The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7464: Nine detachments


The nine petals didn’t fully bloom, they only opened a little bit, but because the petals were so huge that after they opened, they formed a hole the size of a hundred feet.

Looking up at the hole on the top of the head, the woman suddenly said to Jiang Yun: “Senior, this senior, it seems that not only is he alive, but also, he should not be imprisoned here.”

Before, the woman and Jiang Yun agreed that this huge old man, just like Luo Rongying and others, was imprisoned in this nine-petaled flower and had already died.

But now the opening of these nine petals cannot be done by the petals themselves.

Therefore, in the woman’s mind, it can only be done by this giant old man.

And since the old man can open the petals, it proves that he is indeed still alive, and it can also prove that he can easily leave the nine-petaled flower as long as he stands up, so naturally he will not be imprisoned here up.

Jiang Yun was silent, and after a while, he responded to the woman: “Let’s leave here first, let’s see and talk.”

Because he had the experience of contacting the Taoist three corpses, and Jiang Yun knew secrets that many women did not know, he did not think that the giant old man in front of him was free.

After all, a free and detached strongman really has no reason to remain silent, sitting in a flower like a mummy.

Not to mention turning Luo Rongying and others into mummies and flowers, but letting him alone, and even sending himself out of his body on his own initiative.

Therefore, Jiang Yun believes that this old man should be unable to communicate with himself and other living beings for some unknown reason, so he can only use various methods to remind others, hoping that others can understand him. mean.

Since the old man opened the petals to reveal a hole, it is natural to let Jiang Yun pass through the hole and look outside the flower!

Although the woman doesn’t know Jiang Yun’s thoughts, she is still on the tree of reincarnation at the moment, so she can only follow Jiang Yun wherever she wants to go.

After Jiang Yun took a deep look at the old man, he flew towards the upper hole.

During the flight, Jiang Yun slowed down and didn’t dare to be careless. He covered his whole body with guardian dao patterns, ready to strike at any time.

However, as the distance from the cave entrance got closer, Jiang Yun didn’t feel any coercion, as if there was really no danger.

A moment later, Jiang Yun passed through the cave safely!

Beyond the entrance of the cave, there was still endless darkness.

Anyway, with Jiang Yun’s eyesight and divine sense, when he looked around, he couldn’t see anything except this huge nine-petaled flower under him.

However, the woman suddenly exclaimed: “Senior, there seems to be a nine-petaled flower in front of you!”

“Where?” Jiang Yun’s heart moved, and he asked hastily.

The woman’s spiritual consciousness, even in the old man’s body, surpassed Jiang Yun’s when the mist filled the body, so in the open darkness, the distance that could be covered was naturally farther.

So she could see that there seemed to be another nine-petaled flower, but Jiang Yun couldn’t see anything.

The woman pointed in one direction and said, “In this direction, the distance is a bit far…”

Before the woman finished speaking, a huge dark beast appeared under Jiang Yun!

Beiming moved slightly, and immediately flew out in the direction the woman pointed.

Jiang Yun suspected that the other nine-petaled flower was probably what the giant old man wanted to see, so he naturally rushed over to see it with his own eyes.

As Bei Ming moved, Jiang Yun didn’t look at the direction of the woman’s fingers, but turned around and looked behind him.

In the darkness behind him, there stood a huge nine-petaled flower quietly, and the nine petals that had just opened had closed again unconsciously.

Jiang Yun also said: “Daoist, take a look, is there any difference between this nine-petal flower and the nine-petal flower we climbed before!”

The woman also turned around, looked at the nine-petal flower, and said after a while: “Orange light!”

“Among the nine colors of this flower, they seem to be the same, but in fact, the orange light is the brightest, which should correspond to the orange mark on the forehead of the old man.”

“Orange light!” Jiang Yun repeated these two words and said: “Friend Daoist, there may not be only one existence like the old man here, but nine!”

The woman was taken aback for a moment, but soon after she understood what Jiang Yun meant, she took a breath, covered her mouth with her hand, and said in a low voice, “Senior means that nine petals correspond to each other. One, one,… transcending the strong?”

Jiang Yun nodded and said, “I don’t know whether it is beyond the powerhouse.”

“But since this old man has an orange mark, and the nine-petal flower he is in is also the brightest in orange, then there should be strong people corresponding to the other eight colors of petals.”

The woman closed her mouth, and was speechless for a while because of the huge shock in her heart.

Although Jiang Yun is not sure whether the old man is beyond the strong, but the woman has already decided.

And thinking that in this mysterious place, there are actually nine detached powerhouses, as if they were imprisoned, it really shocked her.

Jiang Yun also withdrew his gaze, turned his head to look forward, and urged Beiming to speed up constantly.

It took about one incense stick to pass, and Jiang Yun finally saw another nine-petal flower with the same huge area in his sight!

But this time, without waiting for Jiang Yun to ask, the woman has already taken the initiative to say: “Senior, you, you may be right.”

“Among the nine colors of this nine-petaled flower, the green light is obviously stronger than the other lights.”

The woman’s answer was within Jiang Yun’s expectation!

Because the nine-petal flower with the strongest green light in front of him has proved some of Jiang Yun’s conjectures.

Jiang Yun asked Beiming to stop about ten thousand feet away from the flower, and did not rush to approach it.

Looking at the flower from a distance, he said secretly in his heart: “Nine, let’s just treat them all as detached powerhouses!”

“Nine detached powerhouses were placed in nine flowers, and hidden in such an unknown space that was opened by the master with the power of a certain law.”

“The purpose and significance of their existence are very likely to be the same as the ancient realm opened up by Master using the three corpses.”

“The owner of Longwen Chiding may be the Taoist Lord I saw, who used the bodies and strength of their nine detached powerhouses to create one hundred and eight large domains in Longwen Chiding, and Endless creatures including me.”

“In my first life, I probably came here by accident and discovered the existence of these nine detached powerhouses.”

“Even, according to the strengths of these nine powerhouses, I, in the first life, found the Nine Clans!”

“Because, the power of the nine races can be restrained respectively, or counteract the power of these nine detached powerhouses!”

“That’s why, in the first life, I went to various big domains, found the nine tribes of the nine tribes, created the Dao Xing Tiandi, put them together, and created the current me.”

“He hopes that I can have the power of the nine races at the same time, and one day, I will come here again.”

“It’s just…” Jiang Yun frowned slightly: “Even though I already have the power of the nine races and can restrain the power of these nine detached powerhouses, my own cultivation level is not enough to truly restrain them at all.” .”

No monk can only master one kind of power.

Especially the detached powerhouses, Jiang Yun couldn’t even imagine the amount of power they possessed.

For the giant old man just now, although the power of reincarnation can affect those orange flowers and mummy, but in the face of the air waves that sent Jiang Yun out, the power of reincarnation has no effect at all.

Therefore, unless Jiang Yun also became a transcendent powerhouse, even if he mastered the power of the nine races, he would not be able to truly restrain the nine transcendent powerhouses.

“Besides, even if I can restrain them, what’s the use?”

“Kill them and let everything in Longwen Chiding collapse, or subdue them and let them be used by me?”

“What is the purpose of me in the first life?”

At this moment, the woman suddenly exclaimed again: “Senior, there seems to be a familiar aura on that flower!”


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