Treading Blood to Sky’s End Chapter 416: 9zhoucheng


There are five competition areas for the ladder competition, which are located in the demon clan areas near the capital of the White Flame Empire, Tongzi Mountain, Wuzong, Sansha League and Evil Wolf Ridge.

Tongzi Mountain used to be just a barren mountain with little value. It is located at the junction of Wuzong, Sansha League and Baiyan Empire. It belongs to the Sanjia area. Even business travelers rarely pass here. Then after the arrival of the Kyushu Group , bought it!

What a buy!

Thirty billion beads, divided equally among the three forces.

After 40 years of development, Tongzi Mountain, which was idle as a bird, has become a golden mountain.

Today Tongzi Mountain is no longer desolate, it is surrounded by a huge city.

And this city is called Jiuzhou City!

When Zhang Tianliu first arrived, he inquired about Jiuzhou Group and learned about Jiuzhou City. At that time, he heard that the population was as high as 40 million. Now it has reached 100 million in just two years!

Looking from a distance, even with Zhang Tianliu’s farsightedness, he can’t even see the edge!

Because there are no high-rise buildings, every household has a small courtyard in the south of the Yangtze River, with small bridges, flowing water, and strange rocks and shrubs, so it covers a vast area.

It is not a city, but a city. It has no walls but is well planned.

The surrounding area is still being expanded, and the roads are wide and flat. They are not paved with bluestone bricks, but resemble asphalt roads!

The river is also wrapped in concrete and is very clean and bright. The greening is also very good, and the scenery on every street is very beautiful.

Jiuzhou City has also eliminated the common beast vehicles, as well as the steam vehicles developed by the Jiuzhou Group in Nanlu Shengjing. Now they use the wind-controlling vehicle first developed by the Jiuzhou Group. The spirit beads promote the wind-controlling formation, making the wind power Push four wheels forward quickly.

It has no sense of technology, but it has a complex feeling that Zhang Tianliu cannot explain, feels nondescript, and is very consistent with the status quo.

“No wonder this guy’s ranking has risen so quickly and reached such a scale!”

Wang Qi’s ranking has risen really fast. The last time I checked the ranking through Xiao Zou, he was still at 9206. Last year at the concert, he had reached 8684.

If you look at it again, maybe it’s not surprising that it’s seven thousand.

And not only is his ranking rising, the rankings of the aliens who follow him are also skyrocketing. His younger brother has entered eight thousand, and the man in the painting, San Wuyan and others have also entered nine thousand.

Looking at Xiao Zou, from 19828 to 19331, Wang Qi was just killing everyone! New 81 Chinese website updates the fastest computer version: https://

His influence was not so great in the past, but it suddenly exploded recently, not only because of the ladder competition, but also because of his long-term accumulation and the emergence of heavy industry ships. When the windless zone became no longer dangerous, Fengbei’s low A high-level monk can also come here to dig for gold, so his popularity will naturally be high, his influence will be great, and his overall strength will be long.

As for combat power, he is a bit weak, but he can take advantage of people.

He first cooperated with Leng Shan Zhongyuan, and then jumped out of Baiyan to purchase Tongzishan Development. He got along well with the three nearby forces, and then expanded the trade to Fengbei. The business became big, and there were more people helping him. How many masters can there be?

To kill him would be to kill the goose and lay the eggs. Who can carry such a huge family fortune?

You have to get all the people into the Jiuzhou Group and let the Jiuzhou Group train them. After they all climb to the top, you can only take control of the Jiuzhou Group by destroying Wang Qi.

Wang Qi could be so stupid?

He doesn’t mind if other forces send people to sneak in. On the contrary, he welcomes them. The more the better, so you can fight below.

The current stage is Wang Qi’s blowout period. The situation will slow down after the first ladder match. As for the improvement of the ranking, it is probably difficult to reach 5,000. The further you go, the slower it becomes. The strangers you encounter The more there are, the higher the danger. If he plays like this, when he encounters a powerful and cold-blooded guy, he will turn all his achievements into ashes with one move!

In this way, the person who kills him will also have an impact on the world, and the impact will be huge, so the ranking…

Zhang Tianliu keeps a low profile because he is afraid of this problem!

