The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8300: Yangding Enlightenment

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Jiang Yun grabbed it casually, and the air waves generated by Fu Ningmin’s self-destruction immediately condensed together, forming a palm-sized sphere that sank into the earth, revealing Fu Jingjing’s figure.

At this moment, Fu Jingjing’s face was full of sorrow and anger. She held a ribbon in both hands and drew it directly towards Jiang Yun.

Not only did Jiang Yun not hide, but he took the initiative to greet him.

This Fu Jingjing acted like an ignorant girl when she first appeared, but after being caught, she behaved much calmer than Fu Ningmin.

Now, he can even urge Fu Ningmin to self-destruct.

The most important thing is that she didn’t even hesitate to kill her clan brother.

This is enough to show that Fu Jingjing is very extraordinary.


Jiang Yun reached out, grabbed the ribbon, and pulled hard.

The force of Jiang Yun’s pull could pull even a mountain, but Fu Jingjing’s body remained motionless.

She even raised her hand, using her finger as a pen, and quickly drew a few runes on the ribbon.

“Clang, clang, clang!”

As a series of explosions sounded, the ribbon suddenly burst into light, and the original weak ribbon suddenly turned into a giant python, which in turn wrapped around Jiang Yun tightly.

Immediately afterwards, the giant python opened its mouth, revealing four extremely sharp teeth, and bit Jiang Yun’s arm fiercely.

Jiang Yun did not dodge and allowed the giant python to bite his arm.

With a “crack” sound, the four teeth of the giant python were broken directly.


Jiang Yun gave a low shout and sprayed out the Hundred Thousand Mangshan Talisman again, hitting Fu Jingjing.

Before the Shiwanmang Mountain fell, Fu Jingjing’s body suddenly swelled.

She actually wants to blow herself up too!

However, Jiang Yun had already suffered a loss, so how could he not remember a little longer? Therefore, the moment Fu Jingjing’s body swelled, he stopped the passage of time.

However, this time, Jiang Yun’s technique of calming the sea actually lost its effect.

Fu Jingjing’s body was still swelling, and the original look of sadness and anger on her face was replaced by a ferocious smile.

She stared at Jiang Yundao and said: “It’s just nutrients, but you still want to know the secrets here. I really don’t know how high the sky is!”

Jiang Yun has been scolded by many people and has heard all kinds of contemptuous words, but this is really the first time he has heard someone scold him for being a source of nourishment.

However, instead of being angry, Jiang Yun was moved in his heart and said coldly: “Without my permission, you can’t die here!”

Shiwanmang Mountain suddenly exploded and turned into a giant dragon thousands of feet long!

It is no longer the dragon demon before, but a giant dragon belonging to Jiang Yun.

The giant dragon surrounded Fu Jingjing with its body.

When the giant dragon connected head to tail, Fu Jingjing suddenly felt a huge pressure, which made it impossible for her body to continue to expand.

Fu Jingjing naturally understood that this was the power of the dragon pattern.

At this time, Fu Jingjing’s eyes flickered, clearly thinking about something.

And the giant dragon’s body suddenly shrank inward, causing Fu Jingjing’s swollen body to also shrink with it.

Fu Jingjing’s eyes finally showed a look of determination, and she said with a cold smile: “Just wait, it won’t be long before you, the nutrients, will usher in the end.”

After he finished speaking, a red light suddenly lit up deep in Fu Jingjing’s eyes.

At this moment, the voice of Xianghua suddenly sounded in Jiang Yun’s ears: “Sir, stop her quickly, she is losing her soul!”

Scatter your soul!

The so-called soul dispersion is somewhat similar to the dispersion of scales, which is to erase everything in one’s own soul.

To put it simply, you are turning yourself into a fool.

The soul became blank, which naturally meant that all memories disappeared.

Without memory, one will no longer even possess the cultivation level, and only a powerful physical body will be left.

Obviously, Fu Jingjing realized that she could not be Jiang Yun’s opponent in Luo Ling’s plane, so she gave up on self-destruction and chose to make herself a fool, thus preventing Jiang Yun from knowing any of her secrets.

Jiang Yun was really shocked!

How terrifying are the secrets involved in Wu Tu Ji Tu, so that two disciples from aristocratic families, half a step beyond the powerful, one self-destructed and the other lost his soul?

The more this happened, the more Jiang Yun wanted to find out the secret.

The next moment, a candle appeared in Jiang Yun’s eyes and he looked at Fu Jingjing.

Fu Jingjing originally smiled ferociously, but when she saw the candle in Jiang Yun’s eyes, her smile suddenly solidified.

Of course she knew that it was the innate magical power of the Zhulong lineage.

But she never expected that Jiang Yun in front of her could actually perform it.

In other words, she thinks Jiang Yun is from the Zhulong lineage!

Fu Jingjing was so stunned that she was easily led into the night by Jiang Yun.

While she was still thinking about Jiang Yun’s identity, her eyebrows suddenly hurt, and a powerful consciousness, like an awl, drilled into her soul.


Fu Jingjing let out a scream and covered her brows with both hands, trying to prevent this spiritual consciousness from entering.

But the reason why Jiang Yun wanted to take her into the night was to better prevent her soul from wandering away, so how could he let her get her wish.

In the darkness around Fu Jingjing, several arms silently stretched out and grabbed Fu Jingjing’s limbs respectively, preventing her from moving at all.

And Jiang Yun’s consciousness also drove straight in and successfully entered her soul.

However, the memory of a half-step transcendent master is so complicated.

In addition, Fu Jingjing had already begun to lose her soul before, and now she is still continuing to lose her soul, but at a slower pace, so the situation in her soul is extremely chaotic.

Groups of light of various colors were scattered everywhere in a chaotic manner.

Each light group represents a memory, and most of them have several cracks on them.

The number of light groups is simply impossible to calculate.

“Point by point!”

Jiang Yun divided his consciousness into two, two into four, four into eight… until it split into countless rays and rushed into each light group.

A large number of complex and chaotic memories rushed towards Jiang Yun like a tide, almost drowning him.

Jiang Yun didn’t have time to take a closer look at Fu Jingjing’s memories. He just searched for memories related to Longwen Red Cauldron, Wu Tu Ji Tu, etc.

While Jiang Yun was searching for his memory, the light group was still disappearing.

Just when Jiang Yun was about to lose confidence, Jiang Yun finally saw a broken memory in a broken ball of light.

No, not seeing, but hearing!

The memory has no pictures, only some intermittent conversations remain.

Jiang Yun heard an old man’s voice saying: “One Yuan, Two Instruments, Three…Nine Palaces, among which are known, Three Talents, Five Elements and Five Directions Cauldron Face…”

“Wutujitu…the earth, one of the three talents, one of the five elements,…falling face.”

“The ambition of the Tao Lord…to raise the tripod and prove the Tao…”


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