Treading Blood to Sky’s End Chapter 419: The strangled ladder match


Spread rumors with your mouth, but you will lose your legs if you avoid the rumors.

Besides, Zhang Tianliu hasn’t spread any rumors yet, at most he just ruined the magic circle and failed to recognize it.

In fact, there are many people in similar situations to him.

There is no place for geniuses. Every region has outstanding talents. Not to mention other places, Wan Yuanbai and Zhang Tianliu who are both in Yangzhou District are almost the same!

He was able to accumulate points quickly at first because he lost to Zhang Tianliu twice, so people thought he had a false reputation. But after winning for a few more days, his situation was exactly the same as Zhang Tianliu, and no one dared provoke!

This is also why he didn’t fight Zhang Tianliu again. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it was because he didn’t have enough points. On the last day, he only had 49 points. He needed to win eight points in one day, otherwise he wouldn’t even be able to make it to the ladder. Go in.

But in the end, he failed to achieve his wish. He only got fifty-three points at the end of the preliminary round. Three of them were because he felt that he had no hope. He couldn’t make it to the ladder list anyway, so he might as well be a good person and give him one point to form a good relationship. .

There are also people who sell points privately, some with 300 beads, some with 500 beads, and on the last day, I heard that some even got 1,000 beads.

This kind of capital culture was all brought about by the Jiuzhou Group, and they are reaping the consequences.

Wan Yuanbai is really unlucky!

It’s just a matter of meeting Zhang Tianliu. There’s no way he’s as good as someone else.

But why did it get involved with him afterwards?

And not only him, but also Wu Zong was implicated.

Wuzong and the Jiuzhou Group are acting out, maybe even the Baiyan Empire has a hand in it. What is the purpose? To make money, who is it? Of course it’s Sansha League!

The Sansha League is in a state of disunity, so easy to bully!

These three major forces are obviously fighting, but in reality they are digging holes!

So much so that the ladder rankings seem to be all supported by them!

What’s the purpose, Evil Wolf Ridge!

The main reason why the Evil Wolf Tribe left Evil Wolf Ridge was the relationship between the Sansha Alliance.

In the past, the Evil Wolf Clan was protected by strong men and no one dared to go. However, since these strong men went to Yongye and heard nothing from them, the Sansha Alliance has been putting pressure on the Evil Wolf Clan. They are separated by There is a Jinsha River, and no one can control it for poaching from time to time. Moreover, they do not fight the evil wolves, but hunt the prey of the evil wolves!

This is not a breach of contract!

It’s like if someone opens a chicken farm and you come here every day to steal the chickens, are you going to let people live?

But the Sansha League is also depressed. It has finally forced the Evil Wolf Clan away. The territory is in sight. Wuzong, Baiyan Empire, and Jiuzhou Group all jumped out and said they would start a ladder competition and use Evil Wolf Ridge as a reward. With a little more behind-the-scenes manipulation, everything will be fine if the final ownership of Evil Wolf Ridge falls into the hands of the Sansha League.

The benefits they can get are ticket sales and peripherals.

They don’t understand this thing, but judging from the information and data provided by Jiuzhou Group, it is really profitable.

So everyone joined forces.

But it doesn’t look that simple now!

This is such a trap!

“I’m just saying, there’s no such thing as a good thing in the world. You still don’t believe it. Now it’s better. You’ve been tricked into it. Let’s put an end to this matter. No matter what, we can’t let Evil Wolf Ridge out.”

“But Jiuzhou Group said it was an accident, and we also sent people to check and there was no problem. The monk of Yi Xuan was short of points because of his winning streak, and others did not dare to mess with him. Who wouldn’t complain a few words, but complaining about it is not Facts cannot be generalized. ”

“I said, Hall Master Qian, if you insist on thinking like this, you are letting others play with you, do you understand? If our people lose in the final battle, Evil Wolf Ridge will be gone! It will be gone, do you understand!” After hundreds of years of hard work, you may not be able to make it to the finals. If you ruin it in one move, it will be a clean loss!”

“Yes, Hall Master Qian, think about it carefully. Is this really as simple as it seems? If they cheat, can we still fight them to the death? It can only be a bitter experience…” ”

“Yes, that’s right, in the play, their move is called the White Wolf with Empty Gloves.”

“Hall Master Qian, you won’t secretly receive any benefits from Wang Qi, right?”

