War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4538: Domineering ‘The Way of Heaven’


After Duan Lingtian went out.

Finding that the master of the Golden Dragon Palace, Xiao Tianci, was also there, he quickly said hello to him. Under the leadership of Ke Yi, he arrived at Bibo Tianfu to the teleportation formation of Wanjie.

Teleported to the Anti-God Realm.

He wants to go back to the God Realm to break through!

“According to the memory of the empty old man, this breakthrough is best done by returning to the realm where he was born!”

“The power of the realm, to a certain extent, can help oneself save the calamity.”

“Although it’s a drop in the bucket, it’s better than nothing!”

Return to the Anti-God Realm again.

The current Duan Lingtian, even the most powerful person who guards the teleportation formation in the God Realm, is quite polite to him when he sees him.

Last time, when Duan Lingtian returned with a half-sage, he shocked the entire Anti-God Realm, causing all the elites in the Anti-God Realm who originally wanted to fight Shen Yunquan’s idea in Duan Lingtian’s hands.

“Anti-God Realm…”

Returning to the Anti-God Realm again, Duan Lingtian thought of the former semi-sacred powerhouse ‘Duan Youwei’ without any surprise.

“Sister Wei…”

“As long as I succeed in this calamity, when I step into the Xeon, it will be the time for me to avenge you!”

In Duan Lingtian’s eyes, an icy killing intent suddenly burst out, and the cold light flickered, as if it could penetrate the heavens and the world, overcome the obstacles of space, and lock the person who killed Duan Youwei in the past!

With the memory of the empty old man.

Nowadays, he can attract the heaven and earth, the seventh order of the four worlds, and the Great Perfection Law in one heaven and earth calamity!

As long as the calamity is successfully broken, he will become the first existence in the world to take this step!

After taking this step, as long as he steps into the realm of Xeon, he is directly the existence of the seventh order of Xeon, enough to push the world horizontally and be invincible in the world!

Of course, this is not the end for him.

The memory of the empty old man, as long as he further becomes his own, steps into the ninth rank of Xeon, and even reaches the point where he is shoulder to shoulder with the Tao of Heaven, it is just around the corner!

“According to the memory of the empty old man…”

“The famous fierce places in the Anti-God Realm, and the three most dangerous fierce places, are not exclusive to the Anti-God Realm, but are connected to the heavens and the world!”

“Asura hell, is one of them.”

Duan Lingtian is no stranger to Shura Hell.

In the past, his master was light-hearted, that is, after escaping into the Asura Hell, he returned with a shocking encounter and regained his position as the Emperor of Heaven.

There, his master has learned a lot.

Even, he went to that place with his master later, and successfully walked out of the time law road, and now his time law attainments are not low.

It’s just not as good as the laws of space.

Duan Lingtian returned to the God-defying Realm.

As the realm master of the Anti-God Realm, ‘Xiao Mubai’ received the news immediately.

However, after learning that Duan Lingtian returned alone, he didn’t pay much attention.

In his opinion:

Duan Lingtian was originally a person from the God-Defying Realm. It was normal for him to travel to and from the God-Defying Realm.

So, even if Duan Lingtian entered the Asura Hell, he didn’t know.

“Shura Hell…”

Thinking that when he entered the Asura Hell, there were many crises, but now, all the way is unimpeded, Duan Lingtian has to feel that time flies so fast.

In the blink of an eye, he already has the strength he is today.

“According to the memory of the Wukong old man, even if it is a strong saint, that is, the existence of Jie Zun, the existence of the sixth-order Xeon, the power of the soul, compared with the fifth-order Xeon, it is not much stronger. .”

“That means…”

“Even the strongest sage in the world can’t get rid of Ke’er’s imprisoned soul!”

“With the existence of the seventh tier of Xeon, the soul can be further sublimated…”

“At this level, it’s enough to easily let Ke’er escape the suffering of soul silence!”

Because of this.

Therefore, Duan Lingtian is eager to take this crucial step.

Otherwise, with his character, he wouldn’t have provoked and challenged the two invincible superior gods of Bibo Tianfu one after another on the day he entered the Bibo Tianfu!

Before Duan Lingtian left,

With his own strength, he defeated the two invincible high-ranking gods in Bibo Tianfu, and quickly spread the word.

The news spread, and the four sides shook.

