The Sovereign’s Ascension Chapter 1: Blue Cloud Swordsman



“Not dead?”


Lin Yun opened his eyes and looked at the flat chest, his first thought was that he was not dead.


He remembers himself, and it is rare to climb Mount Tai at leisure.


Who knew that the moment he reached the top of the mountain, a sword light passed through his chest.


Before he had time to react, he immediately lost consciousness.


“It hurts!” Lin Yun suddenly covered his head with a struggling expression on his face,


Pain, splitting headache, and memories forcefully poured in. All kinds of pictures, like a movie, flicker quickly.


It didn’t take long for the fusion of memories, but Lin Yun felt that more than ten years had passed.


When he opened his eyes again, his expression gradually eased, and his eyes were full of calm.


It turns out that he really didn’t die, he passed through.


Came to this world called Xuan Huang, and possessed a small sword slave on the border of Tianshui Kingdom.


Perhaps there is a divine providence, and the sword slave’s name is also Lin Yun.


The fusion of memories, let him know that he is fifteen years old this year. He joined Qingyun Sect three years ago, and his qualifications were too low to become a disciple of Qingyun.


I had to do errands in the sword washing room in the door, and became a sword slave, dedicated to the maintenance of swords by the disciples, elders and others in the door.


Fortunately, Qingyunmen is not a sword-based sect, so he is not particularly busy, and he has a little free time to practice every day.


In the world of Xuanhuang, strength is respected.


It is already very rare to be born as a sword slave and get a chance to cultivate.


There are also rules in the Qingyun Sect. Any chores can become full-fledged disciples as long as they have a little success in their cultivation.


It is this rule that has always inspired Lin Yun, making him willing to be a slave and not leaving the Qingyun Sect.


Unfortunately, this Lin Yun has enough perseverance and poor understanding. After three years of training, he was only at the second level of martial arts, and he was unable to enter the third level for a long time.


And the criterion for becoming an outer sect disciple is the third level of martial arts. It is this one step away that keeps Lin Yun from the outer sect.


Lin Yun pondered secretly in his heart. As a sword slave, there were obstacles in training time and resources. But for three years, he couldn’t break through to the third level of martial arts, and the original master’s comprehension was still a bit mediocre.


“Since you live again, then you can live well. In this world, Lin Yun’s name can also be famous all over the world!”


Strange to say, Lin Yun quickly adapted to the matter of crossing, and set a goal for himself in a moment.


Perhaps, it has a lot to do with his previous occupation. Let him remain calm no matter what environment he is in.


In his previous life, he was a talented lawyer, he was familiar with the law, but he could never forget it, and he was known for his calmness and steadiness.


Since his debut, he has never lost a lawsuit.


“Try first, what kind of aptitude is this fleshly body?”


Speaking in a deep voice, Lin Yun pushed open the cabin and came to an open space in front of the door.


Putting on the stance of Tiger Fist, Lin Yun stepped on his feet and punched with punch.


Tiger Fist, when you hear the name, you know a big way of boxing. In fact, among the basic exercises, there are many better than this Tiger Fist, and there are not many in Qingyunmen.


Just as a sword slave, that’s all I can get. I’m not an official disciple, and I can’t get all the resources of Qingyunmen at all.


What is the basic exercise?


The tenth level of martial arts, the first three levels of training skin and bones and meridians, the three levels of training the blood and the five internal organs in the middle, and the three levels of unclogging the tendons, turning the bones, and changing the marrow, reaching the peak of the tenth level.


Basic boxing is dedicated to polishing the body, improving the bones and flesh of the meridians, and laying the foundation for the long road of cultivation in the future.




The fist wind is strong, blowing the fallen leaves on the ground, Lin Yun’s whole body is relaxed, immersed in a wonderful feeling.


Strange, this Tiger Fist, how can I fight so smoothly today.


As far back as I can remember, when Lin Yun used this set of punches, it was always obscure and difficult to understand, and he would only follow the gourds.


It only has its shape without knowing its meaning.


But today, Lin Yun felt that his brain was clear, and everything was clear in his heart. With each punch, there will be a flow of heat flowing in the body, and the essence of the punch will be instantly understood.


Tiger Fist has a total of 18 poses, the first 15 of which can only be used for health training. The latter three styles are used for attacking and fighting, and require a higher level of understanding to practice.


Respectively, the tiger roars in the mountains and forests, the tiger descends the mountain, and the beasts come to court.


The essence of Tiger Fist lies in these three moves, but Lin Yun didn’t practice it before. The first fifteen moves are only half-understood, so how can you put your mind on the last three moves?


After a second thought, I finished all the first fifteen poses. Limbs and bones, a stream of heat, running around everywhere.


