Treading Blood to Sky’s End Chapter 420: Question


Many people can’t figure out how a good ladder match can be over after all?

Including Zhu Yangyang, he thought this was a very interesting thing, but in the end he worried about it in vain.

“Jiuzhou Group is so brainless. You have won all the games and still can’t get into the ladder. Is there really a problem with the ladder?”

Zhang Tianliu laid out the tea sets he bought in Jiuzhou City and said while making tea: “Well, you can’t play with the capital without any problem. Judging from the situation, the top three ladders of the first ladder must be determined by default, and the first ladder must be In the Sansha League, Xielangling is just an introduction. The second level has a demon clan and a martial sect to compensate the demon clan and give face to the martial sect. The third tier is still three forces, plus a White Flame Empire.”

Zhu Yangyang analyzed for a moment and agreed: “According to what you said, it is really possible! All the prizes that were taken out belong to the original owner, why bother?”

“The bigger the prize, the better the gimmick, otherwise how can we attract people.”

“But because of the points incident, they made the ladder match completely untenable. They were so brainless.”

Zhang Tianliu smiled bitterly and said: “Actually, it’s not a matter of points. Boss Wang hopes that some people can squeeze into the ladder list by relying on their brainpower. It’s also because there are no masters in Jiuzhou City. Outsiders like me and Wan Yuanbai can step in. , those stinky sweet potatoes and rotten bird eggs in Jiuzhou City have no future. The purpose of giving more confidence to casual cultivators is good. The problem is that the system is deceiving. Boss Wang would never have thought that the people below him would play with him. One-size-fits-all, they won’t flexibly change the competition system, or allow more of their people to enter the ladder, and deliberately ignore people like us.”

“On purpose! Brother Liu is saying that all the contestants in Yangzhou District are members of the venue president?” Zhu Yangyang was surprised.

Zhang Tianliu shook his head and said: “Not at all, at least 30%, otherwise you won’t be able to play. Young people are brave and fierce. People like Wan Yuanbai will not give up just because they lost to me twice. He is The more frustrated he gets, the more courage he gets, but he is also being accused of points. In order to enter the ladder ranking, he does not dare to fight me again. After all, he and I are the winners and losers. He and the ladder ranking are the disciples of the sect in Jiuzhou City. He couldn’t even make it to the ladder list. He wanted to die when news like this got out. Many players with high winning rates were the same. In fact, they could have had fierce collisions with each other, but they didn’t dare because they were accused of scoring points. The people who belong to them are the president’s people. Through half-false and half-true information, ordinary monks dare not fight with these people, but can only give these people to his people to enter the ladder list, and each person has ten thousand beads a year. , within a few years, they will become the strongest force in Yangzhou District.”

“Isn’t that still from the Jiuzhou Group?” Zhu Yangyang didn’t understand. First release

Although he is smart, he rarely interacts with others.

Zhang Tianliu said with a smile: “You are wrong to say that. We are still subordinates of Yin Shen, but do we lack freedom? Don’t we have the right to choose? We do, and we can still climb up on our own, and so do they. , if you want to do well and climb to the top of Jiuzhou Group, you must have a team, and the team needs to be supported by money, so the problem in the ladder competition is not the points, not the competition system, but the system, playing privatization within the system, anything. He doesn’t have to spend any resources, the group will reimburse him and help him raise him, and we let him play with it!”

Zhu Yangyang said angrily: “This is unreasonable. People from the Jiuzhou Group dare to eat everything inside and outside.”

“Forget it, we are from a small sect and we can’t afford to offend you. I, the contestant, didn’t say anything, so why should Brother Zhu be angry?”

“What you said is wrong!” Zhu Yangyang said dissatisfied: “Our Xuanyin Sect is not big, but that doesn’t mean we can let it be controlled by the Jiuzhou Group, let alone the first president of the district. No, I want to ask the Jiuzhou Group Ask for an explanation.”

“It’s useless.” Zhang Tianliu shook his head and said: “Jiuzhou Group is playing with capital. Even if it is not reasonable, it is not worth it to use money to settle the matter, and then send people to secretly promote our Xuanyin Sect to blackmail him Jiuzhou Group.”

It’s okay not to say it, but Zhu Yangyang became even more upset when he said this.

Is there any heavenly principle?

The bar is on!

Zhu Yangyang is going to fight with Jiuzhou Group!

The leader is busy with cultivation, and the affairs of Xuanyin Sect are completely handed over to Zhu Yangyang, so his weight is very important. Xuanyin Sect is not a small sect as Zhang Tianliu mentioned. There are not many monks in the sect, but the average strength is the highest in the entire sect. If Jinjing Continent wants to be ranked second, then no one dares to be ranked first!

They want a backer, a backer, and strength. They just lack a few disciples, but condensation is the essence!

The news that Zhu Yangyang wants to question the lax management of Jiuzhou Group has just come out, and the nearby forces are stunned!

What the hell?

What is this Xuanyin Sect doing? question? If you want to question the ladder competition, it’s okay. Everyone is questioning it, but if you want to question its lack of strict management, it’s a bit unreasonable.

The management of the Kyushu Group is notoriously strict, and many forces are following suit, especially the regent of the Baiyan Empire, who moved the governance of the Kyushu Group to the imperial court. If there are still problems with such management, then What management is okay?

Zhu Yangyang is not a person who is afraid of making things worse, because he has no such gratitude at all!

In the past, he stayed in the underworld, taking care of the little ghosts, and never encountered any big scenes. When he came here, although he took charge of the Xuanyin Sect, there was nothing to take care of in the Xuanyin Sect, so he was very leisurely.

So in his mind, the concept of things getting serious was a headache for the other party, and he was just stating the facts!

But when he summoned the right speakers from all forces to Jiuzhou City and stated this fact, it caused a thousand waves, and all the right speakers from all forces were shocked! First published https://https://


Lack of management is actually related to the ladder competition, and it is precisely because of the secret operation of the Yangzhou District president that things have reached this point!

“You are stupid…” Wang Qi was furious!

Just when he was about to say Zhu Yangyang was talking nonsense, he was suddenly stunned, and at the same time, his younger brother also grabbed him.

“Turn around!” the younger brother whispered.

Wang Qi also woke up! He stared at Zhu Yangyang and frowned: “Do you have any evidence?”

“This is your business. I’m here to ask for an explanation. Master Liu Feng of our sect will never be able to enter the ladder list without a single defeat. Who do you think can enter? Let him compete with Master Liu Feng of this sect. He If you want to win, I’ll apologize to you, but only in the Yangzhou District. Don’t mess with any old guy from the fifth or sixth realm.”

Wang Qi frowned.

Does Zhu Yangyang really not understand? Or are you just pretending to be stupid? If you’re just pretending, your acting skills are a bit high!

Undoubtedly, this is an opportunity, an opportunity to make a comeback in the ladder competition!

If Yangzhou District is really as Zhu Yangyang said, then all problems can be pushed to the president.

I will take care of your wife and children.

In order to develop, Wang Qi had to be a villain.

Whether the Yangzhou District Chairman is spoiled or not, he is finished!

“Check it out, get it to the bottom of it, it’s true, I’ll give you an explanation from Xuanyin Sect!”

Just as Zhang Tianliu said, the situation suddenly changed from infinite expansion to rapid contraction. As soon as the news came out, the whole city was boiling with complaints, but this time it was relatively unified and unanimously targeted the Yangzhou District Chairman.

This person who has never been on the road is still worried about his failure in the ladder match. He failed to get his people into the ladder list, so his income will be small! Where should I get it?



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