What To Do When the Heroine of the Novel Comes to Reality Chapter 341: The end of the flower


As time went on, Li Shushan’s cultivation became higher and higher, and then he finally understood the truth and essence of everything more and more.

He originally thought that he was the most unique creator in the world. After all, he could make his heroine come to reality, but what he didn’t expect was that he himself was only the protagonist of someone else’s pen!

He also, like the heroine in his writing, came to the real reality, and saw an online writer who was on the street, writing a network titled “What to Do When the Heroine of the Novel Comes to Reality” Fiction…

Li Shushan’s cultivation realm at this time can be said to have reached the peak of the heavens and the world. He is the most powerful figure in the cultivation system. He also wears various vests, such as “Daozu” Something like that, after all, he likes to preach.

Therefore, he can quietly observe how this rushing writer writes this rushing novel.

As a result, he found that it was really unreasonable that the novel would not hit the street. First of all, the title of the book made people not want to read it, and secondly, the content was also very bad. Li Shushan could not wait to grab the keyboard of the street writer and replace it. He will write.

As Li Shushan came to the real reality, the author of “What to Do When the Heroine of the Novel Comes to Reality”, just like Li Shushan, lost the inspiration to continue writing, so this book Works, of course, can not be written.

This makes Li Shushan feel very sorry, after all, he still really wants to see how the other party will write a story about how to make people eat.

However, Li Shushan also understood the reason why the other party really couldn’t keep writing, that is, the grades were so poor that he couldn’t make readers like it at all, and then he spent money to continue reading.

As a writer at that time, Li Shushan at least didn’t have to worry about his livelihood, but the writer who wrote the novel with him as the protagonist was a full-time writer.

Originally, the writer could barely persevere with the income from old books, but due to the harmonious tide that also appeared in the real reality, the writer’s several books with good grades were all blocked. The spirit of the writer has also completely collapsed.

He wrote this novel with Li Shushan as the protagonist.

When Li Shushan came to reality, he still felt pity for this full-time writer who had to rely on manuscript fees to support his family, but unfortunately he couldn’t help him either.

After all, Li Shushan is really not a qualified protagonist. He is too detached. It seems that no contradiction can sweep him, so there are not so many interesting plots.

Li Shushan did not use immortality or the like, because he found that the real world was very different from the fictional world he was in.

This real world completely rejects fantasy powers such as fairy spells and magic. As long as Li Shushan uses fairy spells to help the author who wrote him as the protagonist, Li Shushan will be directly repelled by the laws of the world.

Li Shushan is still very curious about the real world. He wants to travel in the real world to see what the world is like.

As for the poor author who wrote him as the protagonist, of course, let him go.

Li Shushan doesn’t feel that everything about him is given by the author, but the author just like him, received information about him from the heavens and the world.

The so-called inspiration of creators is generated in such a way.

It’s just that some people are very suitable to be the protagonists, and some people are not suitable.

A person like Li Shushan is not suitable for being the protagonist, because his story is really not interesting enough, and his ability is not enough to convince readers and generate rationality.

Readers will only think that the story about Li Shushan is nonsense, everything about him does not have any real feeling, so naturally there is no sense of refreshment from this story.

Therefore, this story and novel about Li Shushan is a failed novel, and it cannot attract readers who like it, and that is its original sin.

The unfortunate author who created it is indeed asking for trouble. There are so many suitable protagonists in the heavens and the world for him to choose, but he chose the one that is easiest to hit the streets. of.

After visiting the real world, Li Shushan was of course very disappointed, because he found that the real world is far less interesting than the fantasy world.

The real world is like a prison with perfect rules. It traps the entire human race in it. Humans can only free themselves through imagination.

Perhaps the dream of human beings is the place they really yearn for.

Li Shushan finally quietly left the real world, he would rather live in the fantasy world, after all, he has been a visionary from beginning to end.

I feel sorry for the author who created this story with him as the protagonist. This story has come to an end since Li Shushan himself became a great figure in the heavens and the world.

But this street writer is destined to take the blame for Li Shushan. Who made Li Shushan come from fantasy to reality, and then from reality back to fantasy?

As soon as this circle went away, the writer could no longer write.

Of course, all of this can only be blamed on the writer himself. He didn’t write an interesting novel and failed to make more readers like the story, so this story can only be Here it ends.

Fortunately, ~IndoMTL.com~ this writer can be regarded as adjusting the mentality of the previous collapse through this work, and then he can use a better state to choose from the heavens and the world It’s time to create a more popular heroine and create interesting stories about her.

“What should I do if the heroine of my novel comes to reality” is over, and it’s over!


The writing has indeed come to an end here. Next, I will write a concluding remarks, which can be regarded as a mental journey of creating this book.

This book is indeed written by me to stabilize my mentality. I didn’t plan to write it for a long time. Of course, I did want to catch up with the outline at the end, but it really doesn’t make sense to write it in detail, because Li Shushan is already invincible. .

This is a story of a behind-the-scenes gangster who is self-reliant. I don’t want to add another existence that can fight against Li Shushan, which goes against my outline and original intention.

The new book will be released after the National Day holiday. It is a male and female main text (funny) that I am good at. This must be a very interesting and joyful story~


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