Treading Blood to Sky’s End Chapter 417: No one can fight


In the huge venue, thirty-two arenas covered the venue. Each arena was an area, and there were many players waiting nearby.

“What’s the date of Wan Yuan Bai?”

“No. 16!”

“Huh! Fortunately, I was smart and staggered the time, otherwise I would definitely lose a point.”

“Wan Yuan Bai is about to fight!”

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!”

Wan Yuanbai is actually not very famous. No one cared about it before. However, because he was recognized by others and regarded as a strong person, it became more and more popular. In just three days of registration, it seemed to have become a hot topic. Candidate.

Although many people do not believe it, the monks of the Three Realms have regarded him as an invincible existence. If they want to sneak into the fifteenth level, they must avoid all powerful opponents. This is a helpless choice for the weak to survive. .

So you need to observe all opponents now to avoid encountering strong ones later.

Whether Wan Yuanbai is true as the rumors say, it depends on the battle!

“Why is my opponent at the beginning of the Third Realm? What can I see?”

“Hey, I can see a trick at least.”

Everyone is dissatisfied because Wan Yuanbai’s opponent is too weak. Of course, they hope that Wan Yuanbai will meet an equally matched opponent, so that they can study two masters at once.

Feeling the attention-grabbing treatment, Wan Yuanbai felt a little elated, so he proudly said to Zhang Tianliu: “I hope you can persist longer and let everyone feel my weakness, otherwise no one will challenge me, and I will challenge others. The points will be reduced by half! I plan to use the highest points to enter the ladder.”

Zhang Tianliu also sighed with emotion: “Jinjing is indeed a vast land and rich in resources, and there are all kinds of species. I have never met people like you who dare to blindly bluster in front of me since I grew up. They are rare species in my world. If you want to I will feel bad if I mess you up!”

“Ha!” Wan Yuanbai smiled coldly, nodded and said, “Me too!”


As the referee shouted, Wan Yuanbai’s clothes bulged, and his spiritual power was running at full speed.

“Don’t die!” Wan Yuanbai sneered and suddenly disappeared on the spot. In an instant, he appeared in front of Zhang Tianliu and punched him.

In Zhang Tianliu’s eyes, his fist was like a giant mouth. No matter how he dodged, he would be swallowed by the giant mouth. This force could not break him into pieces, but it could restrain him from moving, forcing him to face Wan Yuanbai’s attack head-on. One punch.

“Suppress the air punch.”

With this in his mind, Zhang Tianliu simply did not dodge or dodge. He pointed with **** and used one move to directly seal Wan Yuanbai’s Qi veins and tendons through the acupoints in the air.

However, Wan Yuanbai is very experienced in combat. When Zhang Tianliu put his **** together, he could tell that this guy was about to perform a **** technique. His spiritual power instantly condensed and enveloped his whole body. In Zhang Tianliu’s eyes, his whole body was like being wrapped by a flaming beast. Like this, the sealing spirit finger collapsed in front of his dantian.

And the opponent’s punch almost hit his face.

The spiritual power coming towards him seemed to tear Zhang Tianliu into pieces, but this was an illusion. There was no difference between the spiritual power body protection and the true energy body protection. They both distributed energy throughout the body, and were the shock given by the aura and spiritual power. It’s very useful for opponents with low cultivation levels, but it has no real power.

There are also some experienced monks who use the spiritual body as a bait, which can be converted into attack energy at any time, so few people will use the true energy body to fight with their opponents.

But this change takes time. At this time, the two of them are fighting each other and there is no time to change their moves.

What’s more, Zhang Tianliu can clearly see whether the opponent’s spiritual protection is an attack or a defense!

While protecting his body with his true energy, Zhang Tianliu tilted his head casually, ignoring Wan Yuanbai’s whole body’s spiritual power colliding with his true energy. The sword finger of his right hand broke through the protective shield of Wan Yuanbai’s spiritual power, and quickly hit him several times.

As soon as Wan Yuanbai’s fist passed through Zhang Tianliu’s ear, the man’s spiritual power was completely shattered due to his blocked Qi veins, and he fell limply into Zhang Tianliu’s arms.

“Be good, let’s play.” Zhang Tianliu touched his head, then grabbed his back collar and threw him out of the ring.

The onlookers dispersed in a hurry, allowing Wan Yuanbai to fall heavily to the ground.

“Oh, I don’t have any sympathy at all. I’ll try to pick her up at least.” Zhang Tianliu gloated.

Everyone was silent.

Who said that Wan Yuanbai of Wuzong was so arrogant that no one could defeat him?

I can seal people’s spirits with just one move, and I dove in head first. With this kind of mentality, even a monk with a little experience can crack it.

How is Sora’s strength? He can’t use it!

We are not crazy beasts. If no one confronts you, how can you fight?

