Thunder Martial Chapter 2585: Mantra Power


The latest website: There are many kinds of mythical spells in the Mythical Alliance, and their functions are also different.

Some are main killers, some are defensive, and some are auxiliary.

The Yi Demon-Destroying Arrow is a proper main killing spell, and unlike other spells, this spell has the absolute ability to kill enemies.

As long as the absolute will is blessed in it, in principle, one arrow can kill any target in front of it.

Just like when Zi Chen’s arrow directly killed Zhan Hen.

Of course, only in principle.

Because in addition to absolute will, there also needs to be an absolute price.

The price of the arrow that killed Zhan Hen was borne by Mo Radon.

At this moment, Zi Chen’s absolute will blessed the men in black and Po Jun.

The first arrow, the man in black dies!

The price Zi Chen paid was just a huge consumption of spiritual energy.

The price Zi Chen paid for the second arrow was all the remaining spiritual energy and part of his own vitality.

The feather arrow pierced Po Jun’s body, and Po Jun turned into a black mist the moment the feather arrow approached.

He transformed himself into a formation.

The arrow seemed to have failed.

The black mist condensed again, and Po Jun’s figure appeared.

He is still alive.

There is an arrow hole above the chest.

He seemed to want to say something cruel, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The powerful aura suddenly sapped.

Po Jun looked horrified, turned around and left.

Zi Chen was also stunned for a moment, his absolute will failed to kill the opponent.

Perhaps it was because of the formation of the military incarnation at the last moment.

Po Jun disappeared in the blink of an eye, and Zi Chen had no time to add another arrow.

He swallowed a pill, and the moment the elixir entered his body, it turned into pure spiritual power.

Like the dry land, irrigated by raging rivers.

The spiritual energy that was exhausted before is being replenished rapidly.

This elixir comes from the Danbao Tower and can quickly restore Shenmen’s consumption. Naturally, it is expensive.

Feeling the speed of spiritual power recovery, Zi Chen knew that Danbaolou did not sell defective products.

He also has four similar pills on him.

I originally bought two of them from Danbao Tower, and found the remaining three from the storage spirit bag. After all, among the divine sects killed by Zi Chen, there were also many geniuses with one. Such self-defense elixirs are not unusual.

Zi Chen’s spiritual power recovered so quickly that those who wanted to take advantage would feel Zi Chen’s replenished aura as soon as they made a move, and their steps suddenly froze.

Even Po Jun was almost killed by Zi Chen’s arrow, and the others had no courage to step forward.

Earlier, Chen Wenjun wanted to fight Zi Chen, but someone from his family stopped him.

After witnessing the tragedy of two against one, he could no longer think of challenging.

If you step forward, you will die!

“Although his spiritual power has been restored, such pills consume a lot of energy, so he still can’t hold on for long.”

A voice rang out from the crowd, analyzing Zi Chen’s current state.

After hearing these words, everyone was so angry that they wanted to curse.

To put it lightly.

How many divine gates have been lost when Zi Chen is consumed to what it was before?

Those are divine gates, and every life is extremely valuable, and they are not just cats and dogs on the roadside.

And if you want to consume Zi Chen again, how many lives do you need to fill it up?

Lin Cai felt the change in everyone’s mood and felt relieved.

Although this battle was more intense than the last time, it was far less brutal and dangerous than that time.

At the very least, Zi Chen is not injured so far, which is enough of a shock.

Zi Chen is here today, and they dare not take action.

The day Zi Chen leaves, those who dare not take action will have less chance of targeting those three people.

It’s very simple, I don’t dare to bear Zi Chen’s anger.

In addition, before Zi Chen left, he made a special trip to Danbao Tower and treated himself to a meal. As this news spread, the safety of the three people, including the tavern, was naturally not a problem.

Then Zi Chen is really leaving.

“Trash, they are all a bunch of trash!”

Seeing that no one took action, Zhou became anxious and angry.

He decided to take action himself.

At the moment when the aura around him exploded, time and space seemed to have stopped.

“Go to hell!”

He pressed down with a palm.

With just a simple movement, the sky above Zi Chen’s head suddenly changed. A huge palm print, with the power to cover the sky and the sun, was pressed down on his head.

Zi Chen’s expression did not change at all, and Shenmen itself appeared later.

The four spirits return to their places.

Form a guardian.

At the same time, Zi Chen raised the sunset bow again.

Bend the bow.

The surrounding aura of heaven and earth, which was already extremely thin, was instantly plundered by the Sunset Bow.

At the same time, the spiritual power that had just been filled up in Zi Chen’s body was quickly disappearing.

A dazzling feather arrow appeared from the bowstring.

That little light even overshadowed the scorching sun.

Zi Chen’s aura has already locked onto Zhou Mang.

He has been waiting for the other party to take action.

Absolute will!

And the mantra of the word ‘Lie’.


The arrow leaves the string.

With a speed comparable to teleportation, he was in front of Zhou Mang in an instant.

With a pop, it penetrated the opponent’s eyebrows.


Too fast!

So much so that Zhou was too busy to react in time.

It is said that the nine-character mantra in the world contains nine different powers.

The power of all mantras is the power of the spirit.

The power of the Mantra of Listed Words ignores the distance between spaces and can be achieved in an instant.

It is somewhat similar to Liu Yu’s mythical spell ‘Snap’, but completely different.

