War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4537: There has never been a high-ranking **** whose strength is comparable to the strongest in history


Han Chen, Xue Lang, the two invincible superior gods of Bibo Tianfu.

In Bibo Tianfu, they are the strongest beings below the strongest.

And today.

Xue Lang was defeated by a non-superpower who had just joined Bibo Tianfu!

And easy to beat!

The other party, invite Han Chen and Xue Lang to fight with him!

Now, Han Chen has also entered.

Mirror screen.

Han Chen and Xue Lang stood side by side.

The one standing opposite is Duan Lingtian.

“Why do I think… Duan Lingtian might still win?”

“It shouldn’t be. Although Senior Brother Xue Lang seems to be easily defeated by him, since he is not the strongest, there should be a limit to how strong he is!”

“I also think that if Senior Brother Han Chen and Senior Brother Xue Lang join forces, he may not be an opponent!”


The onlookers outside were mainly a group of Bibo Tianfu disciples at first.

And gradually, the high-level officials of Bibo Tianfu also arrived quietly.

Among them, including Bibo Tianfu Palace Master.

“Your Majesty!”

The appearance of the Palace Master Bibo Tianfu immediately shocked many high-level officials.

However, at the same time as they said hello, Palace Master Bibo Tianfu made a gesture to tell them not to disturb the others, “Watch this battle carefully.”

“Han Chen and Xue Lang may be defeated!”

When they heard the words of their palace lord, all the senior officials of Bibo Tianfu gasped.

“I watched the battle just now.”

Bibo Tianfu Palace Master Dan Dan said: “Xue Lang’s strength is not far from him, but it is not close, otherwise he would not be able to defeat Xue Lang so easily.”


“He insisted on asking Han Chen and Xue Lang to fight each other and fight him. He should also want to use their hands to hone himself!”

“Although his fight with Xue Lang was short-lived…”

“However, it is not difficult to see that his space laws have improved again!”

“It is not far from the realm of Great Perfection!”

As the Palace Master of Bibo Tianfu, although he is not a saint of the sixth rank of the strongest, he is also a semi-sage of the fifth rank.


A stern voice came, and then a figure appeared.

It’s none other than the master of the Golden Dragon Palace, Xiao Tianci!

“Hall Master Xiao!”

“Hall Master Xiao!”


As soon as Xiao Tianci appeared, a group of people took the initiative to salute him, showing awe.

Although this Hall Master Xiao is younger than their Bibo Tianfu high-level officials, his strength is stronger than them, not even weaker than their Bibo Tianfu Palace Master!

“Junior Brother Tianci, you came back early?”

Palace Master Bibo Tianfu was surprised, then frowned slightly: “How is the investigation going? Why did those disciples die?”

“It was a force collision in the Land of Return to the Ruins, and it was suspected that the power of the master of the Returned Ruins was the power of the master.”

Xiao Tianci sighed and said, “As for the reason, no one knows.”

“This time, we can be considered as stealing chicken without losing rice!”

“The strong man who left the land of the ruins is simply looking for someone to bury him!”

Bibo Tianfu Palace Master spoke with a bit of anger in his eyes.

“This kind of thing, I can only consider myself unlucky.”

Xiao Tianci sighed.

How about otherwise?

Not to mention the powerhouses who left the Land of Return to the Ruins, they were all superpowers before the historical partition. They wanted to find each other, but there was no way they could, because the other side had already perished.

Even if you take 10,000 steps back and say that the other party is not dead, if you find him, can you still settle accounts with him?

Are you his opponent?

“Okay, let’s stop talking about this… Let’s take a look at the performance of your guardian disciple of the Golden Dragon Hall.”

The gaze of the Palace Master Bibo Tianfu returned to the mirror image in front of him, “This time, you, the Golden Dragon Palace, have found a treasure!”

Xiao Tianci heard the words, although his mouth was modest, but the proudness raised at the corners of his mouth could not be concealed.

The senior officials of Bibo Tianfu have already begun to congratulate Xiao Tianci.



Duan Lingtian faced Han Chen and Xue Lang with a calm expression and Gu Jing had no waves.

My heart moved, and I secretly said:

“It shouldn’t be a problem to beat them.”

“But my purpose is not to defeat them!”

“I, have to rely on them to spar with me!”

“Let them be my whetstones, so that I can further digest the memories left by the Wukong old man, and make my strength further!”

Because of that.

So, after Han Chen and Xue Lang took the lead, he just dealt with them as much as possible, and did not directly explode all his strength to seize the upper hand.

In the eyes of outsiders, Duan Lingtian has fallen into the disadvantage of this instant confrontation.

“Is Duan Lingtian about to lose?”

“As expected of the two invincible superior gods in our Bibo Tianfu, they are invincible when they join forces!”

“Senior Brother Han Chen and Brother Xue Lang are too strong!”


A group of Bibo Tianfu disciples were extremely excited. Compared to Duan Lingtian’s victory, they naturally hoped that Han Chen and Xue Lang would win.

“He didn’t use all his strength.”

As for the powerhouses of Bibo Tianfu, all the existences above the fourth rank of Xeon, it is not difficult to see that Duan Lingtian is not doing his best.

Even, he didn’t even have the strength to easily defeat Xue Lang before.

“Duan Lingtian, use all your strength!”

Xue Lang snorted coldly. At this time, he felt humiliated. He joined forces with Han Chen, but he didn’t win this Lingtian for a long time.

Different from Xue Lang who had felt Duan Lingtian’s true strength, it was certain that Duan Lingtian had left his hand now.

Han Chen’s expression changed slightly when he heard Xue Lang’s words.

He didn’t doubt Xue Lang’s words.

“He still keeps his hand?!”

For a while, Han Chen became more serious.

And Duan Lingtian didn’t know if he heard Xue Lang’s words, and his true strength gradually showed.

During this process, whether it was Xue Lang or Han Chen, they did everything they could, and in the end, even the power of the bloodline was motivated by them and showed it!

The two violent forces continued to impact Duan Lingtian.

And Duan Lingtian, in the duel with the two, is constantly digesting the memories of the Wukong old man…

“So it is!”

“It’s easy!”

“Why didn’t I find it before?”

“Here… so it is.”

“This place is not as complicated as I thought!”


Duan Lingtian, in the confrontation with the two, felt the pressure that the two brought him, and absorbed and digested the memories and insights that the old man Wukong left him under the pressure.

In battle, his perception is improving every moment.

When his perception reached a critical point, he was about to rush past…

He, forced himself to stop.

Can’t break through here!

Once a breakthrough is made, not only the space law will step into the realm of great perfection, but also the swordsmanship will completely step into the seventh order!

By then,

Even between the historical divisions, the terrifying catastrophe that few high-ranking gods can survive is coming!

“Thank you both!”

Duan Lingtian let out a light drink, and the sword lights in the void all around his body suddenly gathered together, turned into a strong light, and then shone out.

Brightly radiant, exuding extremely terrifying power.

In one fell swoop, Han Chen and Xue Lang, two invincible high-ranking gods, were knocked out!

“His current strength is no weaker than the existence of the first-order Xeon!”

“How is this possible?! He is indeed only a high-ranking god!”

“Without entering the powerhouse, has the strength comparable to the powerhouse? How did he do it? In the land beyond the realm, and even in the history of all realms, I have never heard of such an ‘alien’!”


A layman watches the fun, an expert watches the doorway.

Now, even the Palace Master of Bibo Tianfu and the Palace Master of the Golden Dragon Palace are all horrified.

Obviously they were all frightened by Duan Lingtian’s last burst of power!


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