The World That Tao Rules Chapter 1: Go back and take a bath


Jiang Village, a small village with only a hundred people hidden in the vast mountains.

At this moment, the full moon hangs high, and all sounds are still. It seems that heaven and earth have fallen into a deep sleep. However, in Jiang Village, there are more than ten children of different ages sitting cross-legged, five hearts facing the sky, Facing the full moon, the breath was long and long, and a faint mist of thick or light surrounded their bodies.

In front of the group of children, there was a burly man in animal skin who said in a deep voice: “For us, Yuehua is a very precious thing to practice, especially today is fifteen. The time is the most prosperous time of the moonlight, so don’t waste time, absorb as much moonlight as possible, open up the meridians, and improve your strength.”

There was no response to the man’s words, as all the children were absorbed in absorbing Yuehua.

However, a few dozen feet away from them, there was a boy of fifteen or sixteen years old, sitting there alone, with at least hundreds of different shapes of vegetation and animal bones in front of him.

Under the moonlight, I can clearly see this young man with a handsome appearance, with long black hair braided on his shoulders, a well-proportioned figure, also wearing a skin of animals, and the exposed skin has a different Few scars of varying lengths.

The young man’s clear eyes, although he spends most of his time staring at the grass and trees in front of him, he will occasionally raise his head to glance at the group of children sitting cross-legged in the distance, and whenever this time, his There is always a hint of envy on the slightly immature face.

The boy’s name is Jiang Yun. He is no longer surprised by the scene in front of him. He knows that his group of playmates are absorbing Yuehua to practice.

Cultivation, cultivating one’s own body, cultivating — the Tao!

Although I was very eager to join them and cultivate with them, my grandfather told me from an early age that because my physique was different from theirs, I couldn’t cultivate.

Jiang Yun didn’t believe this at first, until he asked a few playmates in private, and practiced secretly a few times according to the method they taught, and found that his body really couldn’t absorb what they said. After the essence of the sun and the moon, I had no choice but to give up.

“But fortunately, being a pharmacist, refining medicine pills suitable for them, and helping to enhance their strength, is at least not bad.”

Jiang Yun comforted himself in his heart, and continued to focus on the bones of the plants and animals in front of him.

“Yun Wazi, this is the last batch, right? How do you remember?”

At this moment, the burly man walked to Jiang Yun’s side, with his hands behind his back, and looked at the bones of plants and animals with interest.

Jiang Yun raised his head and said with a smile: “Yes, Uncle Mu, I basically remember it.”

“Okay!” Jiang Mu nodded, without doubting Jiang Yun’s words at all, his rough face showed a look of approval.

Maybe Jiang Yun doesn’t think it’s amazing that he can remember the characteristics of these plants and animals, but as an adult Jiang Mu knows it well.

Making medicine requires materials, and the most basic materials are all kinds of animals and plants. If you want to become a qualified pharmacist, you must learn and master their characteristics as much as possible.

The mountain where Jiang Village is located, called Shiwanmang Mountain, is almost isolated from the world. There are no less than tens of thousands of species of animals and plants growing in it. It is necessary to be familiar with the characteristics of each plant and animal. It is extremely difficult and the process is extremely boring.

And Jiang Yun is only a 16-year-old child. In just over a dozen years, he has already done it. This requires not only talent, but also tenacity and perseverance.

“Not bad!” Jiang Mu couldn’t help but praise again: “Yun Wazi, you will definitely become a great pharmacist in the future!”

For Jiang Mu’s compliment, Jiang Yun did not show the slightest excitement, but just smiled faintly. His mature appearance was really not in line with his age.

How can Jiang Mu not know what Jiang Yun thinks, he is more willing to practice and become a monk than to become a pharmacist.

Stretching out his palm as big as a fan, Jiang Mu rubbed Jiang Yun’s head forcefully, wanting to say something more, but he swallowed the words.

Turn around, Jiang Mu sighed in his heart: “Yunwazi, it’s not that we don’t teach you how to cultivate, but because you are not a child of my Jiang family!”

Yes, Jiang Yun is not from Jiang Village, but Jiang Wanli, the old village chief, an outcast picked up by Jiang Yun’s grandfather back then.

This is not a secret, even Jiang Yun himself knew it.

Although Jiang Yun is not from Jiang Village, but in Jiang Village, no one regards him as an outsider. After 16 years of living together, in their eyes, Jiang Yun is a member of their Jiang Village.

After a while, Jiang Mu looked up at the full moon in the sky and shouted, “Okay, little brats, the time has passed, and the practice is over!”

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With a “hula” sound, the group of children sitting cross-legged suddenly jumped up.

Although they all know the importance of cultivation, they are still children after all. It is a great torment to let them sit for a few hours.

In an instant, a figure like a civet cat rushed to Jiang Yun’s side.

“Brother Yun, are you going to go out again tomorrow, and when you come back, will you catch me a three-colored sparrow?”

This is a little girl, about eight or nine years old. There are three colored marks the size of beans between the eyebrows, arranged in a triangle, and the small face carved in pink and jade is full of anticipation.

Her name is Jiang Yuerou, she is Jiang Wanli’s real granddaughter. Unfortunately, not long after she was born, her parents were both killed in an accident when they went hunting in the mountains. They were buried in the mouth of the beast, leaving her and her grandfather to depend on each other for life. It can be said that Jiang Yun raised her alone , so he is the closest to Jiang Yun.

Mang Mountain is full of dangers, all children are not allowed to leave the village before they are eighteen years old, but Jiang Yun is different.

In order to better understand the characteristics of animals and plants, he would follow his grandfather into the depths of Mangshan every day after the full moon, and stay for half a month, and when he came back, he would give it to the village Children bring gadgets and animals, so the children in the village will come to Jiang Yun for anything they want.

“Okay!” Jiang Yun stretched out his hand, pinched Jiang Yuerou’s little face dotingly, and said, “When I come back, I will definitely catch a three-colored sparrow for you.”

“Yunwazi, come back and take a bath!”

At this moment, an old voice came from afar, and then Jiang Mu also opened his eyes and shouted at the children: “Okay, little brat, hurry up and go to bed, Yunwazi. , Yuerou, give it to me, go take a bath!”

All the children immediately dispersed, and Jiang Yun also stood up, pinched Yuerou’s face, and greeted Jiang Mu before turning around and walking towards a hut deep in the village.


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