All powers know that the Golden Dragon Hall of Bibo Tianfu has reached the seventh-order threshold of kendo, and even the laws of space are about to be consummated!

Even in the Upper Three Realms, which have the most lofty status among the Myriad Realms, many powerhouses have also received news.

However, after receiving the news, they shook their heads in unison:

“I’m afraid it won’t be long before another Tianjiao perishes!”

“The Seventh Rank of the Four Paths of Heaven and Earth, the Space Law of the Great Perfection Realm, cannot coexist! If they step in together, they will provoke Heaven and will be obliterated by Heaven!”

“The will of heaven is the will of heaven! The will of heaven cannot be violated!”

In the Upper Three Realms, for countless years, although such existences are also rare, it is not that they have never appeared.

However, those existences, without exception, all died under the catastrophe.

It seems that the way of heaven is not easy for such a heaven-defying existence to appear in this world!

Especially a group of realm powerhouses from the Upper Three Realms.

They know this even more.

Among them, there are also some people. In fact, the four worlds have also faintly touched the threshold of the seventh order, but they dare not step in.

Because they all know that if they step in, they will die!

Unless the 10,000-year catastrophe that appears becomes more and more unstoppable as the years go by, and you want to take advantage of it, you will generally not provoke the way of heaven.


The powerhouses in the history of the Upper Three Realms, without exception, all died and vanished!

“The superior gods, taking this step, the catastrophe faced is far less terrifying than the catastrophe faced by the strongest who took this step, but for the superior gods, it is also a devastating blow! “

“In the past, in our realm, it’s not that there was no existence of the upper gods who took this step, but they still died and disappeared!”

Although, the history before the historical disconnection and the present history are completely disconnected.

Almost everyone doesn’t know the ‘truth’ of the year.

However, there are still some people who have discovered this problem, and the record has been passed down.

That’s why.

No one thinks that Duan Lingtian can take the most critical step!

I think he will die if he dares to take that step!

“If I were him, I wouldn’t try to take that step…Once the four realms of heaven and earth step into the seventh order, the law will be perfect, and it will be forever!”

“Yeah, he might as well separate the relationship between kendo and space law, and only step into the great perfection of space law, and kendo will not go any further! In this way, after stepping into the realm of the strongest, he will also be One of the strongest sages in the world, and even beyond the world!”

In Duan Lingtian now, space law and space swordsmanship are integrated, and it is obviously no longer a secret that they promote each other.

After all, the high-level officials of Bibo Tianfu are not blind.

Naturally see this!

In the Asura Hell.

Duan Lingtian found a place near the edge of the Anti-God Realm and began to let go of his intentional suppression of kendo and space laws.

Let the kendo and the laws of space go further together!

“The Law of Space, Great Perfection!”

“Kendo, the seventh order!”

There is no need to focus on one point at all, now that the restrictions are lifted, both step in together!

And at this very moment.

Duan Lingtian only felt that his soul seemed to have been sublimated in an indescribable and extremely exaggerated manner, making his perception seem to have increased several times, or even ten times, at this moment!

In an instant.

Duan Lingtian’s divine power rose up on his own and turned into a huge sword light. Thousands of tiny sword lights shot out from the surroundings, sweeping across the four directions, causing everything in the four directions to be destroyed!

In the blink of an eye, a large vacuum appeared around Duan Lingtian’s body.

That’s right.

It’s a vacuum!

This is not Duan Lingtian’s intentional shot.

“This power…”

Duan Lingtian began to try to control this force that seemed to be able to destroy the world.

And in this very moment.



On the horizon, there was a sudden roar that seemed to be able to pierce the sky, but it was the calamity that wanted to kill Duan Lingtian and other “abnormal numbers”.

“My power, I want to control, you are reluctant?”

“Heavenly Dao, is it so domineering?”

Duan Lingtian’s eyes flashed with chills, and with a cold smile, he continued to control the power of qualitative change in his body, ignoring the threat of Heavenly Dao at all.

And with Duan Lingtian doing so.

The movement on the horizon is even bigger!

It seems to carry the power of the world-destroying power, swept in from outside the God-defying Realm!


And Duan Lingtian, who had been prepared for a long time, suddenly stared at his eyes, and all the strength that was ready to go was swept out.

The whole person stands in the void.

In his hands, the raging power condensed, and finally turned into a sword, a sword that exudes a breathtaking aura!


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