What To Do When the Heroine of the Novel Comes to Reality: End this testimonial


Seeing all kinds of complaints in the comment area, I feel a little helpless. After all, this work is really a transitional work for me to adjust my mentality, and it can be regarded as allowing me to maintain the feeling of writing.

So it’s really full of all sorts of flaws, and when I look back on it for myself, it’s so badly written that it makes me sad.

In fact, it can write 700,000 words to the end, which is beyond my own expectations. I am the kind of passionate and inspirational writer. When I have inspiration, I feel that writing anything will make me special. Satisfied, but without inspiration, when Calvin felt a splitting headache and aching pain…

In all respects, the failure of this work is also something I expected. In fact, when the book was in the new period, the editor directly hinted that I don’t need to write any more, because the data is really bad .

The platform of Qidian has always been comparing books that can’t make money. When encountering controversial content, it must be done directly and harmoniously.

Some readers may have noticed that in the early stage of this book, the content of the official state organization was written, but it became less and less later. This is actually to reduce the risk of the book being blocked, but even so, There are still many chapters in this book that have been blocked, and I have made a lot of deletions and word changes before releasing them.

In such a situation, this behind-the-scenes script of playing with the world and playing with the official has lost the level of fun I expected, and it really doesn’t need to be written any more.

So when I saw the complaints in the book review area, I felt helpless and aggrieved, but I also admitted that I really did not deserve everyone’s trust. Even if this book is so poorly written, there are still people who like it, really I am very moved!

The next book will definitely not disappoint everyone, and I won’t write anything that will involve harmony. It will be a very relaxing and interesting work, returning to passers-by heroines, dry girls, and female scholars. style of.

The new book will definitely be released before the 10th of this month. I hope you will continue to support me at that time, thank you very much! ! !



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