The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8005: One of the Nine

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Looking at the white petals that suddenly appeared in front of him, Jiang Yun frowned slightly.

Because, Jiang Yun felt that he had never seen this petal before, but it felt a bit familiar.

The human-shaped shadow behind him also spoke again: “There are nine petals like this!”

Hearing these words and looking at the white petals, Jiang Yun’s heart couldn’t help but beat heavily. He suddenly turned around and said to the human-shaped shadow: “You are one of the nine transcendent beings outside the tripod!”

The humanoid shadow nodded and said: “Yes!”

The nine-person tripod is transcendent and lives in one, or rather nine, nine-petaled flowers!

The location of the nine-petal flower is in a space within the Cauldron Heart Region, called the Tomb of Burial Flowers.

Jiang Yun not only saw the Nine-petaled Flower, but he even met several powerful and transcendent people outside the cauldron.

However, the nine-petal flowers Jiang Yun saw were all complete flowers with nine petals.

That’s why when he saw this single white petal at this moment, he didn’t recognize it for a moment.

Now, having received the affirmative answer from the human-shaped shadow, Jiang Yun looked at the white petals in front of him, and was naturally sure that it was indeed a petal on the nine-petal flower.

And Jiang Yun was also shocked.

He naturally has many speculations about the identity of the shadow.

But I really never thought that the other party would be one of the nine detached people outside the tripod.

After coming back to his senses, Jiang Yun asked with some confusion: “I remember that the nine of you seem to be unable to leave the nine-petaled flower?”

“How come you are alone in this vast realm of souls, or is it that I am actually among your flowers now!”

The detached function of the Nine Cauldrons is to evolve the one hundred and eight great realms within the Longwen Red Cauldron, as well as all creatures and other things.

But just like Beichenzi, they are absolutely not allowed to interfere with any affairs within the tripod, and cannot leave the scope of the Nine-petaled Flower.

Therefore, Jiang Yun really couldn’t figure out why he met a transcendent person here.

“I am not my true self, and this is not the flower.”

Shadow answered: “You can also understand that I am here. So far, except for you, no one else in the cauldron should know.”

Jiang Yun immediately followed the other party’s words and asked: “What about outside the tripod? Where is Daojun?”

This question made Shadow fall into silence.

After a long time, he raised his hand, gently moved the white petals into his body, then shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

“I also wanted to test and see if Mr. Dao knew.”

Jiang Yun didn’t speak any more, but was spinning thoughts rapidly in his mind, thinking about how credible the other party’s words were.

Shadow obviously knew what Jiang Yun was thinking, and still remained silent, standing there motionless, giving Jiang Yun enough time.

Jiang Yun quickly grasped the key question and said: “You were unwilling to say anything just now. Why did you suddenly change your mind and tell me your true identity now?”

Shadow shrugged his shoulders and said: “Of course it’s because, except you, no one can help me get soul blood and soul lotus.”

“I can only tell you my identity in exchange for your trust.”

Jiang Yun shook his head and said: “Even if I know your identity, I can’t trust you.”

These nine people are transcendent outside the cauldron, but their identities inside the cauldron are the real “Heaven”, a supreme existence like the Creator of the World.

Now, one of the creators came to find him and asked him to help him obtain the soul blood condensed from the souls of the creatures in the cauldron and the innate soul lotus born in the cauldron. Of course, Jiang Yun could not trust him.


Shadow sighed again: “Don’t worry, since I have told you my identity, I will naturally tell you some other things.”

“You must be curious, why do I insist on soul lotus and soul blood?”

“It’s actually very simple. You should already know that the nine powers born in the cauldron are just enough to restrain the nine of us.”

“What restrains me is the power of the soul clan.”

“Only by obtaining the soul lotus and soul blood can I be able to compete with the soul power in the cauldron and not be restrained.”

Jiang Yun had a look of surprise on his face, no wonder the other party would come to this soul realm.

The shadow continued: “Of course, you will definitely think that once I am no longer restrained by the soul power in the cauldron, I can do whatever I want.”

“But in fact, whether it is the one hundred and eight great domains in the tripod or the countless creatures born, including you, they were all created by the nine of us.”

“In the eyes of the nine of us, you are just like our children, and we will not hurt you at all!”

“In fact, on the contrary, we are extremely intolerable to this legal battle, the domain war, and the cannibalism between you!”

“But there is nothing we can do to stop you.”

“Because we are also controlled by others, and we are also restrained by the nine powers in the tripod.”

“I want to no longer be restrained by soul power, just to help you and prevent the battle between Tao and Dharma as much as possible!”

Jiang Yun stared deeply at the shadow, suddenly laughed and said: “You dare to stop the dispute between Taoism and Dharma?”

“Aren’t you afraid that Mr. Dao will stop you first?”

Although Jiang Yun would not believe everything Shadow said, it was at least reasonable.

But Jiang Yun didn’t believe his last words at all.

The dispute between Tao and Fa is a bet between Tao Jun and Bai Ye.

The Nine Dingwai Detao, like Beichenzi, are all subordinates of Dao Lord.

Even if they could not be restrained by the power of the nine clans, they would never have the courage to disobey the Dao Lord’s orders, offend the Zhulong lineage, and prevent the Dao-fa struggle within the tripod.

Shadow seemed speechless after being retorted by Jiang Yun, and stood there silently.

When Jiang Yun was about to lose his patience with waiting, Shadow finally continued: “I thought you could really be different from others!”

“It seems that I still overestimated you.”

“I can only say that the purpose of the existence of Longwen Red Cauldron is not just a dispute between Taoism and law!”

Jiang Yun’s heart moved.

This question was discussed with Blood Spirit not long ago, but he could not come up with an answer.

Unexpectedly, now from Shadow’s mouth, I finally got a definite answer!

“Forget it!” Shadow continued: “I can reveal my identity to you, but there are some things I still can’t tell you.”

“Let’s stop the cooperation!”

“I should have erased your memory of meeting me, but I’ll think about it and let you remember it.”

“If one day you change your mind, you can come here to find me!”

“Although cooperation is not possible, I can still give you some Hongmeng Qi and Hongmeng Yuanshi, which can be regarded as forming a good relationship with you.”

As he spoke, Shadow raised his hand and waved lightly towards Jiang Yun. The white petals that he had just collected appeared again and flew towards Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun didn’t want to accept it, but the petals rushed directly into his body, forcing him to raise his hands to catch it.

When Jiang Yun caught the petals and looked up again, there was no figure in front of him.

Only the voice of the human figure continued to sound: “The Hongmeng Yuan Stone, if it can be refined into a magical weapon, can open the way to the outside of the tripod!”

“Also, you must remember that you cannot tell anyone about your meeting today, especially your senior sister Situ Jing!”


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