Thunder Martial Chapter 2584: Absolute will and absolute price


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The arrows shot through the sky and drew arcs on the battlefield.

A Shenmen who is good at speed and dodge could not outrun the light of arrows after all.

Fell down.

There were more than twenty bodies on the ground at Shenmen.

From the beginning, Zi Chen only used Dayi’s demon-killing arrows.

With so many arrows coming down, there was no expression of great consumption on his face.

Different from the last battle where Zi Chen shook his body at every turn and consumed a huge amount of energy, this battle was completely opposite.

Many gods died, but the battle was not very fierce, and people came almost intermittently.

Zi Chen held the sunset bow in his hand and said: “Is there really no one left in Dongting Divine State? You are not as **** as some ordinary divine sects.”

I am afraid that Zi Chen is the only one in the world who dares to use ordinary Shenmen to evaluate the realm of Shenmen.

In the eyes of most people, Shenmen is aloof, comparable to a god-like existence.

“I’ll do it!”

Chen Wenjun looked ugly. How could he, who had always been regarded as a genius, be insulted like this?

Before he stepped forward, someone held his shoulder.

The people who stopped him were not only people from the Fengshen Chamber of Commerce, but also people from the Chen family of the Fengshen Chamber of Commerce.

“Don’t be impulsive, you are no match for him.”

“Why don’t you fight if you are not your opponent? Look at his arrogance. If he continues like this, Dongting China will lose all face.”

“It’s not that we won’t fight, but that we can’t fight. From the current point of view, no one can kill Zi Chen here.”

Zhou Mang didn’t dare to take action because Liu Feng was here.

Others couldn’t let go, naturally it was because of Liu Feng.

So what if Zi Chen is seriously injured, Liu Feng can take Zi Chen away at any time.

Zi Chen is indeed powerful, which is why no one dares to risk everything.

And Liu Feng was on the side for the same reason.

“What should I do? Let him go?”

Although many people have died in this battle, it was all intermittently, unlike Yutingshan’s plan against Zichen, which was swift and violent.

“It’s impossible to leave. If you wait a little longer, it might be soon.”

“What are you waiting for?” Chen Wenjun was puzzled.

At this moment, the world suddenly shook.

The clouds dispersed, and a grand hall appeared out of thin air.


The main hall is suspended in the sky, the clouds are shaken open, and rays of light hang down.

Any person standing within the range of the light, regardless of their level of realm, will have their bodies dissipated into thin air the moment they are illuminated.

In the blink of an eye, there was only one person left within a thousand feet of the light.

Liu Feng.

There was a seal above his head, blocking the falling light.

“What is this?”

The others realized it later, looked horrified, and quickly dispersed.

In fact, it is already too late, the light has already been fixed.

Within the light, everyone except Liu Feng died.

According to visual inspection, at least hundreds of people died silently.

This killing move was obviously aimed at Liu Feng, who was still alive.

“It’s the ancient court on Yuting Mountain. Yuting Mountain took action.”

Someone exclaimed.

“Everyone, this thief has been suppressed by the ancient court and can no longer cause trouble. You can do whatever you want, we will not affect the battlefield, and we will not implicate anyone.”

An old man walked out of the ancient courtyard. He looked down at Liu Feng with a sneer on his lips.

He did not identify Liu Feng, but everyone familiar with the situation understood what was going on.

It’s just that the old man’s words are somewhat ironic.

No one was implicated, but hundreds of innocent people were killed in an instant.

Liu Feng said: “In fact, there is no need to kill other people. As long as you make some noise, I will let them leave, or I will walk to an open area by myself.”

“Thieves, stop talking nonsense. Their deaths are all caused by you!”

Liu Feng raised his head and glanced at the old man, then looked at the battlefield.

As if knowing that he could no longer help, he simply sat cross-legged.


The cry of killing rang out, extremely loud.

Then, one after another, the gods jumped out.

All of this seemed to have been agreed upon, and one **** after another stepped forward.

Zi Chen stood indifferently, and Yi shot out demon arrows one after another.

The gods fell down one after another and died.

The battle really became fierce.

“Although he is calm now, in fact, he has consumed a lot of money. The mythical spell is different from other spells. Every time it is used, it requires an extremely high amount of spiritual power to maintain. Please pay attention to the spiritual power of the world around you. It has become It’s much thinner, not to mention his own consumption.”

The one who spoke was Po Jun. He still did not take action, feeling that the time was not coming, but this did not prevent him from kindly ‘reminding’ others.




The bowstring trembled, and the arrows shot through the air.

Arrow after arrow.

The gods who rushed up fell to the ground one after another and died.

Zi Chen stood with his back straight.

The shadow of the myth behind him also stands tall and tall.

While giving people the shock of being invincible in the same situation, Zi Chen at this moment gives people a feeling of being invincible in the world.

Finally, under constant attacks, Zi Chen’s complexion could no longer remain normal, and his face gradually turned pale.

This undoubtedly saw the hope of victory for everyone, and more people came out to kill.


Zi Chen continued to fire arrows, and his body never wavered or moved a step.

“This is too scary!”

Qin Zhi’s face turned pale, just out of fear.

Zi Chen in this state is really frightening.

