The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7214: Prepare for showdown



Lead the way!


The words of the big clan elder made Jiang Yun’s heart very surprised.


Because, the so-called leader is not equal to the heir of the great clan elder.


In other words, the current self, like Du Wenhai, is regarded as the heir by the elders of the big clan.


I was still thinking about how to find an opportunity to enter the eyes of the big clan elder. Unexpectedly, the big clan elder took the initiative to give him a chance!


However, this opportunity came too easily, so Jiang Yun had to consider whether the old man had another purpose.


After all, after returning to the clan of the Black Soul Clan, it was nothing more than driving Du Chuan away from his brother and taking back what originally belonged to him.


Even, I can’t even count myself as a real shot.


Just because of this, the elders of the big clan took a fancy to him and decided to make him his heir?


This is a bit sloppy!


Therefore, Jiang Yun looked terrified, shook his head and said, “Thanks to the love of the elders of the big clan, but Du Ze knows that he is weak and lacks qualifications, and in all aspects is not enough to take on the important responsibility of the leader of the clan. .”


The big clan elder smiled and said, “Don’t belittle yourself.”


“It doesn’t matter if you have strength or qualifications, as long as you really need these things, I can make you have them at any time.”


“I said, what I’m looking for is your changes in the past ten years.”


“I hope to use your changes to drive the changes of the entire ethnic group.”


The explanation of the old man made Jiang Yun’s heart move.


The big clan elder doesn’t care about the strength of his successor at all.


Because, he can directly help others improve their strength.


Also, this improvement should still have no side effects.


After all, it is impossible for him to frame the next big clan elder.


That also means that the elders of the big clan choose their heirs without regard for strength and qualifications at all.


However, Jiang Yun still felt that it was impossible for him to say that he was interested in the changes in Du Ze.


The elder of the big clan suddenly changed his words: “Of course, although I intend to let you lead the way, I still need to give you some small tests.”


“You must have heard that before, Du Wenhai and others, I also gave them different tasks.”


“As a result, only Du Wenhai successfully completed it!”


Jiang Yun did hear from a clan uncle about this.


Now speaking from the mouth of the elder, Jiang Yun felt that this was the reason why the elder was explaining to him why he was chosen as the heir.


In fact, the elders of the big clan did not have any specific candidates. They simply used a wide-spreading method to screen some Black Soul clan members, so as to select the relatively suitable ones.


Anyway, the number of Black Soul Clan is only a few thousand people, and after removing the children and some weak people, the remaining number is not much.


“Okay, now I’ll give you a task.”


“The reason why we Black Souls have fallen to the present level is because of the persecution of us by other races.”


“Although we have escaped, as long as those races still exist, we can only live in humiliation like we are now.”


“Therefore, I have been surreptitiously inquiring about the whereabouts of these races over the years.”


“In the southeast of our clan, about 10,000 miles away, there is a star named Qi Nan Xing.”


“The Qinan people living on this star are one of the races that attacked us in the first place.”


“Among them, the strongest is probably the middle-level source of origin, comparable to Du Wenhai.”


“Now, your task is to destroy the Qinan clan and bring me the head of their patriarch.”


“If you can successfully complete it, then after you come back, your identity will be the same as Du Wenhai, and no one will dare to bully you again!”


After listening to the task given to him by the elder of the clan, Jiang Yun suddenly raised his head and looked at the elder of the clan.


It stands to reason that it is extremely disrespectful for Jiang Yun to look at the elders of the big clan in the face of Du Ze’s identity.


But the old man was not angry, but asked, “What are you looking at?”


Jiang Yun said softly: “I’m thinking, one day, will I become like you!”


When the voice fell, Jiang Yun had already stood up and bowed to the old man with a fist, “Old man, farewell!”


After finishing speaking, Jiang Yun ignored the big clan elder and walked away directly.


And Xie Daozi’s voice sounded: “He is staring at you with his spiritual sense!”


Jiang Yun nodded and turned back to his home.


However, instead of entering the house, he knocked on the door of a nearby clan.


A black soul clansman looked at Jiang Yun and said with a vigilant look: “What are you doing?”


Jiang Yun said lightly: “I have something to do to leave the clan and go to the outside world. I don’t know when I will be back.”