This is the first time Zi Chen has used it on the battlefield, and it was also prepared for Zhou Mang early in the morning.

This time, it was Zhou Mang’s real body that was hit.


At this moment, the protection of the four spirits was broken, and the palm prints fell on Zi Chen.

But with the four spirit guardians blocking him, the residual power that fell on Zi Chen could no longer do anything to him.

Zhou hurriedly wiped his forehead, looked at the blood on his forehead, and disappeared without saying a word.

It is extremely difficult to kill Zhou Mang. Being able to seriously injure the opponent is actually a miracle.

In the past, when Zi Chen faced an existence of this level, he could only block it for a moment, and he needed outsiders to save him, otherwise he would die.

Now, with the List of Mantras, Zi Chen at least has the power to protect himself when facing an existence of this level.

Zhou Mang disappeared quickly, surprising people again.

The momentum displayed by the other party was so powerful that even some divine sects felt a strong death crisis.

However, he still failed to block Zi Chen’s arrow.

Zi Chen knew very well that the other party’s escape at this moment was not entirely because of him.

If you continue to stay here, once Liu Feng is free, you will definitely take action against him.

Because he broke some established rules.

Zi Chen holds the Sunset Bow in his hand, and the shadow of the myth still exists behind him.

He looked around and asked, “Is there anyone else?”

No one responded.

Today’s battle situation was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Everyone thought that this battle would definitely be the same as the last time. As long as Zi Chen showed even a little bit of fatigue, he would definitely die.

Because there are many powerful people in the dark, their opportunities to seize the opportunity are extremely precise.

“The next generation is to be feared.”

Shangguan Tianmu exclaimed, he had seen Zi Chen take action twice in total, and each time he was greatly shocked.

In the last battle, Zi Chen was at an absolute disadvantage from the beginning, but in the end he turned against the wind and became the biggest winner.

When Shangguan Tianmu thought about that battle afterwards and thought Zi Chen was incredible, he suddenly realized that the disadvantage at that time turned into an advantage in the end. So is it possible that Zi Chen deliberately made it a disadvantage?

The two battles took place within a month.

But the combat power Zi Chen showed today was far from what he could compare to last time.

Think about it from another angle, how would the last encirclement and suppression lineup look like today?

The answer is obvious, everyone will still die.

So Shangguan Tianmu became more and more convinced that Zi Chen’s situation last time was caused by him deliberately.

Seeing that no one came up again, Zi Chen planned to collect the loot, but before that, he had to solve one thing.

Bend your bow again and aim at the palace in the sky.

“No need.”

Liu Feng, who was sitting cross-legged, spoke. He stood up, and the seal above his head suddenly began to shine.

Then, Liu Feng disappeared from the suppression.

Above the Tianqiong Hall, the old man from Yuting Mountain changed his face slightly.

On top of his head, a larger seal appeared, pressing down.

“Thief, dare to provoke me?”

The old man roared angrily, the hall shook, the clouds in the sky dissipated, and the seal in the sky began to twist.

Liu Feng flipped his wrist, and the twisted seal immediately began to shrink, and finally became the size of a palm.

When the old man saw this, his expression became more and more disdainful, “How dare you, a thief like you, provoke an ancient court?”

The palm-sized seal did not disappear and continued to fall.

During this period, the ancient court shook twice more. Each time it shook, it carried terrifying power, but it did not break the seal. Finally, the seal fell on the ancient court.

Like a brand, leaving a clear mark on it.

The old man urged Gu Ting to try to dispel the mark, but failed, and immediately shouted: “Liu Feng, what are you doing?”

Liu Feng said calmly: “Don’t be nervous, it’s just a small ban, not of much use.”

The old man’s expression softened. Thinking about it, how could Liu Feng, a mere Liu Feng, do anything to an ancient court?

It should be that the other party did this deliberately for the sake of face.

Who knows, Liu Feng continued: “The effect is actually just a little. I can appear where the seal is at any time.”

The old man’s face changed drastically.

In this way, this seal is equivalent to a door that cannot be closed. From then on, Yuting Mountain was open to Liu Feng.

“Liu Feng, you are from the Mythical Alliance after all, are you so unruly?”

“Now you know my name is Liu Feng? Didn’t you say I was a thief before?”

Liu Feng said with a smile: “It’s okay. If you’re not afraid of thieves stealing, I’m afraid they will miss you. I will follow your words and go to Yuting Mountain to sit for a while when I have time.”

The old man was helpless. He couldn’t control Guting’s attack by himself. It was already good to be able to suppress Liu Feng.

And if Gu Ting stays here for one more minute, it will be a huge waste.

The situation of the battle has now been decided He has to leave first.

As for this seal, we can only wait until we return first.

Before leaving, the old man did not dare to say anything harsh.

The mark of the seal made him very uneasy.

Zi Chen started to deal with the trophies, and the first thing he got was the Zhiyang-level spear.

Zi Chen left after disposing of the trophies. Naturally, the remaining corpses belonged to whose family they belonged to and who would clean them.

The first people to die were the cannon fodder of the Fengshen Chamber of Commerce. It was easy to deal with these people, just dig a hole nearby and bury them on the spot.

As for the five times pension, it will be given directly to their families.

At night, a man suddenly emerged from the new soil. He looked around with a blank expression.

“Am I dead?”

It’s the young man with the machete.


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