Transmigrating With a Cleaver Chapter 2: Gu sculpture



In the dark dense forest, the intermittent crying of the baby is getting louder and louder. Old Uncle Feng’s face turned pale, he quickly took out a piccolo, and blew a burst of rapid and shrill sounds.


When Qin Luo was still unknown, Shen Yun was already putting out the bonfire with dirt. Others were doing the same thing, and after a few seconds, the entire camp had lost a trace of fire, leaving only the bright moonlight quietly swaying in the open space.


After Shen Yun extinguished the fire, she pulled Qin Luo to hide behind a rock, while Feng Buping hid behind the tent.


The soft touch from his hand made Qin Luo’s adrenaline surge. It was the first time a girl took the initiative to hold his hand at such a big age.


It’s a pity that Shen Yun quickly let go of her hand, she put her hand on the hilt of the sword, and stared at the direction of the crying sound as if she was facing a big enemy.


There were more than 30 people in the entire camp, and they didn’t even make a sound. Everyone hid in a dark corner, and they didn’t dare to breathe.


As the cries of the baby got closer, a huge figure about four meters high finally appeared at the edge of the woods.


Under the moonlight, Qin Luo could clearly see the whole picture of the strange beast.


Its appearance is very similar to a strange eagle, with two long horns growing on its head, and a pair of short wings that are not in harmony with its huge body.


As the strange eagle strode towards the camp, it let out that scalp-numbing baby cry from its mouth.


Qin Luo saw the strange beast in the Qianyuan Realm for the first time, and he didn’t think it was scary, but felt that the other party was very novel, and even a little silly!


He approached Shen Yun and lowered his voice and asked, “What kind of strange beast is this?”


“This is a Gu carving.” Shen Yun’s voice was as thin as a mosquito, and there was also an uncontrollable fear, “It is very easy to get angry, so don’t make any movements or sounds to stimulate it, otherwise the whole business group will be shocked.” Everyone will die!”


Qin Luo didn’t take it seriously, thinking that these people were too timid, how dare dozens of people dare to deal with a Gu Eagle?


If it was on the earth, such a big guy would have been eaten as a protected animal long ago…


Gu Diao went straight to the edge of the camp and stopped, looking sideways at something.


“Is it useful to hide like this? It seems to have discovered us a long time ago.” Qin Luo asked puzzled.


Shen Yun whispered: “It’s picking food, the gu carving doesn’t eat much, and usually leaves when it’s full.”


Qin Luo was completely stunned, full?


At this moment, the Gu carving finally moved. It pecked lightly towards the back of a tent and picked a man up easily.


Under the moonlight, Qin Luo could see clearly that the man was about twenty years old, and his face was full of fear and despair. But he didn’t struggle and cry, but let the Gu Eagle throw him into the sky with a dead face, and was swallowed by the giant beak when he fell freely!


The man didn’t make a sound from the beginning to the end. Qin Luo angrily clenched the kitchen knife in his hand. He finally realized the tragic fate of human beings as an inferior race.


A feeling of sorrow for the death of a rabbit and a fox spread in the camp, the Gu Eagle hiccupped contentedly, and continued to look for the next target.


Ten seconds later, another person was thrown into the air again and became Gu Diao’s lunch.


The veins on Qin Luo’s forehead burst out. He never thought of himself as a hot-blooded young man, but what happened in front of him deeply stimulated him, and his lips were about to bleed from being bitten.


Could it be that he just watched his own kind being devoured by strange beasts one by one, without even the courage to resist?


Qin Luo, who was struggling in his heart, did not notice that the Xuanyuan kitchen knife in his hand was shining with a faint golden light.


After the fourth person was swallowed by the gu eagle, its belly swelled up high, and it was greedy and did not intend to let go of the prey it had finally encountered. Its dark eyes were still looking around, and finally locked on to where Qin Luo and Shen Yun were.


The huge claws of the Gu carving have thick calluses, and they walk quietly. Qin Luo only felt that his eyes were dark, and the moonlight above his head had been blocked by the terrifying huge figure.


Like a rooster pecking at bugs, the gu carving’s huge beak grabbed Shen Yun’s collar like lightning. The girl’s face was pale, the hand holding the sword hilt trembled for a second, and finally let go weakly.


Gu Diao screamed triumphantly, and threw the slender girl up, a few tears fell from the corners of Shen Yun’s eyes, sparkling under the moonlight. Just when the Gu Eagle opened its huge beak to enjoy the wonderful feeling of human sliding into the esophagus, a kitchen knife with a cold light slashed **** its thick leg.


The gu carving just turned its eyes and found Qin Luo at its feet. Its fiery temper immediately ignited, and it directly gave up on Shen Yun and pecked at Qin Luo. Gu Diao decided to peck this ant who dared to challenge him into a pulp!


“Finding F-grade ingredients to carve legs, do you want to activate the skill Paodingjieniu?” A melodious female voice suddenly sounded in Qin Luo’s mind.


Qin Luo, who was already full of anger, subconsciously yelled: “Start it for me!”


Wrapped in a gust of wind, the giant beak stood up abruptly less than half a meter away from Qin Luo’s head, and the Gu Eagle found in horror that he couldn’t move!


After the skill was activated, Qin Luohua turned into an afterimage, flying up and down around the huge body of the gu carving.


Qin Luo felt that he had entered a strange state, and time seemed to slow down. He could not help but waved the Xuanyuan kitchen knife to bleed, remove hair, and remove bones from the gu eagle. . .


His movements are so smooth, it feels like he is handling a live chicken in the kitchen.


In less than two seconds, the Gu carving weighing seven or eight thousand catties has been broken down into several large piles of meat and bones, which are neatly stacked on the open space.


Qin Luo held a kitchen knife and stood in the middle of the pile of meat piled up like a hill, and was hit by Shen Yun who fell from mid-air…


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