The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7701: A candle

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Jiang Yun never expected that it would be such a coincidence that when he was about to enter the domain of Wanzhu, the fight between the two just ended.

After a little hesitation, Jiang Yun raised his foot, and instead of continuing to move forward, he stepped towards the rear.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Yun had already moved away from the area covered by the Wanli magic pattern.

If he hadn’t guessed that the Ten Thousand Lords’ Law Region might have set up a trap, then Jiang Yun wouldn’t care about the outcome of the battle between Candle Dragon’s Blood and the Fire Seed for the time being.

But now, Jiang Yun really wants to see if the changes that have taken place between these two after the end of the battle can help him deal with the traps that may be set by the Wanzhu Law.

After completely leaving the Ten Thousand Lords’ Domain, Jiang Yun randomly found a dark place, continued to hide in it, sat down cross-legged, and infiltrated his consciousness into the blood beads.

The monstrous waves of blood and countless candle dragon blood shadows have all disappeared.

The entire endless sea of ​​blood has regained its calm.

Even, even the majestic power originally contained in this drop of blood has been reduced by at least 90%!

The disappearance of power, if Jiang Yiyun or other monks are replaced, they will definitely feel extremely distressed.

Because if those powers can be absorbed by monks, they can definitely greatly improve their strength.

But Jiang Yun not only didn’t feel distressed, after feeling it and confirming that Zhulong’s blood was not affected in the slightest, he showed excitement on the contrary.

What Jiang Yun wants is not the power in the blood of the candle dragon!

This is Ding Nei!

No matter how powerful the candle dragon is, it still belongs to the power outside the cauldron, and it is naturally bound and restricted by various rules within the cauldron.

Bai Ye used his own power to find a way to not be restrained, and he could hide the truth from Bei Chenzi and even Daojun.

But Jiang Yun has no way to be like him.

Just like the detached power of the nine tripods, even if Jiang Yun absorbed all of them, unless he went to the tripod, otherwise, not only would it not be very useful, but once he used it, it might cause Beichenzi, Daojun and others. people’s attention.

Therefore, what Jiang Yun wants is the blood of Zhulong!

Now that the power in the fresh blood has weakened, it is more convenient for him to incorporate the blood of the candle dragon into his own.

Then, Jiang Yun’s consciousness looked at the fire again!

Fire is located in the center of the blood sea.

At this moment, it is also becoming ordinary again.

The lines on it that had previously manifested as flames also disappeared without a trace.

It seems that the seal has disappeared, but when Jiang Yun’s consciousness touched the fire and wanted to enter it, he still felt a resistance.

The seal is still there!

However, the power contained in this seal is already extremely weak.

In short, the confrontation between the fire seed and the blood of the candle dragon is really a result of mutual losses.

Although each of them retained some strength in the end, they helped Jiang Yun.

“According to the original fire, the seal he set can not be undone by the power in the cauldron.”

“Then I can use the last remaining power of the candle dragon’s blood to completely break the seal.”

“If the original fire really left me something among the fire seeds, such as pure fire power, then I can incorporate it into the avenue of fire.”

“However, before that, I need to incorporate Candle Dragon’s bloodline into my own bloodline!”

After confirming that there was no force that could threaten him within the blood bead, Jiang Yun’s consciousness finally entered it completely and began to examine it carefully.

Although Jiang Yun has mastered the technique of blood vessels, he has also performed it for others.

But it was the first time for him to include other bloodlines, especially the candle dragon bloodline whose life level and strength were higher than his own.

There is some certainty, but it is also necessary to understand the blood of Zhulong as much as possible.

After watching for a while, Jiang Yun was relieved.

Because, in the final analysis, the bloodline of Zhulong is also composed of special lines that belong to their lineage.

Jiang Yun has a very high attainment in texture.

What’s more, Jiang Yiyun also gave Jiang Yun his understanding of Wen.

Therefore, Jiang Yun’s grasp is also greater.

It’s just that the lines of Candle Dragon’s bloodline are too complicated, so that even if everything goes well, the whole process will take a long time.

It can be as little as a few years, and if it is more, there is no upper limit, and hundreds of years are possible.

If it was someone else who could surely incorporate the candle dragon bloodline into their own bloodline, let alone hundreds of years, they would be willing to do so for tens of thousands of years.

Once successful, the benefits to them are immeasurable.

The innate supernatural powers of Zhulong’s lineage alone cannot be bought by time at all.

But what Jiang Yun lacks most now is time.

It will take him hundreds of years to incorporate the candle dragon bloodline, and by the time he succeeds, the Daoxing Dayu is likely to be gone.

So, instead, he hesitated again.

After pondering for a long time, Jiang Yun said to himself: “Try it!”

“Three years, if you can’t succeed, give up temporarily!”

After the words fell, Jiang Yun first summoned Bei Ming and wrapped himself up.

Then, he arranged another dream for himself, slowing down the passage of time by twenty times.

Although he can also slow down the passage of time, in that case, he would have to be distracted to control the time, which may cause the dream to become unstable.

Time passed twenty times slower, allowing him to concentrate on nothing else.

After making all the preparations, Jiang Yun separated a ray of consciousness, watched the surroundings, and began to concentrate on studying the blood of the candle dragon.

People in the Ten Thousand Lords’ Law Region will naturally not know about Jiang Yun’s retreat.

They are still guarding that position, waiting for Jiang Yun to appear,

Time is like water, as the time passes slowly, another month passes in the blink of an eye.

At this time, there is no need for his subordinates to speak, Wanzhu has already frowned and said: “You two, divide into two groups, follow this direction to find Jiang Yun.”

At other times, waiting for months or years is nothing more than a flick of a finger for them, and they don’t care at all.

But they are now at war!

In order to wait for Jiang Yun, the twelve half-step detachment, including Wanzhu, took half of them here to wait for Jiang Yun.

At the same time, in order to prevent Jiang Yun from going directly to the Hunyou Great Domain, Wanzhu sent three half-step escapers to guard the Hunyou Great Domain.

In this way, they almost gave up the Liangyi Dayu.

After waiting for more than two months, they have not only vomited out almost all the territory they occupied at the beginning in Liangyi Dayu, but they are about to be beaten back to their hometown!

Therefore, Wanzhu couldn’t wait any longer!

Four half-step escapes led the order to leave, and the soldiers split into two groups to look for Jiang Yun’s trace.

Although Jiang Yun is not too far away from them, Jiang Yun’s strength is comparable to theirs.

The power of space and darkness is even stronger than them.

In addition, there is Bei Ming’s protection, making it impossible for them to discover Jiang Yun’s existence.

More importantly, the four of them had waited for more than two months and did not believe that Jiang Yun would come.

Therefore, their search is nothing more than looking at flowers on horseback and pretending.

However, in order not to make Wanzhu suspicious, the scope of their search is constantly expanding.

Until more than half a month passed, the two half-step escaped without success, and when they returned to the Ten Thousand Lords’ Domain, one of them’s spiritual consciousness happened to be swept past Beiming’s body.

They didn’t notice the existence of Beiming, but when this half-step detachment withdrew his consciousness, a candle suddenly lit up in the darkness under Beiming’s body!


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