The Sovereign’s Ascension Chapter 2: The 3rd level of martial arts!



Lin Yun hesitated, but Su Ziyao didn’t care at all, holding a sword, turned around and left.


The handsome male disciple with extraordinary temperament glared at Lin Yun and quickly turned around to chase after him.


“Damn, that kid Lin Yun is lucky, he has received a reward from Senior Sister Su again. In the jade bottle, it is estimated that there are at least three nourishing pills, which is really cool!”


“Over the past two years, Senior Sister Su has given this kid a lot of medicinal pills. If it were me, I would have broken through the third level of martial arts long ago. Giving it to this guy would be a complete waste.”


“Haha, so you don’t have to be envious of some things. This kid has so many rewards, but he can’t break through the third level of martial arts. It is estimated that he has already vomited blood in depression.”


“Yes, a slave for one day, a slave for a lifetime, this life is also the life of a sword slave.”


The handyman working in front of the Sword Washing House compound looked at such a scene and sneered with admiration.


They are miscellaneous servants and can stay in Qingyunmen for two years, if they can’t break through the third level of martial arts. You have to pack up and leave Qingyun. If you want to stay, just like Lin Yun, selling yourself as a slave.


But there are very few people in the world who can be as persistent as Lin Yun.


Not everyone is willing to give up their freedom, be willing to be slaves, and gamble on their future.


Therefore, these handymen have always believed that they are higher than Lin Yun and have a strong sense of superiority. In the words, there is always cynicism.


Two generations are human beings, Lin Yun is more open to these, and doesn’t care too much. Just looking at the jade bottle at the foot, thoughtfully.


“Have you changed your temper today? You don’t want the reward that Senior Sister Su gave you. You don’t want it, I want it.”


The thin man standing beside Lin Yun smiled and bent down to pick up the medicine bottle.


Just as he was about to pick up the medicine bottle, one foot kicked his wrist with the sound of wind. Then the foot kicked down and hit the jade bottle.




The jade bottle was bounced high, Lin Yun put his foot down, stretched out his hand and grabbed it in his hand.


The whole set|The action moves smoothly without stopping.


The emaciated man almost fell. After getting up, he was furious. He pointed at Lin Yun and said, “You little **** dare to play with me, are you tired of living?”


This person’s name is Zhou Ping, he is an outer sect disciple, and has the strength of the fourth level of martial arts. The aptitude is not high, but his father is an elder of the outer sect, so he was assigned to take charge of the sword washing room here.


Although the Sword Washing Room is the Qingshui Yamen, it is not comparable to the places within the Medicine Pharmacy, Zongwu Hall, and Lingbao Hall. The victory lies in the fact that no one competes, and all the benefits can be monopolized.


On weekdays, this guy bullied Lin Yun a lot, and most of the rewards Su Ziyao gave him would often be taken away by this life.


“Forget it, I don’t have the same knowledge as you, a sword slave, and I lose my little master’s points. It’s an old rule, there are three health-care pills in the jade bottle, bring two over here, and I’ll let you go today.”


Zhou Ping put down his hand, brushed off the dust, and said lightly.


Because it was the medicinal pill given by Su Ziyao, this guy didn’t dare to go too far and take it all. But taking more than half of it is a must.


In the past, Lin Yun was dissatisfied, but due to the situation, he would also compromise.


But now and then, the current Lin Yun is no longer the original Lin Yun, and he has broken through the third level of martial arts, so he is not afraid of this person at all.


Glancing at the jade bottle in the palm of his hand, Lin Yun flashed a complicated look in his eyes, took it into his arms, turned and walked towards the sword washing room.


“Stop for me!”


Seeing that Lin Yun turned around and left, ignoring himself, Zhou Ping was really angry.


In front of so many handymen, this guy dares not to give himself face, then how will he serve the public in the future. But Lin Yun still didn’t stop, and still walked towards the sword washing room.




Zhou Ping rose into the air with his arms outstretched like an angry goshawk. Swooping towards Lin Yun, the bones in his body rattled, causing the airflow to rush, turning into a roar of gust of wind.


The blood flowed in the body, making a thud, like a low thunder, and the momentum of the body rose again out of thin air.


Blood generates internal qi, which is the symbol of the four peaks of martial arts.