Qin Zhi no longer has the courage to take action. No matter what state Zi Chen is in, he does not dare to attack Zi Chen.

Having seen Zi Chen fight several times, he was really frightened.

“Zi Chen is so confident today, is it possible that he has successfully refined the mantra?” Mu Bai suddenly said.

Qin Zhi was stunned for a moment, “It’s impossible, right? That’s a mantra. How can it be easily refined?”

“If there was no refining, why did he insist on fighting here?” Mu Bai frowned, “I don’t believe that he did this for those ordinary people.”

Mu Bai knew very well that if Zi Chen wanted to leave, no one would be able to stop him with Liu Feng here.

“Is it really refining just to gain fame?” Qin Zhi also began to doubt, “If this is true, then Zi Chen is really well prepared this time.”

Mu Bai is not going to take action anymore. Regardless of whether Zi Chen succeeds or not, he has missed the mantra.

As the number of people dying in Shenmen increased, Zi Chen’s consumption was finally visible to the naked eye.

So, a genius came out, and Zi Chen used a spell other than Yi’s demon-killing arrow for the first time.

It’s not that Dayi’s demon-killing arrows can’t kill the opponent, but that killing him will cost more.

He has used his strength to prove the power of the Myth Alliance and the extraordinary power of Myth’s spells. He even had the upper hand in the duel with Yuting Mountain.

The battle may even have just begun, and Zi Chen wants to conserve his strength as much as possible.

So, as the opponent approached, the golden-armored God of War appeared and killed the opponent with one axe.

“He’s wasting a lot of money, I’m going to kill him!”

Chen Wenjun couldn’t wait any longer, but was still stopped.

There are only a few young people from the Chen family in Fengshen Chamber of Commerce who can take advantage of it. Chen Wenjun is one of them. If he fails here, the Chen family will suffer great losses.

After all, the Chen family’s losses last time were not small.

Suddenly, a powerful aura came from a distance, and a black light was seen, like a meteorite, heading towards the battlefield.

Looking at the target, it is exactly the direction where Zi Chen is.

When the black light passed by, the space was distorted, and the powerful and terrifying aura made countless people change their expressions.

A sneer appeared at the corner of Zi Chen’s mouth, “It’s finally here.”

For the first time since the war began, a powerful enemy appeared.

The headless war **** took a step forward, shrouded Zi Chen in it, and then slashed down with the giant ax in his hand.


The space shook, and the giant ax slashed towards the approaching black light with twisted power.

With a huge earthquake, black light exploded, and terrifying air waves spread out layer by layer.

The black light fell to the ground and turned into a person, holding a spear in his hand.

The other party smiled coldly at Zi Chen.

“You are finally here.”

Zi Chen looked at the young man who hurt him last time, with a smile on his face as well, “Your weapon is pretty good.”

“If you want it, come and get it!”

The opponent raised his spear, and suddenly, a terrifying aura erupted from the spear, and a dark giant beast appeared on it.

An unconcealable feeling of suffocation spread to the surroundings.

Zi Chen’s expression did not change at all, he said calmly: “Where is Po Jun, you two come together.”

There was an uproar among the crowd.

Po Jun ranks sixth among the Dongting Shenzhou Divine Sect, and he possesses the mantra spell of formation, so his combat power can be imagined.

This kind of person is proud and naturally will not join forces with outsiders.

After Po Jun heard these words, he immediately snorted, “Zi Chen, please stop talking nonsense here.”

“Why, you don’t dare?” Zi Chen sneered, “You don’t even dare to join forces, and you still expect you to fight with me alone? Your formation mantra is in vain.”

I don’t know if it was the three words of mantra that stimulated Po Jun. His face turned livid and he said coldly: “Zi Chen, you asked for this!”

He actually stood up.

In an instant, there was an uproar again.

The sarcasm in Zi Chen’s eyes became more and more intense, “You are really top-notch in your ability to find opportunities to find opportunities. I just gave you a step, and you took advantage of it. It seems that you have been waiting for me. Open your mouth and join forces with others.”

Zi Chen shook his head, “Dongting Shenzhou, sixth, haha.”

Being so ridiculed, one can imagine Po Jun’s expression. He could only shout: “Stop talking nonsense and see the real deal.”

Zi Chen took a look around and realized that today’s battle was almost over at this stage.

“Actually, killing you is very simple, it just depends on whether I am willing to pay the price.”

Zi Chen took out the Sunset Bow again, “Now, I will let you two see what the real Yi Demon-killing Arrow is.”

After hearing these words, the two people’s expressions couldn’t help but become solemn.


Po Jun shouted, and with a thought, a magic circle enveloped Zi Chen.

Po Jun used this move to instantly kill a divine being.

The golden-armored war **** chopped it down with an axe.

As the ax light faded magic circle collapsed instantly.

The man in black holds a spear and comes straight to Zi Chen.


In the turbulent spiritual energy of heaven and earth, Zi Chen shot out an arrow.

This arrow carries Zi Chen’s absolute will and the absolute price that needs to be paid.

His breath suddenly became weak.


The arrow pierced the body of the man in black.

Man in black, die!

The second arrow targets Pojun.

It is still absolute will, plus an absolute price.


After shooting an arrow, Zi Chen not only bottomed out his spiritual power, but also lost part of his vitality.


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