The World That Tao Rules Chapter 2: Innate



The hut is like a fairyland at the moment, full of steam and fragrant, because there is a large wooden barrel on a fire in the center, and a pile of vegetation and animal bones can be vaguely seen floating inside.


This is not an ordinary bath, but a medicinal bath.


A grey-haired old man stood beside the wooden barrel, his back was slightly hunched, his eyes narrowed, and he was holding a wooden stick, constantly stirring the steaming water in the barrel.


Looking at the figure of the old man, Jiang Yun felt warm in his heart. This is Grandpa Jiang Wanli. Thanks to Grandpa, he can live to this day.


“Grandpa!” Jiang Yun shouted at Jiang Wanli, then consciously took off the animal skin and walked towards the wooden barrel.


Without the hide of the animal skin, it can be clearly seen that there are hundreds of scars all over Jiang Yun’s sturdy body, which looks hideous and terrifying.


Especially the scars on his back, from a distance, it seems to be vaguely arranged into a vague word – cloud!


In the depths of the Mang Mountains, there are ferocious beasts in groups, and dangers are everywhere. Being in it all year round, it is inevitable to fight these beasts. Therefore, Jiang Yun will have so many scars on his body, but these are not the only ones on his back. The scar is the birthmark he was born with, and it is because of this birthmark that Jiang Wanli named him Jiang Yun.


Jiang Yun is also not unfamiliar with taking a bath, because since he was sensible, he would take such a medicinal bath every once in a while.


While taking a medicinal bath may sound like a very comfortable thing to do, it’s actually quite the opposite.


Not to mention that the various medicinal properties contained in the bones of the plants and animals used for bathing will strongly stimulate the body. Just walking into the tumbling boiling water is not something that ordinary people can do.




Jiang Yun clearly remembered that when he first took a medicinal bath, he was so frightened that he cried and cried, thinking that his grandfather was going to cook him.


Fortunately, he persevered, because he knew it was grandpa’s painstaking efforts to strengthen his body.


Although I can’t cultivate myself, the medicinal baths I have taken in these years have made my physical fitness not only not weak, but far stronger than many of my peers.


Jiang Yun closed his eyes, buried his entire body, and even his head in the water, feeling the hot water temperature and various medicinal properties, constantly stimulating his body.


Until a few hours later, Jiang Yun’s ear suddenly heard his grandfather’s voice: “Yunwazi, do you want to cultivate?”


With a “wow” sound, Jiang Yun almost jumped out of the water, looking at the grandfather in front of him in shock, and for a while, he was so excited that he couldn’t speak.


Although Jiang Yun has never left the Hundred Thousand Mang Mountain, he also knows that beyond the Mang Mountain, there is a wider and vast world, and in this magnificent world, there are human races, demon races, There are ghost clans and thousands of clans, but no matter what ethnic group they are, all of them advocate cultivation.


Even Jiangcun, this small village that is almost isolated from the world, from the old to the young, is also practicing hard.


Cultivation, from a small point of view, can strengthen the body; in a large-scale, it can turn clouds and rains, ascend to the sky in one step, and even live forever, living the same life as heaven and earth.


Of course I want to!


I just asked my grandfather more than once, but my grandfather always said that because of his different physique, he couldn’t practice cultivation, but today, why would grandpa suddenly ask himself this question?


Could it be that Grandpa found a way to cultivate himself?


Looking at Jiang Yun’s shocked face, Jiang Wanli’s eyes narrowed even more, leaving only a gap.




As soon as Jiang Yun’s words were spoken, Jiang Wanli immediately asked, “Then why are you cultivating?”


Jiang Yun was silent.


Because I don’t understand, why do I want to cultivate so persistently to strengthen my body? For immortality? It doesn’t seem to be.


I started from being sensible, and when I didn’t know what cultivation was, I seemed to have the idea of ​​​​cultivating in my heart.


Born with, born with!


Jiang Wanli obviously knew what Jiang Yun was thinking, so he didn’t need his answer at all. He smiled kindly: “Okay, Yunwazi, if you really want to cultivate, then…”




Suddenly, a loud noise came from far away, interrupting Jiang Wanli’s words abruptly.


“The people from Wind Village are here again!”


Jiang Wanli seemed to know what was going on outside, his face turned cold, and two gleams burst from his narrowed eyes.


Compared to Jiang Wanli, Jiang Yun’s face suddenly turned ashen. He was not angry because his grandfather’s words were interrupted, but because he knew that this Fengcun was here for himself.


Hundred Thousand Mang Mountain has a wide range of activities. In addition to the people from Jiang Village, many other villages of different sizes also live here. Although they are not harmonious with each other, they do not violate the river water, but only occasionally Some small friction.


Wind Village is the closest village to Jiang Village, and its overall strength is stronger than Jiang Village.


The two sides are in constant conflict because they border each other, but they are only minor conflicts. However, since Jiang Yun came to Jiangjia Village sixteen years ago, the conflict between them has suddenly escalated and intensified.


When Jiang Yun was young, Fengcun used to come to Jiangjia Village to make trouble every so often. The real purpose was to capture Jiang Yun.


As for the reason why the other party wanted to arrest him, Jiang Yun didn’t know at all. He just felt as if he was a rare treasure in the eyes of Fengcun people, because every time he saw people in Fengcun, Jiang Yun would You can clearly see the greed in the eyes of the other party.


Later, I don’t know what method Jiang Wanli used. Since Jiang Yun was ten years old, the people of Fengcun have never called the door again, but I didn’t expect them to come again today.


Jiang Yun hurriedly jumped out of the wooden barrel, put on the animal skin, and rushed out.


At this moment, all the women, children and children in Jiang Village were locked up at home, and only thirty or so adult men gathered at the entrance of the village, staring at a group of sturdy and strong men opposite them—people from Fengcun.


Most of the men and women living in the Mang Mountains are extremely strong, but the people of Feng Village are a little more **** and cruel.


Through the gap in the crowd, Jiang Yun also saw the broken door on the ground.


This made his heart tighten. A village is equivalent to a home. Breaking other people’s homes is simply a naked declaration of war.


Obviously, the wind village is aggressive this time!


Thinking of this, Jiang Yun secretly clenched his fists and squeezed into the crowd.


“Feng Ling!” Jiang Wanli stood at the front of the crowd in Jiang Village, still squinting his eyes, staring at a big man who was more than 20 feet tall in front of him, and said coldly: “After six years of seeing you, the more courageous you are. It’s getting bigger, don’t you dare not listen to Liu Tianren’s words?”


Hearing this sentence, Jiang Yun in the crowd suddenly realized, because he had heard that among the 100,000 Mang Mountains, the most powerful village is Liu Village, and its village chief Liu Tianren is the most powerful village in Mang Mountain. strong.


Obviously, Jiang Wanli borrowed Liu Tianren’s name, so he suppressed the people in Feng Village for six years, so that they didn’t dare to come back to Jiang Village to make trouble.


Feng Ling stretched out his tongue and licked his lips, and smiled yinly: “Old Jiangtou, I used to be a little afraid of Liu Tianren, but now, his name is useless, tell you, today or Hand over Jiang Yun; or, I will bloodbath your Jiang Village!”


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