui Gumu, I need your help. We must find a way to restrict Ziyou Xingjun’s movements and not let him break into this place at will.”

The mental fluctuations of Xinghui Gumu responded to Chen Xiang, as if he was thinking.

After a while, Xinghui Gumu sent a message.

Although Xinghui Gumu did not communicate with him directly, he conveyed some ideas on how to cooperate with Chen Xiang.

It is to reinforce the space of the Land of Stars, which also comes at a cost, and will consume a lot of Starlight’s divine power.

Chen Xiang nodded, only in this way can the invasion of Lord Ziyouxing be ended!

Ziyou Xingjun can enter, which means that as long as he masters similar space methods, he can enter and exit the Starry Land at will, so it must be reinforced.

After Chen Xiang thought deeply, he decided to lure Ziyou Xingjun in before finally strengthening the Starlight Space.

“Sister Jing, after Ziyou Xingjun comes in, I will let the ancient Xinghui wood reinforce the space, and then use the Six Paths Divine Mirror to find Ziyouxingjun.”

Chen Xiang wants to catch Ziyou Xingjun because the mysterious big brother behind him is a big threat.

Chen Xiang knew nothing about the mysterious elder brother, and his intuition told him that the strength of the mysterious elder brother might far exceed that of the two emperor star masters.

“Brother, I have recorded Ziyou Xingjun’s aura and various information before. I control the Six Paths Divine Mirror to grow in size and shine it everywhere in the Land of Stars. I will soon be able to locate his position, provided that he In the Land of Stars.” Sister Xiaojing said.

Chen Xiang can’t be sure whether Lord Ziyouxing is there now, so he has to lure that guy over. It’s best to force him to show up and make sure it’s him. You have to act quickly. You have already killed an ancient poison demon king, and he may not be able to calm down anymore. “Sister Xiao Jing said: “If they rely on Ziyou Xingjun to open the passage and attack, and we are not ready yet, the Land of Starlight will suffer heavy casualties. ”

Chen Xiang has already ordered the Purple Fire Golden Dragon to find other powerful monsters and communicate with them first to prevent those powerful monsters from being tricked by Ziyou Xingjun.

“I have a solution!”

Chen Xiang immediately controlled the tree crown to drop a Starlight Divine Fruit!

The Purple Fire Golden Dragon has said before that if Chen Xiang, the master of the hall, were not to touch the Star Glory Divine Fruit, he would be killed by the Xing Glory Ancient Tree’s concentrated power. Even the Purple Fire Golden Dragon could not stop it. Not to mention Lord Ziyouxing.

But now, the Starlight Divine Fruit suddenly disappeared, and the commotion was very loud.

Zi Youxingjun has a strong space insight ability, and he can sense the situation here through space.

He must have known about the changes in the ancient star tree before, and saw how tempting the new star fruit was.

Now that the Starlight Divine Fruit is falling, if he notices it, he will definitely not be able to help but pop up.

Zi Youxingjun has escaped in front of Shen Xiang again and again, so he is very confident in his ability to escape, so even if he guessed that Chen Xiang was deliberately setting up a trap, he was not afraid at all and directly traveled through the space to pick up the man. Divine fruit.

The moment Ziyou Xingjun came out, the Six Paths Divine Mirror became very huge, shrouded in the sky, and rotated rapidly, erupting into a very strong space storm, disrupting the surrounding space.


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