“So, I want to trouble you, help me take care of my house, and don’t be occupied by Du Chuan again. When I come back, I will definitely be grateful!”


After hearing what Jiang Yun said, the black soul clansman looked at Jiang Yun with strange eyes, then nodded and said, “Okay!”


Jiang Yun casually cupped his hands and said: “It’s time to work”


Jiang Yun turned his head and left, without even returning home, he ran directly to the exit of the clan.


The big clan elder, who has always been paying attention to what Jiang Yun did with his spiritual sense, narrowed his eyes and said, “The last look he looked at me, and what did that sentence mean?”


“Also, he is now clearly intending to invite Du Wenhai to hunt him down!”


“Could it be that I read it wrong?”


“His real purpose is not the secret of my Black Soul clan, but Du Wenhai?”


“It’s just that, what secrets does Du Wenhai have on him that would be worth his effort to enter the Black Soul Clan?”


After Jiang Yun passed through the dark space of the Black Soul Clan again, he was once again in the boundary.


Identified the location, Jiang Yun galloped towards the southeast.


After flying out for tens of thousands of miles, Xie Daozi’s voice sounded: “This big clan elder has some skills, and it’s hard to figure out the truth!”


Whether it was Jiang Yun or Evil Daozi, they all had a faint feeling that the elders of the clan should have doubts about Jiang Yun’s identity.


But the explanation given by the elders of the clan did not contain any loopholes.


So, now they really don’t know what the big clan elders mean when they treat Jiang Yun like this.


Jiang Yun said calmly: “Is it possible, he already knows that I am not Du Ze.”


“The reason why he didn’t move me, but instead said he wanted to choose me as his heir, was to stabilize me and at the same time use my hand to help the Black Souls eliminate some enemies.”


Xie Daozi asked: “Then we will destroy the Qinan clan?”


Jiang Yun shook his head and said, “Of course not!”


The Qinan clan and Jiang Yun have no grievances or enmity, how could Jiang Yun be willing to become a knife in the hands of the old clan and work for the Black Soul clan.


Xie Daozi naturally understands Jiang Yun’s thoughts: “Then what are you going to do now?”


“Regardless of whether the elders know that you are a fake Du Ze, if you don’t kill the Qinan clan and want to return to the Black Soul clan, it will be very difficult.”


Jiang Yun said in a deep voice, “I’ve thought about it, and when I get what I want, I’ll have a showdown with the old clan!”


“What my brother wants is nothing more than a secret about the detachment of the strong.”


“I can make a deal with Dazu Lao.”


“As long as he is willing to tell us this secret, then I will exchange the corresponding things with him.”


This is what Jiang Yun thinks now.


Jiang Yun and the Black Souls do not have any grudges either, they just want to obtain the Ten Blood Lanterns in the hands of Du Wenhai, as well as the secrets of the Black Souls, to satisfy the wish of the evil Daozi.


But just now, after listening to the so-called test task given to him by the old clan, Jiang Yun suddenly realized that the experience of the Black Soul Clan was almost exactly the same as that of Daoxing Tiandi.


Because Daoxing Tiandi has Dao, it has been remembered by hundreds of Dao worlds such as Hongmeng.


The Black Souls, because they are the native races of the Chaos Domain, possess some secrets, so they are encircled and suppressed by thousands of races.


The old man of the big clan is the pinnacle of the source, and with all his strength, he can easily destroy even the Dao world, but now he is just huddled in the black soul clan, living a life that is neither human nor ghost.


It’s not that he is greedy for life and afraid of death, it’s not that he doesn’t dare to take revenge, it’s that he still has family members!


Only if he is still alive can he keep the few remaining members of the Black Soul Clan.


As for whether or not he is Du Ze, the elders of the clan probably don’t care.


He just hopes that while he is still alive, he can reduce as many enemies as possible for the Black Souls.


Jiang Yun seemed to see his future self in the old man of the big clan. If one day, Daoxing Tiandi also falls into the situation of the black soul clan, and if he survives by luck, will he be like the old clan, lingering on, hiding in the hole, trying every means to kill Hongmeng people, to take revenge for Daoxing heaven and earth?


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