Lin Yun’s eyes sank, and the mentality of Tiger Fist flashed in his mind, taking advantage of this feeling. Grasping the heat flow in his body, he snorted softly, and hit the Tiger Fist 16-style Tiger Roaring Mountain Forest.




I punched out, and the heat in my body boiled, all of which rushed to my right hand. It was as if a phantom of a fierce tiger appeared behind Lin Yun and let out a roar.


Immediately afterwards, the bones of the whole body exploded. It rang a hundred times, the sound was like anger, like the roar of a tiger.


The gust of wind blew wildly, and the remnant leaves above the open space fluttered in the air, shattered into countless debris, and fell down.


The heat flow in the body is still constantly moving, and the whole body is warm and very comfortable.


“This is the inner strength! The explosion of the bones produces inner strength. This is the sign of breaking through the second level. I have reached the third level of martial arts!”


Lin Yun closed his fists and adjusted his breath, with a hint of joy on his face. He didn’t expect that he would enter the third level of martial arts at the same time that he had become a tiger roaring in the mountains and forests in one fell swoop.


He wondered how my savvy had become so high.


In one fell swoop, I entered the third level of martial arts, but I can explain it. After all, Lin Yun has accumulated more than a year in this realm.


After thinking about it, only the explanation of soul fusion is that he was extremely smart in his previous life. A genius lawyer, he never forgets, and he recites like a liar.


It already had this advantage, and with the addition of the soul of another Lin Yun, his comprehension was improved, and it was completely in the past.


“It seems that this world is my ingenuity, and the place where I should show my strengths. The third level of martial arts, I am already qualified to become a disciple of Qingyunmen’s outer sect, and I will no longer need to be a sword slave from now on.”


Lin Yun whispered to himself, suddenly, he remembered something. His face changed greatly, he quickly returned to the wooden house and searched everywhere.


In a dark corner of the wooden house, I saw a sword soaked in ice water.


“That’s it.”


Lin Yun didn’t hesitate, stretched out his hand and took out the sword, his right hand was instantly frozen pale.


In the ice water, Lin Yun’s delicate face is reflected, and there is a little purple diamond mark between his eyebrows.


Seeing this purple mark, Lin Yun’s face was strange.


One day a slave, a lifetime seal!


Not thinking about much, holding the sword, Lin Yun went out and ran quickly towards the sword washing room.


The sword is not his, of course, it is maintained by him for an inner disciple of Qingyunmen. Any sword needs to be maintained over time.


For longevity, fine swords, especially.


As a sword slave all these years, his ability to obtain an independent residence in Qingyunmen is inseparable from his skill in raising swords.


It was too late, I should have sent it an hour ago, but it was all delayed by my boxing practice.


Lin Yun was a little annoyed in his heart. As a small person, in this strict sect, he delayed the affairs of those big people, and the consequences were unimaginable.


Severely, even life-threatening.


“Senior Sister Su, he’s here!”


In front of the sword washing room at the corner of the mountain, three people gathered. After seeing Lin Yun rushing over, one of the thin men spoke Opposite him, stood a man and a woman. Extraordinary, outstanding. In terms of temperament, there is a sharp contrast with the person who speaks.


Especially the woman was wearing a long green shirt and long skirt. She had a slender figure, a dusty temperament, and an extraordinary beauty, which made people feel humble and dare not look directly.


Lin Yun saw the woman through the crowd, and inexplicably felt a good feeling.


It is not surprising that Lin Yun, who has integrated the memory of the original owner, has always had a crush on this inner disciple of the Qingyun Sect named Su Ziyao.


“You sword slave, why are you only here now, Senior Sister Su has been waiting for you for a quarter of an hour.” The thin man, seeing Lin Yun approaching, immediately scolded.


Su Ziyao was expressionless and said lightly: “Sword, bring it.”


Lin Yun breathed a sigh of relief. The other party didn’t blame him, he stepped forward and sent the sword in his arms.


Su Ziyao took out the handkerchief and wiped the sword from beginning to end. This action made Lin Yun frown slightly, and some of the goodwill from the original owner was gone.




The blade was pulled out half an inch, and a cold wind swept out. Su Ziyao swiped and quickly returned the sword to the sheath, making people only see a cold light.


“Not bad.” Satisfied, Su Ziyao threw a jade bottle and landed at Lin Yun’s feet.


What does it mean when he’s a beggar?


Lin Yun was slightly angry.


The handsome man next to him said with a smile: “Sister Su, you are really kind. This sword slave is a moment late and will give him a reward. Please pick it up soon, thank you, senior sister!”


Seeing that Lin Yun didn’t move, the handsome man frowned slightly and said coldly.


If it was Lin Yun in the past, he would pick it up without the need for more words from this handsome man.


But now…


In the end, to pick it up or not to pick it up?


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