War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4694: Isolated island, heavy mountain alliance, Duan Niantian


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Although Yu Luohe temporarily escaped, Duan Lingtian’s sense of the creation life chart is still there. No matter where he escapes to the ends of the world, as long as he is unwilling to abandon the creation life chart, Duan Lingtian can easily find him!

So, there is no situation where Yu Luo He will throw away Duan Lingtian.

The reason why Duan Lingtian stopped and did not continue to pursue him was because as long as Chen Minghao kept acting as a ‘stirrer’ when he took action, snatching away the combined power of Infinite Sword Dao, he would not be able to capture Yu. Luohe!

It doesn’t make much sense to continue chasing.

“When he used the power of the Infinite Swordsmanship, I had a clear reaction… I guess when I used the power of the Infinite Swordsmanship, he, who was also the Infinite Swordsman, also had the same reaction!”

“Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to step in when I attack Luo He and plunder the power of Hedao, thus causing my strength to plummet!”

Standing in the sky above the sea of ​​storms and thunder, Duan Lingtian looked gloomy and stared straight in one direction. That was where Hedao Jiang Tianzheng of Jianglan Divine Kingdom told him before, where the ‘Wanshan Chen Clan’ was located.

The Wanshan Chen family is a Shuanghe Tao!

One of the Hedao, and even the existence of the Three Ways, stands on the top of the pyramid in the world of gods and earth, overlooking the common people.

“It’s really… unpleasant, but helpless!”

Duan Lingtian grinded his teeth slightly and sighed secretly in his heart, with a hint of unwillingness shining deep in his eyes.

The creation chart is right in front of him, but because of Chen Minghao’s ‘blockage’, he can only let it go…

Now, there are two roads before him.

The first way is for him to continue to improve his strength, such as integrating the third path with infinite swordsmanship. The three paths merge into one, and he becomes a strong man standing at the pinnacle of the world of gods and earth, comparable to the Wanshan Chen family who combined the three paths. The kind of Hedao realm.

At that time, the power of Hedao he masters will no longer be the power of infinite swordsmanship.

No one can rob him of his power.

His strength is not weaker than that of the old monster from the Wanshan Chen Family’s Three Paths.

When the time comes, the creation chart will be at your fingertips.

However, this road requires a lot of waiting for him. After all, the combination of three roads into one is far more difficult than the combination of two roads into one. At least for now, he has no clue. The previous union of the two realms was also due to a trip to the Temple of the Sea of ​​Bitterness, where I had an ‘epiphany’, and that state was something that can only be encountered but cannot be sought. It was also based on that epiphany at that time that the Sea of ​​Bitterness was added to it. Temple Eternal Night Monk

‘s guidance and the observation of the Hedao Monument, he took that step and was promoted to Hedao in a short period of time.

As for the second way, it is simple and crude!

Looking for a helper, he is responsible for locking Yu Luo He’s position, and the other party joins forces with him to deal with Yu Luo He and seize the creation life chart.

However, there is a problem.

Who doesn’t want a birth chart?

Will the helper he is looking for not be tempted? Even if he is familiar with the Hedao of Jianglan Divine Kingdom, the Hedao of Kuhai Temple, or even the Hedao of Qionghai Divine Island, he dare not trust them. Even if they say that they are wrong about the creation chart, he will only Thought they were talking

Nonsense, the purpose is to let him lead the way to find the creation chart!

Just like what the CEO of a large company said in an interview when he was still on Earth in his previous life:

I never touch money, I have no interest in money.

“After all, you still have to rely on yourself!”

Now, unless one of his relatives and friends appears in the Hedao realm, he cannot trust anyone. If he wants to seize the creation life chart, he can still only rely on himself.



The world of Divine Land is so big that although it cannot be said to be boundless, it would be difficult for ordinary people to travel all over it.

In a remote corner of the divine land world, behind the crisis-ridden sea area, there is an isolated island rich in mineral deposits, which is controlled by a nearby force with a ‘fourth level of entry level’.

Here, a group of mining slaves are imprisoned. After they were captured, they have been mining here and being squeezed for endless labor. “Niantian, you said you are miserable enough… You finally got freed from the creation life chart world and escaped being annihilated by the way of life sacrifice. In the blink of an eye, you were sent here to be supervised by the ‘Chongshan League’ Miners are still restricted

Free. ”

In the isolated island, a young man with a strong body and a feminine face shook his head and said to another young man who was tall and impressive. Hearing his companion’s words, Duan Niantian smiled bitterly, “I can’t help it. The reputation of the daughter of Vice-leader Guo of the Chongshan Alliance is really… I really can’t chew it up! If my father knew that I found him such a daughter-in-law, then

Why don’t you peel off my skin? ”

Since he fled from the Ten Thousand Realms to the Divine Land World, he immediately appeared within the sphere of influence of the Chongshan Alliance.

The Chongshan Alliance is a Taoist force with the fourth level of Taoist realm in charge. It can be considered a small overlord in this corner of the divine earth world.

When he first arrived here, he naturally wanted to understand the environment he was currently in. However, in the process of getting to know him, he was attracted by the daughter of Guo Qiu, the deputy leader of the Chongshan League. Guo Qiu’s daughter was not bad, but he had already heard about it before he was attracted by the other party. The other party’s various affairs

What about ‘nine dragons and one phoenix’, ‘two dragons playing with phoenix’…

Oddly enough, the other party fell in love with him, not because she wanted him to be her male favorite, but because she wanted to get married to him!

You said you fell in love with him at first sight?

Said he was willing to win over him, and even for Mingzhi, the other party personally killed all his male favorites!

The scene at that time still makes Duan Niantian’s scalp numb when he thinks about it.

That woman is so terrible!

Not to mention her cruelty, just talk about her past, which he cannot accept and dare not accept. Otherwise, if he brings such a daughter-in-law back in the future, he will not be beaten by his father and mother?

Originally, he was already determined to die, thinking that the other party would most likely kill him when he was angry!

But even so, he still has to die to make his ambition clear!

Unexpectedly, the other party did not kill him, but sent him to this isolated island, saying that he would stay on this isolated island forever and never be able to leave!

“Someone is coming!”

Suddenly, Duan Niantian’s expression became serious, and he reached out and pulled the young man beside him to hide. After all, they sneaked into this area now. According to the rules of the isolated island, they, the supervisors, cannot be lazy.

If discovered, a punishment will be inevitable.

“It’s Mr. Xue Ping and Mr. Sheng’an.”

The young man next to Duan Niantian looked at an old man and a middle-aged man passing by in the air not far away through the obstruction in front, and said in a low voice.

At this time, the sound of the two people chatting without deliberately concealing it was also conveyed in a timely manner:

“I heard that another powerful Hedao man has appeared in Jianglan Divine Kingdom!”

“Is it true? A second Hedao has appeared in Jianglan Divine Kingdom?”

“Is it true… I heard that a life that wandered from the creation life chart world to our divine earth world was promoted to Hedao just a few decades after arriving in the divine earth world. It’s really scary!” …


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