Poor Wan Yuanbai is so misunderstood.

He was not stupid, but he really didn’t expect that his proud air-suppressing fist would be cracked like this.

Zhang Tianliu just tapped acupuncture points in the air, not to hurt him, but to force him to protect his body with spiritual power. In this way, his air-suppressing fist would be in an unstable state, otherwise he would definitely be able to suppress Zhang Tianliu, not to mention tilting his head to dodge. It’s hard to move your fingers!

This is the suppression of cultivation.

He didn’t even expect that Zhenkong Fist had such a shortcoming. How did the other party know about it?

Wan Yuanbai couldn’t figure it out and sat cross-legged, his luck hitting the blocked Qi meridians acupuncture point.

He is not discouraged, he still wants to fight. He does not believe that Liu Tianzhang cannot be defeated by evil attack, but he is not possessed by anger. He cannot fight Liu Tianzhang at the moment. He needs to gain one point before fighting Liu Tianzhang. In this way, he will be defeated. Even if you don’t, you won’t have to leave.


As soon as this idea came out, Wan Yuanbai felt something was wrong.

“Play it safe! There is no need to fight for a temporary victory! Observe your opponent!”

After a moment of self-comfort, Wan Yuanbai finally felt a little better.

He wanted to observe Zhang Tianliu and find the weakness of his opponent. Zhang Tianliu also gave him a chance. He fought five games in a row, but the outcome was almost determined instantly. Without exception, he had his Qi veins sealed.

Now people have to pay attention to it.

Everyone didn’t pay much attention to Wan Yuan Bai after a second, just treating Wan Yuan Bai as a mere name.

He has defeated five people in a row, and one of them is still at the beginning of the Fourth Realm, which is inevitably a bit exaggerated.

Speaking of hidden cultivation, he did not reveal his aura above the beginning of the third realm. The move he used, the Spirit Sealing Finger, is also a martial skill that can be seen everywhere and can be practiced by a first-level martial artist.

Zhang Tianliu, who had beaten six points, did not continue to fight because no one was playing with him.

The first day passed, and many people had no choice but to be eliminated. On the second day, Zhang Tianliu played two games, and still easily solved the battle. One of them was a free point of 10,000 yuan!

From the third day onwards, he only came to play once a day.

Because this game is compulsory, the opponents are arranged on the field to prevent those who are willing to avoid the battle and make it impossible for the masters to obtain points.

Even if Zhang Tianliu wants to earn more points, he still needs someone’s consent.

Everyone can see that this guy has obviously mastered his spirit-sealing finger. He is very powerful in sealing pulses from the air, and it is not only the spirit-sealing finger, but also the spirit-breaking sword finger, which can penetrate the opponent with the sword finger. The shield, and then the sealing spirit refers to the sealing spirit, is impossible to guard against!

Looking back at Wan Yuanbai, he finally proved himself. Except for the two losses to Zhang Tianliu, he won twelve games in three consecutive days and surpassed Zhang Tianliu in points.

Zhang Tianliu looked at the Yangzhou District ladder competition report.

“Although the average points are nine points, look for Shuyuan, but with the increase in eliminations, the points are gradually concentrated in the hands of a few people, and with the power of the five realms strong to skip the preliminary round, the number of participants is still increasing. , but the number of places is limited, I may not be able to get in every day.”

The situation was as Zhang Tianliu expected. More and more people were eliminated, and the average points continued to rise. By half a month, it exceeded 20 points, and after 20 days, it had exceeded 30 points. It would take at least five points to enter the ladder list. Ten o’clock.

On the thirtieth day, Zhang Tianliu only had thirty-seven points, and the passing mark had climbed to fifty-seven.

“Huh, how about a winning streak? So what about defeating the enemy with one move? In the end, I still failed to enter the ladder.” Some monks who lost to Zhang Tianliu were finally able to sneer.

“A boy who doesn’t know the importance of things knows how to show off his abilities. As everyone knows, sometimes being strong is useless. If you don’t believe it, I’ll beat him to death. I defeated him on purpose. I gave him a winning streak to scare others away. I just told him that his brain is better than others. Strength is important, don’t you know?”

“Uh…I lost to him on purpose too!”

“Me too, me too!”

Anyway, it is impossible to encounter Zhang Tianliu again. His defeated generals will naturally find excuses for defeat to save a little reputation.

These people need to have good cultivation and strength, and they all win more and lose less. Their points can already be mixed into the ladder list. At this moment, seeing Zhang Tianliu who is still more than 20 points away, it is so exciting!

“Invincible and lonely!” Zhang Tianliu stood on the ring and looked at the guys watching, and said helplessly: “Ladder list? I think it’s a sewer list. Even if you use the trap to trick people, at least give me a close match. Let me have a good time, what is this? There is no one who can fight.”


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