According to the high degree of freedom of the system, it is possible to improve by hunting strangers, which is more convenient than working hard to build a foundation.

Thanks to Wang Qi’s good ears, it was difficult to assassinate him.

Entering Yangzhou District in the southeast of Jiuzhou City, Zhang Tianliu inquired about the address of the nearest preliminary competition venue and rushed there.

Jiuzhou City is divided into nine districts, and each district has a competition venue. There is no limit on the number of people in the preliminary competition. After passing the preliminary competition, you will enter the ladder list. You must compete in the competition venue and enter the top five ladders before you can go to the finals.

The preliminary round is based on a points system. One point is awarded for winning a game and one point is deducted for losing a round. Everyone has a few points initially. If you lose two games in a row, you will have no chance. The preliminary round lasts for one month. There is no limit to the number of battles. If you beat me, I will beat you. The higher the points, the greater the chance of entering the ladder list.

Taking a Yufeng taxi, we were blocked before we even arrived at the competition venue!

The streets near the arena were already overcrowded. As a last resort, Zhang Tianliu got off the car and squeezed in on foot after paying the fare.

After finally reaching the counter window, Zhang Tianliu breathed a sigh of relief, flipped his hair to the girl at the counter, and smiled in a magnetic voice: “Xuanyinmen, Liu Tianzhang.”

The girl was too lazy to look at him. She lowered her head and quickly carved a waist badge and handed it out: “Please go to the second floor to verify your cultivation. The next one.”

Zhang Tianliu smiled bitterly, grabbed his waist badge and went to the second floor.

After waiting for a long time outside the verification room on the second floor, a staff member said: “Xuanyinmen Liu Tianzhang.”

“It’s me, it’s me.” Zhang Tianliu raised his hands and ran in.

There is no disgust in my heart, but I feel silly and happy, but it is very unpleasant for those who have cultivated to the third and fourth realms.

In the verification room, under the instructions of the staff, Zhang Tianliu sat cross-legged in the magic circle to release his true energy.

“At the beginning of the Third Realm, you have to be careful.” The staff recorded with a half-smile. First published https://https://

It is easy to arrange the arena to verify the cultivation level. The third realm will not be against the fourth realm at the beginning, but there is a chance that the upper third realm will be high, or even the third realm is the ultimate, which is the late stage and peak of the third realm.

As a result, people who are not good at basic cultivation level, so the staff kindly reminded them that whether they are looked down upon or not varies from person to person.

Zhang Tianliu made arrangements after listening indifferently.

When he walked out of the verification room, the staff who followed him shouted: “Wuzong, Wan Yuanbai.”

As soon as these words came out, the chirping corridor immediately became quiet.

“Huh?” Zhang Tianliu looked around curiously. Find Shuyuan

“Why are people from Wuzong in Jiuzhou City?”

“Wan Yuanbai, such a familiar name!”

As soon as he said this, a young man walked out of the crowd and said sideways, “What? Do you know you, Mr. Wan? It seems that my reputation has spread far and wide!”

“It’s you! The one who smashed the Crazy Golden Horned Beast with one punch!”

“I’m sorry for making you laugh. I have no choice but to come here to compete with you for a precious spot. I can’t go back.”

The rest of the people showed surprised expressions.

A few days ago, a golden-horned beast suddenly went crazy in the neighborhood and gored its owner to death. Many people were knocked away by it. Among them, a monk from the Four Realms was injured by it. It can be seen that the golden-horned beast How strong is it.

However, this Wan Yuan Bai was able to blow off the horn of a golden-horned beast with one punch, explode his skull, and kill him on the spot. His strength was quite terrifying.

What’s even more frightening is that when the staff verified his cultivation level, the level reported was only in the third realm!

“When you meet this person, give in immediately!”

Many people are muttering in their hearts.

It is important to know the opponent’s intelligence in advance, especially if the opponent has revealed his hand.

Therefore, the three monks behind him were praying not to meet him at the beginning. Some even made excuses for not being there and came over later.

This can stagger Wan Yuanbai’s registration time and reduce the chance of meeting in the same arena.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or something, but Zhang Tianliu, who signed up before Wan Yuanbai, was against this guy for the first time!



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