Transmigrating With a Cleaver Chapter 1: What is the last name of the beauty?


In the auditorium of Nanxiang Vocational and Technical College, the applause was louder and louder. A banner of “The Eighth Nanxiang Chef God Contest Finals” was hung on the rostrum, and a gray-haired old man was presenting awards to the newly born Nanxiang Chef God.

The old man handed a thick-backed kitchen knife engraved with the word Xuanyuan on the knife to the champion. Qin Luo triumphantly raised the kitchen knife high, and the applause from the audience became more and more enthusiastic…

An hour later, Qin Luo walked back to the dormitory, holding a kitchen knife and singing a ditty.

“What is the kitchen knife used by the Yellow Emperor’s royal chef? It’s ridiculous, and you don’t need to be careful when making up stories!” The female classmate screamed again and again.

Qin Luo smirked endlessly in his heart. In fact, such a seemingly extremely dangerous action can be done by any chef with two years of knife skills.

When he walked to the football field not far from the dormitory, a sudden change occurred!

Suddenly there was a loud rumble in the sky, and a ball of fire with a long tail flame was falling at a high speed.

Students and teachers on the road raised their heads one after another, and Qin Luo also stood on the spot and built an awning to look up to the sky.

“It’s strange, there are shooting stars in broad daylight, I don’t know if it will hit some unlucky child…” Qin Luo felt that something was getting worse and worse, what the hell, why did it feel like it was coming towards me?

Seeing that the situation was not going well, Qin Luo just wanted to run away, but the ball of fire had already hit him hard!

Accompanied by a loud bang, a small mushroom cloud rose slowly over the football field.

For a long time, after the smoke cleared, a teacher boldly approached the center of the explosion, and saw a big hole seven or eight meters deep was smashed into the grass. The student who was pretending to be handsome with a kitchen knife just now There are no bones left…

“Wake up, kid, kid?” Qin Luo slowly opened his eyes, and saw a benevolent white-haired old man shaking himself.

“Aren’t I dead?” Qin Luo’s head was still a little dizzy, “Is this heaven or hell? I’m so thirsty, can I have a bowl of Mengpo soup first?”

The old man was a little dumbfounded: “This child, why did he say he was dead at such a young age. This is Chongxi Mountain, and it will be dark soon. If you don’t wake up, you will become the dinner of a strange beast.” la!”

“An alien beast?” Qin Luo’s eyes lit up, and he sat up abruptly, “Could it be that I didn’t die, but passed through?”

“Old man!” Qin Luo held the old man’s withered hand tightly, with little stars shining in his eyes, “This is not the earth, is it?”

The old man said inexplicably: “What earth? This is Dongshengzhou, of course it is not the earth. Will you follow me or not?”

“Go, go, go, of course!” Qin Luo immediately stood up, and an object fell to the ground with a clang.

Qin Luo looked down and saw that it was the Xuanyuan kitchen knife.

The old man asked: “This is… your weapon?”

Qin Luo quickly picked it up and laughed, “No, this is the guy I eat.”

The old man carried a bundle of dry firewood and led Qin Luo through the woods to a clearing.

There are several carriages full of goods parked here, and there are seven or eight tents, large and small, on the ground, which looks like a business travel group.

“Feng Bo, you’re back!” A plainly dressed girl with a sword came forward with a smile, “Who is this?”

The girl has red lips, white teeth, starry eyes and a bright nose, which is many times stronger than the stereotyped Internet celebrities on the earth.

Before the old man had time to speak, Qin Luo’s eyes lit up, and he had already stepped forward to hold the girl’s slender hand: “Hello, my name is Qin Luo, and Uncle Feng picked me up… and brought me back, beautiful girl with your surname Ah? Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Ah!!!” The girl screamed suddenly, and then Qin Luo was thrown out like a cannonball…

After dark, several bonfires were ignited in the open space. Qin Luo sat beside the bonfire with a bruised nose and a swollen face, next to an apologetic strange girl.

From the conversation just now, Qin Luo has a general understanding of this world.

All kinds of powerful alien beasts rule this Qianyuan world, and human beings are just a low-level race struggling to survive in the cracks.

The entire Qianyuan Continent is divided into five continents, east, south, north, west, and middle. Dongsheng Continent is ruled by the Phoenix Clan, Nanping Continent is ruled by the Cthulhu Clan, Simon Continent is ruled by the Giant Ape Clan, Beiyao Continent is ruled by the Dragon Clan, and Zhongying Continent is ruled by the Clan Clan. Zhou is ruled by the Kunpeng tribe.

It is said that there are even more powerful alien beasts in the sea of ​​abyss that surrounds the five continents, but they are just legends, and there is no record at all in the existing books of human beings.

There are many races in the same situation as humans, such as dwarves, elves, orcs, and winged humans.

After hearing this, Qin Luo’s heart turned cold. What evil did he do in his previous Finally, he traveled through once, and came to a world ruled by alien beasts!

Actually, the humans on the Qianyuan Continent are already quite powerful, just like the beautiful girl Shen Yun sitting next to him. She is only a first-level swordsman. At least five times that of Qin Luo!

It was because Shen Yun had never had such a close skin to a man before, so the reaction was a little bit louder…

The old man’s name is Feng Buping, he is the guide of the caravan, and Shen Yun is the only mercenary hired by the caravan.

“Come here, come and **** cooking!” Uncle Feng brought over a pot of delicious barbecue.

As a chef, I’m actually not very interested in barbecue with little technical content.

But now that my stomach is growling with hunger, I don’t care about so much. After Qin Luo thanked, he picked up a piece of barbecue that looked good and took a big bite. Suddenly his face turned black and he sprayed it out.

Nimma, this is too salty, old man Feng, were you a fish living in the sea in your previous life…

On the other hand, Old Man Feng and Shen Yun ate with gusto. Qin Luo, who was so hungry that he couldn’t stand it, was wondering whether to try another piece, when there was a strange cry of a baby in the depths of the dark woods. !

The surrounding trees began to move without wind, and the swaying tree shadows were like ferocious monsters, which made people feel frightened. The crying sound gradually moved from far to near, and a huge black shadow loomed in the woods…

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