It is flying like a goshawk, and the technique used is also much more brilliant than the Tiger Fist. At a higher level, you can turn your palms into claws, and you can tear a tiger in half alive.


“Haha, this kid is going to be out of luck. I don’t know what medicine I took today, and I dare to offend Senior Brother Zhou.”


“Senior Brother Zhou, in the fourth realm of martial arts, the power of a single palm can reach a thousand jin. The Eagle Palm skill has even reached a small level of success. With this palm, Lin Yun will have to lie down for at least half a month.”


“It is estimated that the bad temper is coming again. I came here once last year, and I was taught a lesson. After lying down for three months, I immediately became obedient.”


A group of handymen, seeing the excitement, put down their work one after another. With a little pleasure, he looked over with anticipation.


With the sound of wind, Lin Yun immediately felt it. The mentality of Tiger Fist immediately appeared in his mind, and when he turned around, he slammed it with a punch.


Faintly, a phantom of a fierce tiger appeared behind Lin Yun, roaring furiously.


Turn around and throw punches in a smooth, unobstructed motion.


But when Lin Yun saw Zhou Pingzhi with his own eyes, an imposing manner rushed over, and the other party was looking down at him like a goshawk, his eyes were sharp and scary.


Lin Yun, who was about to explode his bones and increase his momentum, was startled. The bone burst failed, and the momentum was weakened by half on the spot, and the power of the Tiger Fist was not successfully stimulated.




The fists and palms touched each other, and there was a loud noise. Lin Yun took three steps back, the blood in his body was churning, and he finally suppressed it.


“What’s the matter, this palm was actually blocked by Lin Yun.”


Many handymen were amazed. The expected scene where Lin Yun was maimed by a slap didn’t appear, he just took three steps back.


There was a flash of surprise in Zhou Ping’s eyes, and he said solemnly: “You brat, no wonder you dare to be fearless. It turns out that you have been diligent recently.”


Lin Yun secretly analyzed in his heart that he had a chance to take the slap just now.


It’s just that he has just entered the third level of martial arts, has not formally cultivated his inner strength, and has no combat experience.


Although he took three steps back, Lin Yun’s confidence was released through this contact.


This is just the case with Zhou Ping, so don’t be too scared.


“However, if you think you can walk sideways in front of me with this ability, you are too Zhou Ping shouted angrily and charged towards Lin Yun again. With arms outstretched, it is like a goshawk spreading its wings, rolling up countless winds.


Its imposing manner is like a rainbow, pressing step by step, pressing Lin Yun to step back.


Although Lin Yun is retreating, he can retreat according to rules and regulations, and there is no chaos at all. The one-by-one fight made him feel that Zhou Ping was nothing more than that.


Even between moves, there are many flaws. The more one exposes, the more flaws. I’m afraid that’s the truth.


The situation was beyond Zhou Ping’s expectations. Except for the first few palms, Lin Yun was unable to fight. The further back he fought, Lin Yun became more and more calm. Not only could he fully parry, but he could also launch some counterattacks.


What’s the matter? How did Lin Yun’s strength suddenly become so much stronger? It feels like I’m training my hands, no, I have to fight quickly.


Zhou Ping was secretly shocked and became anxious. If he couldn’t take down Lin Yun, he wouldn’t be able to hang out in the sword washing room in the future.


“Great opportunity!”


Finding that Zhou Ping was distracted for a moment, Lin Yun’s eyes narrowed, and a bone-shattering sound suddenly sounded from his body, like a deep mountain whistling.


Immediately afterwards, the bone bursts kept on bursting with hundreds of sounds, and the cracking tiger fist was used as the ultimate move to roar the mountains.


“Boneless, this guy broke through!”


Zhou Ping turned pale in shock. He didn’t expect that the sword slave, who had always looked down on him, actually entered the third level of martial arts, and was stunned.


Lin Yun didn’t care, he threw a punch, bursting into the bones, like a tiger roaring, and the sound shook the mountains and forests!


This punch was like a broken bamboo, and while Zhou Ping was stunned, it slapped him on the chest like a tiger.


On hearing a loud bang, Zhou Ping flew into the air and fell to the ground. Ribs in front of chest were broken several times, and the pain was endless.


A group of handymen, stunned, completely stunned.


“The third level of martial arts, Lin Yun has the third level of martial arts!”


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