World Defying Dan God Chapter 5125: Hematopoiesis


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Chen Xiang landed on the desert and didn’t find anything strange, but he felt something was wrong, and he couldn’t tell what was wrong!

“Dad, what’s so good about this desert?” Chen Xiang asked through the communication talisman.

“Son, feel it for yourself!” Shen Tianhu seemed very proud and smiled: “No one else has discovered this desert, only we have discovered it! What we have to do now is to hide this desert. The secrets, don’t let those guys find out!”

Chen Xiang flew to the sky again, and then overlooked the desert from the air, and used his bright eyes to investigate!

After his careful investigation, he did not find anything!

“I still haven’t found anything!” Chen Xiang was very curious, he just wanted to quickly know the secrets of this desert, “Could it be deep underground?”

If it’s hidden deep underground, it’s really hard for him to find it!

“No!” Shen Tianhu laughed and laughed: “Dad, I’m not going to be a **** anymore! This desert is a whole! Now it’s under my control!”

“A whole?” Chen Xiang imagined it, and thought it was amazing.

“The sand in the desert is very solid! But it looks very ordinary!” Shen Tianhu continued.

Chen Xiang landed on the desert, then took out a handful of sand and put it in the palm of his hand, and then released the eternal flame to burn it.

To his amazement, the sand was so durable that it didn’t melt!

He continued to strengthen the flame and added Tianxuan divine power into it, the flame suddenly became more violent, and the sand was still not melted!

“Dad, this desert is indeed amazing!” Chen Xiang exclaimed in amazement.

“If I need to, I can control the entire desert to float, and I can control the desert to do a lot of things!” Shen Tianhu said: “What I’m worried about now is that the ancient powers have also discovered this, and then come to occupy the desert!”

Shen Xiang did not meet with Shen Tianhu, because the Shen family must be hiding under the desert, and this desert is very large, occupying a large area of ​​the entire Tiangu Star, if it can be controlled, it can indeed be controlled. Strong power!

Fortunately, the desert doesn’t have any divine aura, and it looks lifeless, so it’s generally not targeted by people!

On the contrary, it is those areas where energy is transformed into crystals. There are many crystal mines and so on, which will cause competition!

“We are building stronger formations and formations, and we hope to block one!” Shen Tianhu said: “Son, you don’t have to worry about us too much! The Shen family has been getting stronger and stronger over the years!”

“That’s good!” Chen Xiang said: “Dad, I’ll help you buy time and attract more attention, so they won’t pay attention to the desert!”

Shen Xiang suddenly thought of a way!

“Okay, but you have to be careful yourself, none of those ancient powers are vegetarians!” Shen Tianhu urged.

Chen Xiang immediately jumped onto the Six Paths Divine Mirror, then traveled through space, and came to the other end of Tiangu Xing, where a large ocean just appeared, and there were also many Tiangu Xing Clan!

He dived into the deep sea and opened up a very small and special space for Tianxuan!

The space he opened up is only the size of a fist. He dropped several drops of Purgatory Holy Essence into it, and injected a very high flame to burn it!

In this way, the blood energy of the Purgatory Holy Marrow will drift out!

When Chen Xiang opened up this Tianxuan space, he carried out special treatment so that he could emit aura from the inside of the space!

As a result, the strong blood energy of the Purgatory Holy Marrow radiates from the bottom of the deep sea, and then a large area of ​​the nearby sea has blood energy!

This level of blood energy is easy to detect. If it flies from the air, it will make people feel that there may be a space bloodstain of purgatory blood hidden under the deep sea.

In short, this sea area is definitely a very rare holy place in the eyes of many people!

The small space of Tianxuan opened up by Chen Xiang is difficult to be discovered. Even if someone enters the deep sea and cannot see the blood of purgatory, they can feel the blood more intensely, and finally suspect that the blood in the space is hidden in the space. The layers below the seafloor.

So no matter what, this sea area will become a place of contention for those ancient powers!

Within two days after Chen Xiang set up this place, he learned the relevant news from Cailian!

“Little villain, there may be bloodstains in space in the Xuanwu sea area of ​​Tianguxing, do you want to go check the situation?” Cailian asked: “Zhenyi is ready to leave! The Queen of the North also sent me news just now, Ready to check it out!”

“Ah? Why are they so anxious?” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Don’t go, don’t go! I did it, mainly to attract attention!”

“What? You made it out?” Cailian was shocked when she heard it, and said, “Why do you want to attract their attention? Do you want to do something big?”

“Ahem, the World Defying Temple is ready to come, there may be a lot of noise at that time!” Chen Xiang said: “Lian’er, you tell those queens not to join in the fun!”

“I’ll let them know!”

Cai Lian was also very surprised to learn that the World Defying Temple was coming. Of course, she also knew the existence of the World Defying Temple, but she was curious about how far the World Defying Temple had grown.

Chen Xiang hid and used the purgatory holy marrow to refine the purgatory holy marrow pill. The effect of this pill was better than directly absorbing the purgatory holy marrow.

Li Yuanyuan was in the Divine Mirror of Six Paths and was in charge of helping Chen Xiang to carry out various tests. Because her body was very special, it could be said that she was regenerated through the blood of purgatory.

Chen Xiang is trying to see if she can create the blood of purgatory through her blood, but the premise is that Li Yuanyuan needs to release more blood by herself.

So Li Yuanyuan could only eat all kinds of blood-enriching medicinal pills, and then perform bloodletting or something!

She has nothing to complain Because Chen Xiang helped her improve to a great realm before, and she has never been able to do anything for Chen Xiang. Now that she has the opportunity to help Chen Xiang, she will naturally not refuse!

Li Yuanyuan released ten jars of blood, and then, under Chen Xiang’s use of the world-defying divine furnace, the ten jars of blood refined a drop of purgatory blood!

“I didn’t expect that the blood of purgatory could be made with my blood, even though… it needs ten ten tanks!” Li Yuanyuan was also very excited after learning about Chen Xiang’s latest results.

“Yuanyuan, it would be great if there were many of you!” Chen Xiang said with a smile.

“Hey, there are a lot of me, and they’re also used for bloodletting!” Li Yuanyuan pouted and said, “Young master, you want to get a lot of purgatory blood through me, but that won’t work, right?”

“Of course it won’t work, but it proves that my idea is feasible!” Chen Xiang said: “I can use the Purgatory Holy Essence to create many bodies that can bleed…such as some big trees! The tree is bled and used to make the blood of purgatory!”

“It seems to be OK!” Li Yuanyuan was a little surprised, “If it is really successful, then a lot of purgatory blood can be planted!”


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