As soon as these words came out, the scene instantly became extremely cold!

Everyone who had been bewitched by Wang Qi before had their eyes filled with money, lots and lots of it, and the spirit beads were like sea water rushing toward them, drowning them!


Wake up now!

Suddenly I realized that Bubu was a trap!

Things turned out beyond everyone’s expectations.

The first ladder competition was supposed to start in a few days, but due to trivial matters, it had to be stopped.

Sansha League is worthy of being Sansha.

It soon became chaotic.

When they were in chaos, everything related to the ladder match was in chaos.

The horror of this incident completely exceeded Wang Qi and his younger brother’s expectations.

“I knew it! It’s not over!”

Wang Qi walked around angrily, hitting his head from time to time.

Now the Sansha League has proposed to him to cancel the ladder competition. Even if it is held again, it has nothing to do with their Sansha League. The Evil Wolf Ridge cannot be regarded as a prize!

Because of Wan Yuanbai, Wu Zong’s reputation was greatly damaged. He asked what the **** the Jiuzhou Group was doing? If we don’t let their Wuzong regain their reputation quickly, you’ll have to wait and see!

The White Flame Empire is quite gentle, but they only talk less, and they also have no good looks, because they have been preparing for so long and invested so much, but now they have been shelved!

As for the demon clan, they are fighting desperately for Evil Wolf Ridge. They are not as weak as the human clan. They will fight to death as soon as they attack. Each clan has lost a lot of elites for this. I heard that you are not planning to fight now?

“It’s over! It’s over, it’s over…”

Wang Qi is at his wits end!

My little brother has no choice.

This matter is actually very simple to solve.

As long as the president of the Yangzhou District came forward to clarify the matter with Zhang Tianliu in front of everyone, he would apologize where necessary and change the rules where necessary, and that would not be the case.

An experienced person would do the same thing. Before the matter is clarified, Zhang Tianliu will never be allowed to leave, and he will not dare to offend him. He will only forcefully arrange a few games to test his strength. Since he can dominate the competition area, Naturally, you can enter the ladder, so everyone will be convinced.

The problem was that no one was in charge, so a few law enforcers jumped out and planned to make Zhang Tianliu pay.

This matter is still making a fuss among the ordinary monks today. Many people are glad that the magic circle was not damaged, otherwise they would not be able to afford the compensation!

Although only the Xuanyin disciples encountered it, there were two of them, making them believe that the cultivation of the third realm could destroy the fifth-level magic circle with a wave of their hands. Are you kidding?

Even if it is not an affair, it is definitely because the Jiuzhou Group does not like the mystery and is deliberately making things difficult. This is also a secret operation and unfair.

Wang Qi was so wronged.

But he was not the only one who was wronged. Almost everyone felt guilty.

This is only the first time the ladder competition has been held, and the dark atmosphere is not yet so strong.

I dare not say that all the winning players relied on their strength. At least the top 100 players in each district did so based on their strength.

As for those who lost, almost everyone felt that they lost unjustly.

Because their cultivation levels are almost the same, looking for Shuyuan, maybe due to lack of experience or carelessness, I feel that there is just a little difference, just a little bit, you can win if you catch it!

I just missed it, how can I not be wronged?

The major forces have put in so much effort to prepare for the ladder match, but now they have not been able to make any money, and their reputation has been lost. It is so unfair that it makes people want to die!

Even if the culprit is Zhang Tianliu, he is unjust!

Thirty-seven games in a row without a loss. He is the one who is most unjust for not being able to enter the ladder list!

But the young master doesn’t care.

If he can’t enter the ladder list, then no one can enter!

So the ladder match was strangled in the cradle!

Looking at the finally upgraded system, Zhang Tianliu smiled!

“It’s good if you can upgrade, keep it, hehe!”

Zhang Tianliu smiled happily, waved his hand to clear the interface, picked up a book and looked at it with interest. He bought it in Jiuzhou City.

He didn’t take it seriously, but how could this turmoil have become like this without adding fuel to the flames?

I really don’t blame Zhang Tianliu. He didn’t fire him. If he did, things would get even more heated! But at the same time he will be exposed.

But it is true that it is not developing along the trend. There are indeed people who are adding fuel to the flames. Zhang Tianliu can think of it with his buttocks. Except for the Baiyan royal family, there is no one else.

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