The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8299: Family love

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Xu Huocai explained to Jiang Yun what Endless Wood is.

Although the growth method of Endless Wood is extremely brutal and domineering, this is not a strength.

What’s more, Jiang Yun is an alchemist and knows a lot about the properties of plants and trees.

Since Endless Wood can be called a sacred tree, there should be other special features.

Now that the Endless Tree outside the entire tripod has been artificially destroyed to the point where only a few trees are left, it sounds reasonable for the Fu family to want to use this Wu Tuji soil to cultivate an Endless Tree.

However, Jiang Yun always felt that the purpose of the two Fu family should be more than that.

After pondering for a moment, Jiang Yun continued to ask calmly: “How do you know that Wutujitu is hidden here?”

Wutujitu’s hiding place is very secretive. Only after truly subduing the dragon pattern can one enter the three secret spaces.

Jiang Yun felt that even Peng San might not know the existence of Wu Tu Ji Tu.

Of course, it is also possible that Peng San actually knew about Wutu Jitu, but because the imperial servants were more concerned about Daojun’s Taoist heart, he did not mention it.

But how did they know about the Fu family who had just sent people into the cauldron?

Could it be that the Fu family is also part of the Emperor’s lineage, or is it the subordinate of another strong man outside the tripod who can rival Dao Lord?

Fu Jingjing no longer felt any fear at all, she even had a smile on her face and said, “We carry a Dingkun Talisman!”

“The Dingkun Talisman is specially used to find Wutujitu.”

“Originally we didn’t know that there was Wutujitu in the cauldron.”

“After all, Dao Lord is too powerful, and our Fu family is just a small family, and we don’t even dare to get close to the Longwen Red Cauldron.”

“But not long ago, the Dao Lord suddenly withdrew the Zhending Hengmen and all the Dao guards, leaving the Longwen Red Cauldron completely undefended.”

“It happened that our brother, sister and uncle were traveling near the tripod, and the Dingkun Talisman we carried with us reacted.”

“So, my uncle asked us brothers and sisters to go into the cauldron to find out.”

“We didn’t dare to delay. After entering the tripod, we relied on the guidance of the Dingkun Talisman to get here all the way.”

Fu Jingjing closed her mouth, but Jiang Yun could no longer calm down in his heart.

Fu Jingjing’s story is still reasonable and has no flaws.

Jiang Yun even heard the two of them mention the existence of an uncle before.

However, Jiang Yun’s bigger concern now is that Dao Lord has actually withdrawn Zhen Ding Hengmen and Dao Guards.

In this way, wouldn’t the monks outside the cauldron be able to enter the cauldron at will?

Can monks inside the cauldron also go outside the cauldron?

Jiang Yun thought quickly in his mind: “The Tao Lord must have noticed that the Taoist heart he had hidden here was snatched away by the Peng family ancestor.”

“In addition, I subdued the dragon pattern, which took away control of the Luo Ling side.”

“There is also a lineage of Piukong who also led people to other Sifang Ding faces. Maybe someone also gained control of the tripod faces.”

“In the end, there was a sudden outburst of resentment.”

“With all these factors combined, Daojun cannot be said to have completely lost control of Longwen Red Cauldron, but at least he has lost part of it.”

“But, just because of these setbacks, Daojun broke the pot, was willing to give up his plan, gave up the Longwen Red Cauldron, and gave the Longwen Red Cauldron to others to fight for?”

Jiang Yun shook his head gently: “Impossible!”

“If Daojun only has this ability, he is not worthy of being called Daojun.”

“Master Dao must have a deeper intention for doing this!”

Seeing that Jiang Yun didn’t speak for a long time, Fu Jingjing actually took the initiative and said, “Do you have any more questions?”

“If not, can you let us go?”

Jiang Yun looked up at Fu Ningmin, and ten colored marks suddenly appeared in his eyes, spinning rapidly.

Although Fu Ningmin could not stop Fu Jingjing, he always kept his mouth shut.

And he naturally did not expect that Jiang Yun would suddenly use his magical power on him.

Caught off guard, he was instantly brought into a lucid dream by Jiang Yun.

Seeing the ten colored marks appearing in his brother’s eyes, Fu Jingjing’s expression suddenly changed and she shouted to Jiang Yun, “What are you doing!”

Jiang Yun ignored her at all, and started to repeat the question to Fu Ningmin in his dream.

Although there was nothing wrong with what Fu Jingjing said, it was certainly impossible for Jiang Yun to completely believe it.

Now, he needs to verify it from Fu Ningmin.

For the first few questions, Fu Ningmin’s answers were almost the same as Fu Jingjing’s, but when Jiang Yun asked about the role of Wutujitu, Fu Ningmin frowned, and his facial features were slightly distorted, as if I am extremely reluctant to answer this question.

Jiang Yun sneered in his heart, knowing that he had asked about the more important secret in the other person’s heart.

Under the premise that Fu Jingjing had already given an answer, Fu Ningmin still showed such a resistant attitude, which proved that Fu Jingjing’s answer was false.

The colored marks in Jiang Yun’s eyes were spinning more and more crazily, and finally Fu Ningmin opened his mouth and stammered: “Three talents, five…”

However, just when Fu Ningmin said three words, his body suddenly expanded violently, making it impossible for him to continue talking.

This time it was Jiang Yun’s turn to change his expression, wave his sleeves, and the Shiwanmangshan suddenly rose from the ground, turned into a ray of light, and submerged into his body.

At the same time, Jiang Yun’s figure also disappeared instantly.

The next moment, a loud “boom” sound came, and Fu Ningmin blew himself up!

Even if Jiang Yun is the master of Luo Ling Nian, he does not dare to look down upon the self-destruction of a half-step transcendent expert, and he is even more reluctant to let the Hundred Thousand Mangshan Talisman be damaged.

That’s why Jiang Yun put away Shiwanmangshan and hid.


Fu Jingjing’s shrill cry came out from the endless waves of self-destruction.

But before Fu Jingjing’s voice fell, Jiang Yun’s figure had appeared again, reaching out towards Qi Langxu and saying: “Don’t even think about leaving!”


Amidst the dull impact, a half-human-high space hole that had just been opened was directly closed by Jiang Yun.

Fu Jingjing’s roar sounded in the distance: “Thief, you actually killed my eldest brother, I will fight with you!”

Jiang Yun smiled coldly and said, “My brother will be killed as soon as he is told. The family affection between your Fu family is really touching to me.”

Fu Ningmin was in a lucid dream, and his whole person was like a puppet, controlled by Jiang Yun.

If he really had the idea of ​​self-destruction, how could Jiang Yun not notice it at all.

However, Fu Ningmin blew himself up.

There is only one explanation for this unreasonableness, and that is that there is someone more powerful than Jiang Yun controlling Fu Ningmin’s body.

It was this person who forced Fu Ningmin to blow himself up! ωω

Of course the person present who can do this is Fu Jingjing.

Moreover, after Fu Ningmin blew himself up, Fu Jingjing, who was closest to him, was unharmed and even immediately opened an exit from the landing surface.

This is enough to show that it was Fu Jingjing who controlled Fu Ningmin to self-destruct.

The purpose of her doing this was naturally to prevent Fu Ningmin from telling the real reason why they came to take Wutujitu!


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