The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7213: Leadership



Du Ze’s original home can be described in four words.


However, after Du Chuan’s occupation, this home has become a lot more luxurious.


Although the Black Souls like to live in a dark environment, it does not mean that they have no other pursuits.


Especially for someone like Du Chuan, his life is mainly about enjoyment.


Therefore, over the years, he has bought a lot of things here.


Jiang Yun never cared about this. He turned his head a little and looked around, then walked over to a chair covered with an unknown monster skin and sat down.


Because the Shimen has been shattered by Jiang Yun, this home is now in an open state.


And Jiang Yun doesn’t plan to build another door for the time being.


His eyes were fixed on the outside, guessing whether Du Wenhai would come.


And, at this moment, the old man’s attitude after seeing what he did.


A group of Black Soul clansmen watching the fun gathered outside, whispering.


Obviously, Jiang Yun’s attitude towards Du Chuan and the strength he showed were far beyond their expectations.


And they naturally know that the current Du Wenhai has been favored by the elders, and may be the next elder.


Then, if his son was bullied by Du Ze, Du Wenhai would definitely not let it go, and would definitely come to trouble Du Ze and speak out for his son.


However, from dark to dawn, Du Wenhai never appeared.


Some good people even ran out to find out, and they brought back news that once again surprised everyone.


Du Chuan did go to Du Wenhai to complain.


However, after Du Wenhai heard what happened, he took Du Chuan back to their own home!


Looking at Du Wenhai’s posture, this matter seems to be over.


This is really confusing to everyone.


What is the reason why Du Wenhai didn’t come to trouble Du Ze?


To this question, all the Black Soul clansmen can’t think of an answer, and can only speculate whether it is possible, Du Wenhai is planning to come back the next day.


Since there is no more excitement to watch, everyone will naturally go back to their own homes.


And this result, Jiang Yun is not unexpected.


Because Du Wenhai came or didn’t come, it actually makes sense.


Come on, it means that he has no scruples in the Black Soul Clan, and he is sure that the elders of the big clan will stand by his side and support him unconditionally.


If he didn’t come, he verified Jiang Yun’s previous thoughts, and Du Wenhai had a ghost in his heart.


He was worried that Jiang Yun was in a hurry, and Jiang Yun would go and tell the old man his secret.


And he is still a little apprehensive about the elders of the big clan, and there is no guarantee that he will be able to take over the position of the elders of the big clan.


After all, Du Ze is in charge of the whole thing.


If you want to become a clan elder, at least one thing is to treat your clansmen well.


Before he became an elder of the clan, he began to blatantly suppress and bully the clan.


If such a person really becomes the elder of the big clan, it is the misfortune of the Black Soul Clan.


Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the identity of Du Wenhai, the heir, is still being tested, and it is not that it is rock solid and a certainty.


However, this is not good news for Jiang Yun.


Jiang Yun wanted to take the opportunity to work with Du Wenhai to show his strength, so that he could enter the eyes of the elders of the big clan.


Now that Du Wenhai doesn’t come directly, Jiang Yun naturally loses the opportunity to perform.


At this time, Xie Daozi said with a regretful voice: “It seems that we have to find another opportunity.”


“The old man’s consciousness has also disappeared.”


Jiang Yun frowned and said, “Du Wenhai doesn’t dare to attack me directly in the clan land, then if he wants to find a chance, unless he leaves the clan land.”


Xie Daozi was silent for a moment and said: “Or, you go directly to the showdown with the old man, saying that you want to become the old man?”


Jiang Yun shook his head and said, “That would be too abrupt. No matter how confused the old man is, he can guess that I am not Du Ze.”


A clansman who has been away from the clan for more than ten years, when he comes back, immediately expresses his position to the elder of the clan, saying that he wants to take over the position of the elder of the clan, which is equivalent to telling the other party that he is no longer himself.


Jiang Yundao: “Wait and see, maybe Du Wenhai will find a way to send me out again.”


Xie Daozi sighed and said, “It can only be like this.”


Jiang Yun stood up and went out to find another boulder.


After reinstalling the gate, Jiang Yun didn’t waste time, let the soul clone control the body directly, and continued to practice the evil way. At the same time, in the residence of the big clan elder, an incomparably old bald old man with turbid eyes narrowed slightly, staring at the darkness in front of him, and said to himself: “Interesting, one is true, the other is false, then who is the real one? , who is


Fake it! “


“However, no matter which of you is true or false, what you are drawing is nothing more than the secret of my Dark Souls.”


“In that case, I’ll give you a chance!”


After finishing speaking, the big clan elder slowly closed his eyes, but an inexplicable sigh came out of his mouth.


A peaceful day passed, and complete darkness enveloped the clan of the Black Souls once again.


Jiang Yun didn’t mean to go out. He wanted to see if Du Wenhai would come today.


Not only Jiang Yun, but many Black Soul clansmen are also waiting.


In the end, everyone waited in vain again.


The Du Wenhai family stayed at home and did not go out.


So far, Jiang Yun can be sure that as long as he is within the Black Soul Clan, Du Wenhai will not attack him.


Now, all I need to do is to give the other party a chance to get out.


When another night came and Jiang Yun was thinking about how he could create an opportunity, the voice of a big clan elder suddenly sounded in his ear.


“Du Ze, come to me!”


Hearing the voice transmission of the old man, Jiang Yun couldn’t help but move in his heart, trying to figure out the purpose of the old man to let him meet him.


Jiang Yun stood up, walked out, and soon came to the residence of the old man.


Originally, Jiang Yun thought that he would still not see the elders of the clan this time.


Unexpectedly, the old clan’s voice sounded again: “Come in!”


Jiang Yun replied calmly and walked towards the hole.


Unhindered all the way to the depths of the cave, Jiang Yun finally saw the big clan elder.


Feeling the strong death energy emanating from the old man, Jiang Yun knew that the old man was indeed running out of time.


Jiang Yun bowed to the elders of the big clan and said, “Du Ze greets the elders of the big clan!”


The old man opened his turbid eyes and looked at Jiang Yun, with a smile on his wrinkled face: “You have changed a lot!”


Jiang Yun’s thoughts flew in his heart. He didn’t know if the old man had something to say or if he just said it casually.


After pondering for a while, Jiang Yun replied: “People always have to grow up!”


The old man nodded and said, “Sit down!”


Jiang Yun sat on the ground according to the words, and the elder of the clan continued: “It has been more than ten years since you left the clan, and there has been a lot of changes. Then, do you think the current Black Soul clan has changed?”


This time Jiang Yun didn’t think about it, and replied directly: “No change.”


Jiang Yun is telling the truth. The Black Soul clan in Du Ze’s memory is almost exactly the same as what he sees now.


“Yes!” The big clan elder sighed and said, “Since we escaped, our clan has not changed.”


“This is not a good thing for us. If there is no change, then we will not be far from extermination.”


Listening to the old man’s words, don’t talk about Jiang Yun, even if he is an evil Daoist, he can’t tell for a while what the other party means, and whether he has already seen Du Ze in front of him, it is not Du Ze at all .


The old man continued: “Yesterday I saw what you did to Du Chuan. To be honest, I was surprised by your change, but also quite happy!”


Jiang Yun was silent, he really didn’t know how to answer.


The eyes of the elders of the big clan stared deeply at Jiang Yundao: “I’m thinking, since it’s only a dozen years, you can have such a change.”


“Then maybe, other clansmen, and even our Black Soul clan, can do it too.”


“It’s just that we’ve lost one person to lead the way.” “So, I called you here, just to give you a chance to see if you’re suitable to be that person to lead the way!”


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