World Defying Dan God Chapter 5126: Create a blood tree


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Li Yuanyuan has seen all kinds of flowers and trees in the Six Paths Divine Mirror, all of which are exotic flowers and plants, and many of them are new varieties bred by Xiaojing sister herself.

So she felt that Chen Xiang and sister Xiaojing could really create a divine tree that could make blood.

And the Six Paths Divine Mirror still has a time domain. Chen Xiang thought about it. If he planted a large number of “Purgatory Blood Trees” that he imagined, and then kept bleeding to make him the blood of Purgatory, maybe he created the Purgatory. Blood, more than that of Purgatory Blood Star.

“Sister Jing, how much purgatory blood of the six ancient stars is there now?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Not much, only a small amount! Now the space of Tiangu Purgatory is expanding, which makes the blood path in the space a little unstable, and the blood of Purgatory has been reduced a lot!” Sister Xiaojing said.

The Protoss of the Six Paths Ancient Star is Sister Xiaojing, so she knows the situation in the inner core space.

“I don’t know how long the space expansion of the ancient purgatory will last!” Chen Xiang has to create a purgatory blood tree quickly. Having more purgatory blood will allow him to mingle in the ancient purgatory. Raw water.

Especially the kind of purgatory holy marrow, it has a very magical temptation magic!

“Sister Jing, it shouldn’t be difficult to create a purgatory blood tree, right?” Chen Xiang asked.

“There are also some peculiar divine trees planted in the Six Paths Divine Mirror, which can be used as the basis to create a purgatory blood tree!” Sister Xiaojing said: “Of course, if you start from scratch, it’s not impossible, just It will be more troublesome!”

Chen Xiang thought of the fruit demon clan!

“Hey, we can ask the little fruit demon to help! We don’t have to make the divine tree bleed or something… We can make the purgatory blood tree bear fruit, and there is purgatory blood in the flesh…” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Those Little guy, but he knows this very well!”

“That’s right! I almost forgot about them!” Sister Xiaojing giggled, “So, it can be planted in the Xianzhan Xuanmo Tower!”

“It should be a little hard for them to create fruit trees…”

Chen Xiang contacted the patriarch Guo in the Xianxian Zhan Xuan Demon Tower, and then let him out.

Although the patriarch Guo looks like a melon child, he is full of wisdom.

“Patriarch Guo, do you think you can create a kind of divine tree out of thin air!” Chen Xiang told Patriarch Guo about the specific situation of the purgatory blood tree.

Chen Xiang and Sister Xiaojing just used the existing species of the divine tree and then cultivated and improved new species. They have never tried to create them out of thin air!

After hearing this, Patriarch Guo fell into deep thought!

“The resulting divine fruit is full of purgatory blood? Let me think about it…” Patriarch Guo touched his chin and frowned.

Li Yuanyuan looked at the fruit clan head in surprise. She seemed to have heard of the fruit demon clan.

Guo Yaozu has been targeted by the Temple of Time before, so naturally they have their special features.

“Brother Shen, I can’t guarantee success… If you really want to create, it will require a lot of purgatory blood! If it fails, the purgatory blood will most likely be wasted!” said Patriarch Guo.

“Is Purgatory Holy Marrow okay?” Chen Xiang asked.

“Ah? If you have Purgatory Holy Essence, of course it’s the best!” Patriarch Guo said excitedly: “Brother Shen, how did you get Purgatory Holy Essence? I’ve been in Tiangu Purgatory for so long, even the blood of Purgatory is full of blood. I haven’t seen it a few times, and it’s not long since you came, and you have the Purgatory Holy Essence?”

Patriarch Guo has always admired Chen Xiang very much, because Chen Xiang was not only able to kill the Time cultivator, but also took away their entire fruit demon clan, and packed them away together with many of their divine trees.

They also had a very comfortable life in the Xianzhan Profound Demon Pagoda. It was a little scary to them when the Xianzhan Profound Demon Pagoda was tempered by the ancient catastrophe!

Guo Patriarch returned to the Xianzhan Xuanmo Tower. He said that he was going to collect some things, which were only available to their fruit demon clan!

Not long after, Patriarch Guo asked Chen Xiang to release him.

Patriarch Guo took out a small sapling that looked illusory.

The saplings are like phantoms emitting green light, and they are still fluctuating, as if they can be blown away in one breath!

“What is this? Is it a tree soul?” Chen Xiang asked.

“The original Taoist soul of a tree, a long time ago, at the beginning of each universe, there would be many such things! Then it would fall to the place where there is soil, and after hundreds of millions of years to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, trees will appear !” Patriarch Guo said: “Those ancestral trees in our clan preserve the soul of the primordial Dao!”

“Ah, it’s amazing!” Chen Xiang exclaimed: “Is it only the ancestral tree that has the original soul?”

“Yes! Ancestral trees have a lifespan, not immortality! Fortunately, the forest of gods where we were born has a special energy that prolongs the lifespan of the ancestor trees! After the birth of our fruit demon clan, Use our innate energy to extend the lifespan of the ancestral tree to the present!” said Patriarch Guo.

“So it is! No wonder the divine fruit from your fruit demon race is so good!” Chen Xiang said with a smile.

Sister Jing also often asks these little guys for tips on planting trees!

“Brother Shen, what we need to do now is to let this primordial soul absorb the blood of purgatory and turn it into a real sapling, so we can do it!” Patriarch Guo said: “It depends on your purgatory holy marrow. Enough! Of course, I just thought it might work, I don’t know exactly because we’ve never tried it!”

They never got a chance to try because there is no purgatory blood!

“If you fail, you will fail! How do you know if you don’t try?” Chen Xiang said with a smile.

Li Yuanyuan knew that Chen Xiang had a lot of purgatory holy marrow in his hands. If Chen Xiang used up all of them and failed, she would be very distressed!

“By the way, it also needs vitality! It needs a very strong vitality…” Patriarch Guo said: “Generally speaking, the necessary vitality is bestowed by heaven and earth!”

“The power of the Primordial Orb of Life should be good!” Sister Xiaojing’s voice came and then the mirror surface of the Six Paths Divine Mirror also burst out with a strong vitality.

“Sister Jing, this vitality is very strong, enough, enough!” Patriarch Guo said happily: “It should be successful!”

The patriarch Guo put the soul of Yuanshi Dao on the six-path mirror, and then little sister Jingjing injected the energy into the life orb, transformed into a powerful vitality and released it.

The primordial soul of the tree absorbs vitality greedily, and then emits a faint green glow!

“Brother Shen, you can start now!” said the patriarch Guo, “The soul of Yuanshi needs to absorb the blood of purgatory!”

Chen Xiang took out a bowl of purgatory holy marrow, the powerful blood energy almost suffocated the patriarch Guo!

“What a strong blood!” Patriarch Guo was shocked: “This bowl is full of purgatory holy marrow? Brother Shen, how did you get it?”

“Patriarch Guo, do you also eat the blood of purgatory? I thought you would taboo this kind of **** things!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “This bowl of purgatory holy marrow in my hand is the result of my passing through a large number of purgatory blood. Made of blood, the blood of purgatory I stole from a bad guy!”


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