The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7700: Spell pattern rotation

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When Jiang Yun came to the edge of Wanzhu’s domain, his figure was completely hidden in the darkness.

Unless someone with similar strength to him, no one would be able to detect his existence.

Because the Ten Thousand Lords’ Domain is heavily guarded, whenever a creature arrives, even the monks of the Ten Thousand Lords’ Domain, they will be subject to interrogation and show their identities.

Confirm that your identity is correct, and there will be a teleportation map for you to enter directly.

Jiang Yun originally wanted to look like a fat old man, but it was a pity that when he took the soul of the other party, he was too hasty and did not have time to take away the magic weapon of the other party.

In the old man’s magic weapon, there is a token representing his identity.

Therefore, Jiang Yun can only use this method now to see if he can sneak into Wanzhu’s jurisdiction silently.

Standing in front of those dharma lines that appeared and disappeared, Jiang Yun stopped his figure, and did not step in directly in a hurry, but observed intently.

From a distance, these magic lines seem to be extremely close to the Law of the Lord.

But in reality, they stretch across thousands of miles.

Thousands of miles away, it is extremely peaceful.

And within the range of ten thousand miles, one after another dharma lines, like spirit snakes, fly up and down, wandering among them, without a fixed route.

Once someone touches one of the magic lines, it will immediately trigger a chain reaction.

Not only will all the other magic lines attack the intruders, but they will also alarm the monks in the Domain of the Lords.

Each spell pattern contains the power of a law.

If you don’t know the law very well, you don’t know which spell has which power.

They attack at the same time, which is equivalent to countless monks working together.

In short, without an identity token, it is almost impossible to safely cross the distance of thousands of miles without touching these magic patterns.

As for breaking in, Jiang Yun will not do it!

In the Lawland of Ten Thousand Lords, there are twelve half-step transcendent powerhouses on the surface.

Even though some of them are not in the legal domain, this is the legal domain. The environment is not good for Jiang Yun, and Jiang Yun is confident that he can escape if he is half a step away from the upper digits.

But if you want to enter the Great Soul Realm again, it will be as difficult as reaching the sky.

However, from the memory of the obese old man, Jiang Yun knows that although the wandering of these magic lines has no fixed trajectory, they will rotate every other period of time, that is, change the movement pattern again. track.

This kind of rotation is like the rotation of soldiers. It advances layer by layer, from the outside to the inside, and changes in turn until all the spells are rotated once.

During rotation, the magic pattern will temporarily disappear bit by bit according to the area.

The whole process will last for three breaths.

In other words, within these three breaths, as long as the speed is fast enough, you can smoothly enter the Ten Thousand Lords’ Domain without touching the dharma lines.

Jiang Yun is waiting for this process!

This interval will not be too long, as long as one month and as short as ten days.

Anyway, Jiang Yun’s injury has not healed yet.

Moreover, if the candle dragon’s blood and the fire seed can decide the winner during the waiting time, it will also give him more means to save his life.

In this way, Jiang Yun sat cross-legged in the darkness of nothingness, staring intently at the changes in the magic patterns within the range of thousands of miles ahead.

At first, Jiang Yun thought that he would wait at least a few days.

Unexpectedly, after only two hours, within a range of ten thousand miles, the outermost magic lines had already begun to disappear.

This represents the start of the spell rotation.

Of course Jiang Yun would not enter directly now, but stared at these magic lines with his spiritual consciousness, and recorded the time and position of their disappearance.

After three breaths, the rotation ends!

The wandering trajectory of the magic pattern has changed.

Jiang Yun remembered all the changes in his heart, closed his eyes, and waited for the second rotation.

However, what Jiang Yun did not expect was that a day later, the second rotation would start again.

“Isn’t it only after ten days at the shortest time that the rotation takes place?”

Jiang Yun frowned slightly, and thought to himself: “Could it be that the time has changed now, so that it turns once a day?”

Because he was puzzled, Jiang Yun still didn’t step into it this time, but continued to watch the whole process, which was exactly the same as last time, without any difference.

After reading it twice, Jiang Yun already has absolute confidence that he can enter the Law of the Lord without touching the magic pattern.

It’s just that Jiang Yun felt a little strange about the sudden change in the interval.

After all, according to the memory of the obese old man, the time between the rotation of the magic pattern has not changed for tens of thousands of years.

Especially when the old man took Hun Chengyu and others to set off for the Extreme Heaven Law Domain this time, nothing changed.

Why is it that now that I am here, the spell rotation time suddenly changes every day?

Next, Jiang Yun waited for another three days, which proved his conjecture that the rotation of the magic pattern turned into once a day!

On the sixth day, seeing that the fifth spell rotation was about to start, Jiang Yun said to himself: “The sudden change in the spell rotation time is most likely because of me!”

“The Law of the Ten Thousand Lords already knows that I am coming, so this is simply a trap they set up!”

In six days, Jiang Yun had already thought that Zi Xu might still be alive, and informed the Ten Thousand Masters’ Law Region of the news that he was going to the Hun You Da Realm.

Therefore, the Ten Thousand Masters’ Law Region changed the rotation time of the magic pattern, deliberately relaxed its defenses, and lured itself in!

“In this way, it is a bit risky to enter directly, so let’s wait and see if any monks from the Law of the Lords will come back.”

“If there are any, then I can grab a few and enter as the other party.”

Jiang Yun continued to wait.

While he was waiting, a group of people were also waiting in the area covered by the Wanli Law Rune, within the Domain of the Wanzhu.

There are six people in this group, and each of them is a half-step detachment.

The leader is a middle-aged strong man with an unusually burly figure, cold eyes, and a line in the shape of the word “zhu” between his brows.

He is the Lord of Lords!

After receiving the notice from Zixu, they inquired about the location of Jiang Yun and Zixu’s fight in detail, and speculated that Jiang Yun would come from this direction, so they changed the interval of spell rotation and waited for Jiang Yun’s arrival arrival.

An old man said to Master Wan: “My lord, is Jiang Yun afraid to come?”

“Or has he changed his location and is preparing to enter our Lord’s Law from another place?”

It has been more than a month since Zixu’s notification, and they still haven’t waited for Jiang Yun.

For Jiang Yun, they also temporarily gave up other things.

Especially for the attack on Liangyi Dayu, some of the results they had obtained were taken away by Kudu Daoyu, so they lost their patience.

Wanzhu shook his head and said: “Since Zixu has changed the teleportation position of the teleportation array, he must go to the unknown depths of darkness.”

“Otherwise, he would have nowhere else to go but come to us.”

“It’s okay, let’s continue to wait!”

When another ten days passed, Jiang Yun still did not wait for anyone to arrive.

Seeing that another rotation of magic pattern is about to start, Jiang Yun finally stood up and said: “I can’t just wait here forever!”

Today, his injuries have healed, and he decided not to wait any longer, but to enter the Law of the Lords no matter what.

But just as he raised his foot and was about to step into the Wanli area, he suddenly discovered that within the blood bead, the battle between the candle dragon’s blood and the fire seed had ended!


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