The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7463: Too similar


Looking at the nine-petaled flower, and the monk in front of him who seemed to be imprisoned in the flower, something came to Jiang Yun’s mind.

But it’s a pity that the thoughts he thought of were too vague, like the wind. He could clearly feel it, but Jiang Yun couldn’t grasp it firmly.

At this time, the woman also came back to her senses, and said cautiously to Jiang Yun: “Senior, this person should not be the owner of the giant palm!”

The woman’s words made Jiang Yun frowned slightly, and the vague thoughts in his mind became clearer.

Therefore, Jiang Yun simply followed the woman’s words and asked, “Why do you think so?”

The woman pointed to the huge figure and said, “His condition is almost the same as the orange flowers and tentacles in his body.”

“So, he should also be trapped here by the owner of the giant palm, imprisoned in this nine-petaled flower.”

The woman’s thoughts coincided with Jiang Yun’s, and Jiang Yun then asked: “The owner of the giant palm, why did you do this?”

From the woman’s point of view, Jiang Yun really didn’t think of anything, and was asking himself for advice.

But in fact, Jiang Yun was using the conversation with her to make the vague thoughts in his mind clear.

The woman shook her head and said, “Then I don’t know.”

“It is possible that the owner of the giant palm has a grudge against this person, so he is imprisoned here.”

Speaking of this, the woman paused for a moment, and said in an uncertain tone: “But, it doesn’t make sense!”

“The person in front of me, he should be a transcendent powerhouse!”

“After all, when the senior attacked the fog wall just now, it couldn’t be shaken at all.”

Jiang Yun nodded, also agreeing with the woman’s point of view.

The red and white fog wall that was rooted by orange flowers like soil, now it seems that it is not a fog wall at all, but the flesh and blood of the figure in front of it.

So, the wall of fog is endless, extending to the monk’s teeth and mouth.

Although Jiang Yun didn’t use all his strength in that palm, but with his current strength comparable to the peak of Yuanyuan, he couldn’t even break the opponent’s flesh, which is enough to show that the man is very likely to be a detached strongman.

The woman continued: “The master of the giant palm can imprison a transcendent strong man in a flower, and his strength is beyond our imagination.”

“The owner of the giant palm, no matter in the place of origin or in the one hundred and eight great domains, is basically an invincible existence.”

“No matter what he wants to do, no one can stop him, so why bother to arrest us and make so many weird things out?”

The vague thoughts in Jiang Yun’s mind have become clearer!

Even, he could feel that there was only a thin layer of mist covering that thought.

As long as this layer of fog is lifted, then Jiang Yun can grasp his own idea.

But just when Jiang Yun was about to let the woman continue to speak, thereby lifting the last layer of mist, he suddenly saw that the eyelids of the monk in front of him seemed to move slightly!

This sudden change made Jiang Yun go away in a hurry, widening the distance between him and the other party.

“Senior, what’s the matter with you?” Seeing Jiang Yun’s actions, the woman couldn’t help becoming nervous, and hurriedly asked.

Jiang Yun didn’t have time to answer her at all, he stared fixedly at the huge old man, waiting for the other party to open his eyes.

However, after half a stick of incense passed, the old man still had his eyes closed, and his eyelids did not move anymore, as if it was just his own illusion.

After pondering for a while, Jiang Yun said softly: “Did you pay attention to him just now?”

“Did you see that his eyelids seemed to move?”

The woman’s body froze immediately, and she cried a bit in her voice: “Senior, don’t scare me!”

“I’ve been staring at him all the time, but I can’t see anything!”

Hearing what the woman said, Jiang Yun nodded and said: “It should be that the nine-color light here is too strong, making my eyes dazzled.”

Women’s spiritual awareness and observation skills surpassed their own.

Since she didn’t see anything, Jiang Yun only thought that she was wrong.

However, Jiang Yun did not approach the old man again, but stood still and continued to ask the woman: “Assuming your analysis is correct, then the owner of the giant palm imprisoned this person here , what purpose do you think he will have?”

Although Jiang Yun said it was blurred vision, the woman was worried. She stared at the old man and replied perfunctorily: “If this person is already dead, then the master of the giant palm is using his corpse… …”

After a pause again, the woman suddenly smiled wryly and said, “Could it be that he wants to use the corpse of a transcendent man to cultivate those orange flowers and mummy?”

As the woman’s voice fell, the mist in Jiang Yun’s mind was finally lifted, allowing him to see clearly what he was thinking.

He no longer asked the woman, nor responded to the woman, but looked up and down at the old man in front of him.

After a brief silence, Jiang Yun suddenly said to the old man in a deep voice: “Senior should be able to hear my voice!”

Jiang Yun’s words caused the woman’s complexion to change suddenly. After she had already determined that the old man was a corpse, Jiang Yun actually spoke to the corpse.

Jiang Yun ignored the woman’s reaction, and continued to say to the old man: “With the strength of seniors, it is easy to kill us.”

“But senior didn’t do that, but sent us out of your body.”

“If it’s not bad, the senior should tell us something, or maybe he wants to make a deal with us!”

“For example, help the predecessors get rid of the state of being imprisoned in flowers!”

“Ah!” The woman let out a small exclamation, and hastily stretched out her hand to cover her mouth.

She realized that she had ignored the process of Jiang Yun leaving the old man’s body.

Indeed, Jiang Yun did not leave on his own initiative, but was forced out of the old man’s body by waves of air waves.

The air wave cannot appear out of thin air. The biggest possibility is that it came from this old man.

And this also means that the old man is still alive.

After thinking about this, the woman’s eyes widened to the extreme, and she carefully observed the old man’s face.

Unfortunately, there was still no reaction on the old man’s face.

And Jiang Yun didn’t ask any more questions, just stood where he was, waiting patiently.

It seems that he is sure that the old man is not dead, and he will definitely respond to him.

The reason why Jiang Yun has such a determination is naturally because of what he thought of!

Looking at the nine-petal flower and the old man, Jiang Yun thought of a place in Daoxing Tiandi!

The world of ancient rules!

Gu Ze’s Knot is a world opened up by his master, Gu Bulao, in the land outside the law.

There are various sources of ancient rules inside, as well as a coffin!

In the coffin, there is even a strong man who is also in the original state, the Taoist three corpses!

The Taoist Three Corpses came from a Taoist realm called Qingxin in the Daoxing Daoyu.

The reason why he was hidden in the coffin was because his master used the unique negative aura emanating from him to create the ancient realm that can hide the truth from the Taoist priest and avoid entering the world of reincarnation!

The situation of the old man in front of him, in Jiang Yun’s view, is too similar to that of Taoist Three Corpses.

In the world of ancient rules, the source of rules and negative aura contained in it correspond to the fog and mummy in the old man’s body.

The coffin where the Taoist three corpses were buried corresponds to the nine-petal flower that imprisoned the old man.

At the beginning, the three corpses gave Jiang Yun a test, and finally appeared in front of Jiang Yun, and made a deal with Jiang Yun.

Now, the old man obviously has the strength to kill Jiang Yun, but instead of killing him, he sent Jiang Yun out of his body safely.

Therefore, the two phases are in contrast. Jiang Yun believed that the old man was still alive and had something to tell him.

Even, Jiang Yun dared to speculate boldly that the reason why the old man was imprisoned here is very likely to be related to Longwen Chiding and one hundred and eight great domains!


Jiang Yun did not wait for the old man’s answer, but waited for the sudden sound of a slight shock coming from above his head.

Looking up, the nine huge, firmly closed petals are slowly blooming!


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