The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8006: Unexpected effect

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Jiang Yun no longer cares whether the humanoid shadow has left or not.

At this moment, his mind was just filled with the words that the other party said before leaving——

The Hongmeng Yuan Stone is refined into a magical weapon that can open the way to the outside of the tripod!

The ultimate fate of the creatures in the cauldron is the battle between Tao and Dharma.

Regardless of the final victory or defeat, at least more than half of the creatures will definitely die.

But if you can leave the inside of the cauldron and go outside the cauldron, then maybe you can survive.

Everyone can understand this truth.

For the creatures inside the cauldron, there is only one way to go outside the cauldron, which is to become a transcendent and powerful person.

Although Jiang Yiyun formed the ancient cauldron back then, several of them went outside the cauldron after becoming transcendent strong men, and their life cards were shattered.

But Jiang Yun knew that Ye Dong, Jiang Mingran and other detached strong men born in the Daoxing region were still alive and well outside the tripod.

Unfortunately, becoming a transcendent and powerful person is also an impossible thing for most monks.

However, if a road can be opened to the outside of the cauldron, then all the creatures in the cauldron can go outside the cauldron.

Of course, even if you go outside the cauldron, you may not be able to survive, but at least it will give the creatures inside the cauldron one more possibility of survival.

Even if, like Jiang Yiyun, he takes the Longwen Red Cauldron as his own and subdues all the monks outside the cauldron, including the nine Creator Lords.

Then you may have the qualifications to negotiate with Dao Lord Bai Ye and others, which may not mean that you cannot save all the creatures in the cauldron!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun felt as if his blood was boiling!

Although if you want to achieve all this, it is no less difficult than becoming a transcendent strong man and winning the battle between Tao and Dharma.

But if it succeeds, the benefits and results will be completely different from the first two!


After a long time, Jiang Yun let out a long breath, calming down his excited heart, and said to himself: “It’s still too early to think about this now.”

“There are so many things that need to be prepared.”

Not to mention anything else, just trying to use the Hongmeng Yuan Stone to refine a magic weapon is as difficult as climbing to the sky!

Hongmeng Yuanshi is not a stone, it is dust!

And if you want to use a magic weapon to open a passage, you need at least a sword and other objects.

Jiang Yun couldn’t even imagine how much dust it would take to refine a sword.

It is unclear whether so many Hongmeng Yuanshi can be collected in the entire cauldron.

Furthermore, even if the Hongmeng Yuan Stones are gathered together, among the current monks in the tripod, Jiang Yun feels that Ji Kongfan may not be able to use the Hongmeng Yuan Stones to refine magical weapons.

After all, according to my own perception, Hongmeng Yuanshi is just ordinary dust, with neither power nor other energy contained in it.

Such materials, used to refine weapons, not only test the skill of the weapon refiner, but also have extremely high requirements on strength.

Jiang Yun finally turned his consciousness to the white petals in his hand.

At first glance, Jiang Yun’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.

This is said to be a petal, but in fact it is equivalent to a magic weapon, with its own space inside.

It is clearly visible that there are about hundreds of Hongmeng Yuan Qi inside, as well as a ball of Hongmeng Yuan Stone the size of a dragon’s eye!

The reason why it is said to be a group is because it is formed by a large number of Hongmeng Yuanshi condensed together.

Jiang Yun made a rough estimate and found that the number of Hongmeng Yuanshi inside should be tens of thousands.

A Hongmeng Yuan Stone represents a star or the world.

Jiang Yun never expected that the shadow had collected so many Hongmeng Yuanshi and gave them to him so generously.

Jiang Yun thought just now that he might not be able to collect enough Hongmeng Yuanshi to refine weapons, but now he has hope again.

Looking at these Hongmeng Yuanshi and Hongmeng Qi, Jiang Yun said to himself: “He said before that he would give some of them to me.”

“In other words, he must still have Hongmeng Qi and Hongmeng Yuan Stone in his body.”

“If I still want it, I’m afraid I can only agree to cooperate with him and use soul lotus and soul blood in exchange!”

Jiang Yun simply didn’t believe that the other party would be so kind and would give away so much Hongmeng Qi and Hongmeng Yuanshi just to form a good relationship with him.

Especially when the other party left, he specifically told himself that the magic weapon made of Hongmeng Yuanshi could open the passage to the outside of the tripod.

Therefore, the other party’s real purpose is to use Hongmeng Qi and Hongmeng Yuanshi to induce him to cooperate with him.

Although Jiang Yun was indeed tempted, he still did not consider using soul blood and soul lotus in exchange.

Jiang Yun carefully inspected the white petals, and after confirming that there was no spiritual power in them, he carefully put them into his body.

Turning his head and looking around, Jiang Yun continued to rush towards Jiang Ying’s location without further delay.

As Jiang Yun left, the human-shaped shadow emerged from the darkness again, muttering: “I don’t know if this step is a good bet or not!”

“However, I think we will definitely meet again!”

After the words fell, the shadow figure disappeared.

One day later, Jiang Yun had found Jiang Ying.

In just four days, the aura exuding from Jiang Ying’s body has increased tremendously.

Originally, Jiang Ying was only as powerful as a Dharma-level emperor, but now, he is already faintly moving towards an extremely-level emperor!

This made Jiang Yun extremely happy.

If Jiang Ying is given enough time, no more than a few months, I’m afraid he might become a half-step transcendent!

Of course, the premise is that Jiang Ying needs to be given something that he can swallow and be useful to him.

When Jiang Ying heard that Jiang Yun was leaving, she couldn’t help showing hesitation and whispered: “Brother, can I continue to stay here!”

Jiang Yun naturally understands Jiang Ying’s desire to become stronger. Now that he has finally found a place where he can improve his strength, he is really reluctant to leave.

It’s just that Jiang Yun has to go.

Moreover, whether Jiang Yun goes to find the nine tribes or goes to the place where he should be certified, he must ensure that he is in good condition and cannot leave even a Taoist body behind.

Without his own protection, Jiang Ying would lose his life if he encountered danger.

Therefore, Jiang Yun shook his head and said: “No.”

“You don’t have to worry. After you go back, you can go to the Jitian Law Domain. I believe there will be a similar star world for you to devour.”

“When the time comes, I will find someone who is half-detached to accompany you!”

Jitian Legal Domain has been captured by Ji Kongfan and others.

Although there are still living beings inside, there are also many uninhabited star worlds that are also suitable for Jiang Ying to devour.

Jiang Ying did not dare to disobey Jiang Yun’s order, so he could only nodded. He was about to turn into a shadow, but Jiang Yun suddenly stopped him and said: “Jiang Ying, why don’t you try it? Qi, will there be any effect after swallowing it?”

Although Hongmeng Qi is best used to temper the body, Jiang Ying’s life form is special.

And Hongmeng Qi is the top gas.

Then maybe if he swallows Hongmeng’s energy, it will have unexpected effects.

Jiang Yun took out a beam of Hongmeng Qi, and Jiang Ying opened his mouth and swallowed it!


I saw that Jiang Ying’s body suddenly expanded rapidly, and it was obvious that it was about to explode!


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