The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7142: Who is Xiaotian


Chapter 7142 Who is Xiaotian

The old man’s attire is not the same as the cultivator of Daoxing Tiandi.

Especially the aura of the Great Dao exuding from his body is extremely strong.

It is not difficult to judge that the other party must be an extraterritorial cultivator, and his strength is also very strong, at least a high-level source.

The old man was in a hurry, his face was frosty, and there was a faint anger burning in his eyes. At first glance, he was in a state of anger. He quickly passed by Jiang Yun, and he did not notice Jiang Yun’s existence at all.

Jiang Yun naturally didn’t dare to move, so he hid in the darkness and watched the old man walk further and further away, until he disappeared without a trace before Jiang Yun appeared.

Jiang Yun said to himself: “Looking at the direction he is heading, he should be heading to Daoxing Tiandi.”

“I am afraid that the monks from outside the realm are still not reconciled to the failure of the attack on the real realm, so they have recruited strong people from their Taoist realm to continue to attack the real realm.”

Although Jiang Yun wanted to keep the old man, but his strength was not as good as the opponent, if he really wanted to make a move, he might be killed by the opponent instead.

“Forget it, with Tianzun and the woman in black, and the Guantian Temple, they should be able to defend the true domain.”

“What I have to do now is to quickly find the Great Wilderness Sundial and bring back the seniors.”

Jiang Yun could only ignore the old man and continue to rush towards the nearest star map.

However, what Jiang Yun didn’t expect was that in the short period of time that followed, he unexpectedly met three foreign monks.

Two are high-ranking sources, and one is middle-ranking sources!

The expressions of the three of them are the same as the old man before, they are all in a hurry with monstrous anger.

They are stronger than Jiang Yun, so Jiang Yun can’t stop them.

And this made Jiang Yun more worried.

If all those who go to Daoxing Heaven and Earth are such extraterritorial source realm powerhouses, even if there is Tianzun, it is impossible to defend.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun couldn’t help asking Dao Rang, “Senior Dao Rang, how much more Dao power do you need?”

Jiang Yun is very clear that even if he immediately turns back to Dao Xingtiandi, he will not be able to do much. The one who can really help Dao Xingtiandi is still Daoyuan.

If Daorang can drop the cultivation realm of all the monks from outside the realm to one level, then the realm can be defended.

Dao Rang said angrily: “How long have we left Daoxing Tiandi, we went to a place of chaos, and you were moved into the Dao world, what did I absorb!”

“There is no Dao’s power in the boundary gap outside this domain. Only by entering the Dao’s realm can I absorb the Dao’s power.”

“Furthermore, you have also seen that the foreign monks who are now going to Daoxing Heaven and Earth are getting stronger and stronger.”

“I don’t even know how much Dao power is needed to suppress their realm.”

Jiang Yun said with a wry smile: “Senior, I understand the truth, but I’m worried that when we gather enough Dao power, by that time, I am afraid that Daoxing heaven and earth will be gone.”

“Don’t worry!” Dao Rang said indifferently: “That girl Tianzun is not only powerful, but also smart from a young age.”

“Over the years, the preparations and traps she has made to deal with the attacks of foreign cultivators are absolutely far beyond your imagination.”

“Also, when I passed through the Five Elements Barrier before, I helped the Spirit of the Five Elements and the innocent one by the way.”

“As expected, their strength should be able to temporarily reach the peak of the original source under the combination of them now.”

Jiang Yun naturally knows the power of Tianzun, but Jiang Yun does not know anything about the spirit of the five elements and the innocence.

So, it came as a surprise to him.

A peak of origin, even if it is only temporary, is almost invincible.

Daoyang continued: “By the way, there is also that Xiaotian, her strength is also very strong.”

“Xiaotian?” Jiang Yun said in surprise: “Who is Xiaotian?”

Dao Rang said with a smile: “Who else can Xiaotian be, naturally he is the artifact of Guantian Temple!”

“In this battle, Tianzun originally didn’t want Xiaotian to appear, but Tianzun didn’t expect the earth and the people to run directly to you. Therefore, in order to protect you, Tianzun summoned Xiaotian and let him go. You have entered the Guantian Temple!”

Jiang Yun blinked and exclaimed suddenly, “Xiaotian, is that the black-clothed woman?”

“She is the artifact of the Guantian Temple?”

Jiang Yun was always curious about the identity of the woman in black who suddenly appeared, was extremely powerful, and was able to freely enter and exit the Guantian Palace.

After all, no one except Tianzun knows who she is.

Now, Jiang Yun finally understands that the woman in black is the artifact of the Guantian Temple.

Dao Rang continued: “Well, in other words, Xiaotian is the whole bureau, and all your creatures live in Xiaotian’s body.”

“The relationship between Tianzun and Xiaotian is like a mother and daughter, and only Tianzun can make Xiaotian do anything.”

Although Guantian Temple is divided into mother and child, in fact the two are one.

The situation arranged by Dao Zun and the Alliance Leader of the Hongmeng with Guantian Temple is naturally equivalent to trapping all the creatures in the real realm in Xiaotian’s body.

Jiang Yun’s heart moved: “In fact, Tianzun actually has the ability to break Xiaotian at any time?”

Xiaotian’s strength is at least at the high level of the source, and Dao Zun and the Alliance Leader of Hongmeng are at most this strength.

Then, if Tianzun and Xiaotian join forces, they should be able to break all the shackles around the Guantian Temple.

“I don’t know about that.” Dao Rang replied: “Everything arranged around the Guantian Temple has no effect on me, so I don’t know if the two of them can break the game.”

“Okay, don’t ask questions, hurry up.”

“Arriving at Daojie earlier, we can also return to Daoxing Tiandi earlier.”

Jiang Yun’s worries have also been resolved by what Dao Rang said.

Tianzun, Wushang and Xiaotian, these three really have the possibility to defend the true domain.

Therefore, Jiang Yun nodded, stopped talking, and continued to rush in the direction of the star map.

The area outside the domain is too large, and the location of the star map is naturally very far away.

However, because of the existence of Daoxing Heaven and Earth, there is a star map specially arranged by the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance near here.

As long as you are a member of Hongmeng, you can use it for free.

But considering that the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance may have notified the monks guarding this star map, Jiang Yun did not choose this star map, but went to the next one.

At Jiang Yun’s speed, after nearly half a month, he has come to the vicinity of this star map.

A star map is a pattern with various stars on it.

Step on the star map, choose where to go, and the star map can activate the power of teleportation and send people out.

The distance of teleportation is incomparable with the formation method.

Near the star map, Jiang Yun also saw some monks from outside the territory, constantly coming in and out.

These non-territorial monks are generally very strong, and the weakest are comparable to the pseudo-exalted realm.

Jiang Yun did not approach in a hurry, but stood in the distance and waited quietly for a while, until an extraterritorial cultivator appeared beside him, Jiang Yun then took a step, followed the other party, and walked towards the star map.

As for the aura, there is no problem in Jiang Yun’s disguise as a monk in any Taoist world.

Therefore, Jiang Yun just changed his appearance and appeared in front of the monk guarding the star map together with the foreign monk.

The monk in front of Jiang Yun took out a storage tool, handed it over and said, “Rain Dao World!”

Among the storage instruments, it is naturally the Daoyuan stone.

Jiang Yun killed too many monks outside the realm, and he also had a lot of Taoist stones on his body.

Just when Jiang Yun was about to announce the name of the Taoist realm he wanted to go to, a loud noise suddenly came from the star map.

Then, there was a cold business sound: “Today, everyone who is in the same Taoist realm as the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance must die!”


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