War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4696: Duan Niantian’s bargaining chip, the ‘favor’ of a strong Hedao


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Facing Duan Niantian’s inquiry, Xue Ping looked at Sheng An, because he also heard from Sheng An about the news about the emergence of a second Hedao realm powerhouse in Jianglan Divine Kingdom.

He didn’t know the specific details. Sheng An stared at Duan Niantian with lightning eyes and asked meaningfully: “Duan Niantian, why are you asking this? Could it be that you want to say that you have some relationship with that strong man in the Hedao realm? Don’t think that you both have the surname Duan. And the names are similar

, you can fool us! ”

As Sheng An finished speaking, Duan Niantian had not yet spoken, but Xue Ping on the side was startled, “Similar names?” Although he learned from Sheng An that there was a strong man newly promoted to Hedao from Jianglan Divine Kingdom, Moreover, he is still a person who has been exiled from the creation world to the world of gods and earth, but he does not understand the specific situation of the other party, and does not know the other party at all


Now, after hearing Sheng An’s words, he couldn’t help but be curious.

Similar names?

What name?

Sheng An glanced at Xue Ping and said: “The new Hedao from Jianglan Divine Kingdom is said to have made an astonishing name in Jianglan Divine Kingdom when he entered the Taoist realm. He is known as the ‘Reverse Divine Sword’ ‘, and his full name is ‘Duan Lingtian’.”

Now Duan Lingtian is famous not only in the surrounding areas of Jianglan Divine Kingdom, but also in all parts of the Divine Land. In fact, because of the long time gap now, even the Chongshan League, a small force in the mountains of the Divine Land World, began to spread about his name and the various things he had done in Jianglan Divine Kingdom


All this is just because he was promoted to a powerful Hedao man. Looking at the entire world of gods and earth, there are only a few dozen people!

“Duan Lingtian?!”

While Xue Ping’s pupils shrank and his face looked horrified, Duan Niantian on the side couldn’t help but turn red and his whole body was shaking violently!

Although he was mentally prepared, he couldn’t help but be inexplicably excited.

His father was promoted to a powerful Hedao man!

How many years has it been?

Less than a hundred years!

Less than a hundred years after arriving in the world of gods and earth, his father, who had just arrived in the world of gods and earth and was comparable to the eighth level of Taoism, was promoted to the top being in the world of gods and earth!


Sheng An was naturally aware of Duan Niantian’s ‘abnormality’, and even with his strength and spiritual awareness, he could easily feel Duan Niantian’s emotional fluctuations, and it didn’t look like he was pretending on purpose.

“The names are too similar, right? There’s only one word missing!” So similar to the powerful Hedao who also came from the creation world… You two can’t

What does it really matter? ”

At this time, Duan Niantian calmed down a little. He looked at Xue Ping and said bluntly: “Master Xue Ping, Duan Lingtian is my father!”

With just one sentence, both Xue Ping and Sheng An couldn’t help but lose their composure.

Soon, Xue Ping came back to his senses and said repeatedly: “Impossible!”

He fell on Duan Niantian with a scrutinizing gaze, and sneered: “Duan Niantian, you must have known the news about the Hedao realm expert in advance, so you deliberately made up such lies, right?”

“If you are really the son of that powerful Hedao man… let alone the one who recently broke through to the Hedao realm, even if he just wandered into the world of gods and earth decades ago, it is said that he has already reached the eighth level of the Tao. ‘!”

“With a father who has reached the eighth level, will you be ‘imprisoned’ here by Miss Guo?”

He had to question! After all, not to mention that Duan Niantian had a father who had entered the eighth level. Even if his father was only an existence above the fourth level, Miss Guo would not dare to provoke him. After all, even the people behind Miss Guo, they

Guo Qiu, the deputy leader of the Chongshan Alliance, has only entered the third level of Taoism.

The strongest member of their Chongshan Alliance, the leader of the Shenlong who has never seen the beginning or end of the alliance, has only reached the fourth level of the Tao.

Hearing Xue Ping’s words, Sheng An’s eyes on Duan Niantian were also a little more suspicious. After all, what Xue Ping said was completely reasonable. If Duan Niantian had such a father, he would be reduced to what he is now. Such a situation?

How could he be forced to this point by the daughter of a mere third-level master? Facing the two people’s doubts, Duan Niantian did not panic. After all, he did not lie. He smiled bitterly and said: “Two adults, with the temperament of Miss Guo, if I claim that I have a father who has reached the eighth level, I am afraid that Definitely

I think I’m lying! ”

“Even if she didn’t think I was lying, she would most likely choose to kill someone to silence me if she offended me like that!”

“My father is not only not around, he even lives in the world of the gods. Even if I want him to help me, water from afar cannot cure my thirst!”

“If she wants to kill me, I might take the risk…”

“But the problem is, she didn’t kill me!”

“So, in order to survive, I can only choose to endure the humiliation and bear the burden.”

Speaking of what happened later, Duan Niantian also looked helpless. Before the two of them spoke again, Duan Niantian looked at the two of them seriously and said sincerely: “Two adults, I don’t ask you to let me go now… After all, what I say is unfounded, and what you say will not matter to you. Come, but not yet

It must be true! ”

“However, I still hope that the two adults can find someone to go to Jianglan Divine Kingdom to confirm this matter.”

“I believe that if my father knew my situation, he would definitely come to save me personally!”

“And the two adults will also be able to receive a favor from my father.”

“The favor of a strong man in the Hedao realm is enough for the two adults to send someone to give it a try…” “There is actually no loss for the two adults, as long as they don’t Let me tell Guo Lili about this, as long as you are just confirming in secret, even if it turns out that I am lying, you don’t have to worry about getting punished for it

Guilty Guo Lili! ”

Guo Lili is also the ‘Miss Guo’ in the mouth of Xue Ping and her husband, the daughter of Guo Qiu, the deputy leader of the Chongshan League.

After hearing Duan Niantian’s words, Xue Ping and Sheng An looked at each other, and they both saw ‘movement’ in each other’s eyes.

After all, this is an opportunity to get a favor from a strong man in the Hedao realm!

A strong man in the Hedao realm!

In the past, in their eyes, the leader of the Chongshan Alliance, who was at the fourth level of Dao Realm, was an extremely powerful being that they looked up to…

A strong person in the Hedao realm is someone that the leader of the Chongshan Alliance may not be able to meet even if they want to!

Such an existence and a favor can definitely make them reach the sky in one step!

“I think I can try it? What do you think?”

Xue Ping Chuanyin was communicating with Sheng An. Sheng An responded, “You can give it a try… It just so happens that after a while, I need to go on a far journey, and that direction is exactly the direction to Jianglan Divine Kingdom. I will go there in person to see if I can meet the Hedao realm Strong man, find out whether what Niantian said is true or false!”


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