World Defying Dan God Chapter 5396: Burning Sky Dragon Fire


Although Chen Xiang’s face turned dark, he was smiling. Even though the poisonous power of the Ancient Poison Demon King was surging in his body, he was not worried at all.

His body has reached the Taiming realm and is almost immune to some conventional toxins.

“Ancient Poison Demon King, your poisonous power is indeed not weak, but to me, this is just a piece of cake.” Chen Xiang said calmly.

The smile of the Ancient Poison Demon King gradually solidified. He never expected that his poisonous power would be so ineffective against Chen Xiang.

A flash of anger flashed in his eyes. He was a notorious demon king who fought fire with fire, but now he was easily defeated by a mortal. What an insult.

“You…you are not affected?” The Ancient Poison Demon King was a little distracted. He was confident before and believed that his poison was enough to subdue anyone.

Chen Xiang looked at the Ancient Poison Demon King and said calmly: “Although your poison skills are powerful, they are still far behind me.”

After saying that, Chen Xiang placed his palm on the body of the Purple Fire Golden Dragon and began to transmit the star power in his body into the body of the Ancient Poison Demon King.

This divine power is like a clear spring, quickly washing away all kinds of poisonous powers.

In just a moment, all the poison in the Purple Fire Golden Dragon’s body was eliminated.

“Impossible…this must be fake! Although the poison in this old dragon has been removed, there is still a lot of poison in your body. You are just pretending not to be poisoned.” The Ancient Poison Demon King shouted.

When he followed the Evil Dark Demon Emperor before, he was always on guard against him, mainly because the Demon Emperor was afraid that he would use poison.

Although the Lord of the Emperor Star he follows now is not afraid of his poison, he has said that it is very difficult to undo it, so the Lord of the Emperor Star also attaches great importance to him.

However, now, his poison was instantly resolved by Chen Xiang, so it was difficult for him to accept this fact.

The most powerful thing about the Ancient Poison Demon King is his poison. If others are not afraid of his poison and their cultivation level is equal to his, then they will definitely be able to defeat him.

Especially for a fighting powerhouse like Purple Fire Golden Dragon, even in human form, as long as the poison cannot destroy his soul and body, the Ancient Poison Demon King is equivalent to a bug in his eyes.

“Mr. Jin, are you feeling better?” Chen Xiang asked.

“I have fully recovered!”

The purple fire golden dragon is now in human form. Before, he was a weak old man who was poisoned, but now he looks like a powerful and strong old man, and his body has exploded with powerful dragon power.

“Don’t come here! The master of the main hall must be poisoned. If you dare to hit me, he will definitely die if he doesn’t have an antidote!” The Ancient Poison Demon King threatened.

“Old Jin, come on!”

Although Chen Xiang’s face turned dark, his voice was full of energy and did not look like he was poisoned at all.

The Purple Fire Golden Dragon was so angry that it roared and rushed directly towards the Ancient Poison Demon King. He was filled with anger.

The tricks used by the ancient Poison Demon King were all kinds of poisons, but now the Purple Fire Golden Dragon has the divine power of stars to protect its body, making it invulnerable to all poisons.

“You old man, you must still have my poison in your body. Want to detoxify? Then trade with your life!”

The Ancient Poison Demon King roared, and the sound contained strong poison. Even just the sound made the Purple Fire Golden Dragon feel dizzy.

The poison was so powerful that even he couldn’t bear it.

The Purple Fire Golden Dragon is now just a shadow of its true body, and there is still some time before it can truly transform into a dragon.

However, although the dragon form has not yet taken shape, the power of the dragon can still be exerted!

Now he is using dragon fire!

——Xinghui Dragon Fire, burning the sky!

The Purple Fire Golden Dragon opened its mouth and spat out a stream of blazing dragon fire. This dragon fire was not the dragon fire cast by mortals before. As soon as it came out, it burned and distorted the space.

In the shocked eyes of the Ancient Poison Demon King, this dragon fire quickly rushed in front of him.

The Ancient Poison Demon King was shocked. He quickly cast various poison spells, but as soon as these spells came close to the dragon fire, they were burned cleanly!

Although the Ancient Poison Demon King is powerful, he seems a little fragile in front of the dragon fire of the Purple Fire Golden Dragon.


The Ancient Poison Demon King let out a shrill roar, his voice full of fear and despair.

He quickly cast various poisonous techniques. Each of these poisonous techniques were extremely powerful, but they were completely burned as soon as he got close to the dragon fire.

The dragon fire burned, and the ancient poison demon king’s divine soul method was no match at all. The power of the divine soul was burned and became weaker and weaker.

In the blink of an eye, the body of the Ancient Poison Demon King was burned into nothingness.

However, at the moment when the Ancient Poison Demon King completely disappeared, Chen Xiang, with quick eyes and quick hands, imprisoned the soul of the Ancient Poison Demon King with a wave of his hand.

This soul is very weak and has been completely exposed due to the burning just now, so it is very easy to catch.

Chen Xiang looked coldly at the weak Ancient Poison Demon King and fixed his soul in the air, not allowing him any chance to struggle.

“Ancient Poison Demon King, your poison can no longer threaten the Land of Stars. Tell me, why did you attack the Land of Stars? How did you get in?” Chen Xiang’s voice was full of majesty.

Although the soul of the Ancient Poison Demon King is weak at the moment, it still maintains a trace of vigilance. He sneered: “You think I will tell you? The Land of Stars will eventually be destroyed in our hands, and you will not escape death no matter what!”

Chen Xiang frowned slightly, knowing that the Ancient Poison Demon King might not explain it easily. But he is not in a hurry. Through some means, he can always get useful information from this ancient poison demon king.

“You may not want to say it, but I have my own methods. The Land of Stars will never give in to any threat easily.” Chen Xiang said calmly.

Next, Chen Xiang began to use the soul-stirring spell to explore the memory of the ancient poison demon king. This can penetrate the target’s mind, find hidden information, and cause the other person great pain.

The Ancient Poison Demon King tried his best to resist and was erasing his memory. This was something Chen Xiang did not expect. Fortunately, he also found some key memories.

The soul of the Ancient Poison Demon King has been destroyed. Chen Xiang does not know his purpose of entering the Land of Stars, but he knows how he came in.

It was that Lord Ziyouxing who brought him in!

Ziyou Xingjun can still enter and leave the Land of Stars freely, and there are ways to get people in.

Chen Xiang thought that Ziyou Xingjun could no longer be found and might have been hidden in the deep space.

“Ziyouxingjun, this bastard, he must have mastered a strange space magical power!”

Chen Xiang secretly gritted his teeth. If he caught this guy, he would have to torture him.

“Ziyouxingjun, I already know that you brought that **** in! I don’t know what conspiracy you and the big brother behind you are planning. If you know what’s going on, you’d better apologize to me now and accept it. My punishment. If you fall into my hands someday, I will definitely make your life worse than death.”

“A villain like you must not have much loyalty, right? If you give in now, I can let you go.”

Chen Xiang’s angry and cold voice spread throughout the surroundings. He was speaking to Lord Ziyouxing who was hiding in the dark.


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