The Ring That Defies The Heavens Chapter 545: Going against the sky!



“Oh? Young man, if you can really abduct the holy ‘girl’, then I will definitely reward you greatly!” Demon Emperor Augustus laughed, but he was just joking about it. After all, it is too far-fetched to let the ‘woman’ of the Holy Light ‘elope’ with a demon man. . Fastest update access: .


“Ding! The Demon Emperor Augustus has issued you a hidden quest of the heaven-defying level: Capture the heart of the saint ‘woman’! Do you accept it?”


“Uh…” Although Jiang Fei received the task reminder, he felt awkward.


“Promise! Promise!” urged Isabella aside.


“Uh… well…” Jiang Fei nodded his head bravely, and accepted the task.


“Ding! Mission update!”


Task name: Capture the heart of the Holy Lady of Light! (anti-sky level)


Mission description: Do whatever it takes to make the “girl” of the Holy Light fall in love with you, and betray the light camp for you!


Quest rewards: 3 billion experience points, 20w gold coins, 5,000 demon prestige, 2,000 dark camp prestige, mysterious equipment rewards!


“Nima…” After Jiang Fei took over the mission, he was not scared to death by the mission reward!


This demon emperor is too generous. The reward of this quest is really sky-defying, but the difficulty of this quest is basically impossible to complete. Man, let alone the Demon Race!


However, the change of the matter came from Jiang Fei’s title of male god. Under this title, Jiang Fei only needed to do a few more quests posted by the saint’s ‘girl’, and at that time his reputation naturally increased to ‘fascination’ , under the rules of the system. Even if the saint ‘girl’ was a lace, she had to be forced to straighten it, so this task that was impossible for others to complete was not difficult for Jiang Fei.


“Hey! Come on then!” Jiang Fei gritted his teeth. The reward for this heaven-defying quest was too tempting, so he had no choice but to say sorry to the little girl called Saint ‘Daughter’.


From the Demon Emperor’s Palace, Jiang Fei returned to the Demon Flame Fortress on the front line.


The three commanders in the command hall were still busy, and they didn’t have time to talk to Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei didn’t bother them. Small talk.


“Ah! Dear explorer, you are finally here!” The saint ‘girl’ had been looking for Jiang Fei for several days. But she was a prisoner after all, so if Jiang Fei did not take the initiative to come over, she would not be able to leave the command hall.


“I have some things to do recently, Your Highness, Holy Lady, is there anything I can do for you?” Jiang Fei said with a smile, looking at Holy Lady’s peerless face with divine radiance, Jiang Fei murmured in his heart: This little girl is not at a loss for soaking in…


“It is like this. The last mission to evacuate the civilians resulted in the ‘Flower’ Mulan and the Holy ‘Female’ Guard being censured by the Holy See, now they are all imprisoned and will be burned at the stake soon, I I hope you can save them all as much as possible!” The saint said with a sad face.


Originally, the Holy ‘Woman’ Guard was reprimanded at most for carrying out the Holy ‘Woman’ hand edict to evacuate the civilians, but at this time, Sylvie’s blatant betrayal of the Holy See is under the Holy See’s investigation. An explorer named Grass Flying appeared in the Holy See’s field of vision.


The dignified disciple of the Moon God, the deacon of the Inquisition, and the monarch-level master Sylvie, who betrayed the Holy See because of this man, then all those who have contact with this grass fly have been censored. So the ‘flower’ Mulan and the holy ‘woman’ guards suffered. Coupled with the testimony of the frontline commander Bernard, the charge of ‘Hua’ Mulan and the Holy ‘Female’ Guard colluding with the demons has been confirmed!


Bernard was upset when he was beaten by ‘Flower’ Mulan. It’s just that Sylvie was on the side of ‘Hua’ Mulan at that time, and no one supported him, so he had to endure. Now Sylvie has actually betrayed and ‘elope’ with that demon man, Bernard Naturally, the first one jumped out to identify the ‘flower’ Mulan!


“Ding! Bright Saint ‘woman’ has issued a mission to you: save the former subordinates! Do you accept it?”


“Okay! I’ll do my best!” Jiang Fei nodded immediately after receiving the prompt. After all, this matter started because of him, no matter what the reason, he had no reason to let it go.


“Thank you very much!” Holy Light ‘woman’ bowed to Jiang Fei.


“Time is running out, I’ll set off now!” Jiang Fei nodded, because the mission was time-limited. If Mulan and the others were burned at the stake, it would be too late for Jiang Fei to say anything.


“Sylvie, you’d better accompany the saint ‘girl’!” After coming out, Jiang Fei said to Sylvie.


“Let me go with you!” Of course Sylvie didn’t want Jiang Fei to take the risk alone.


“Forget it, I’m going deep into the hinterland of the Bright camp this time, didn’t you add chaos?” Jiang Fei shook his head.


Sylvie is now a disgrace to the Illuminati, most wanted criminal! Her monarch-level aura was so strong that once she entered the territory of the Bright Camp, it was guaranteed that a large number of Bright Camp experts would hunt her down. At that time, she would not only be unable to help, but would have to expose Jiang Fei’s whereabouts.


“Alright then, be more careful…” Sylvie looked at Jiang Fei reluctantly and said.


“Don’t worry! I will take good care of him!” Isabella gave Sylvie a proud look, only she could truly be inseparable with Jiang Fei!


After taking off from the Demon Flame Fortress, Jiang Fei sat on the back of the floating young dragon and then opened the task list and looked at the tasks posted by the saint ‘girl’.


Task name: Save the former subordinates! (Legendary)


Mission Objective: Rescue the ‘Flower’ Mulan and the Holy ‘Female’ Guard who are about to be burned at the stake.


Task reward: Rescue ‘Flower’ Mulan, reward 3000w experience points and 1000 gold coins.


Advanced reward: Rescue ‘Hua’ Mulan and more than half of the members of the Holy ‘Female’ guard, experience reward 5000w, 3000 gold coins.


Impossible Mission: Rescue ‘Flower’ Mulan and all members of the Holy ‘Female’ Guard, experience reward 8000w, 5000 gold coins.


Failure Penalty: If ‘Flower’ Mulan dies, then 3000w experience points will be and a lot of reputation of the Holy Lady of Light will be lost!


Countdown to the Burning: Twelve Hours!


“It’s another mission that rewards you according to the degree of completion!” Jiang Fei nodded secretly, but this time it was more difficult to complete successfully. Okay, even if one hangs in the middle, then the highest difficulty reward will not be available.


Flying all the way at high altitude, Jiang Fei quickly crossed the dividing line between light and dark, and entered the site of the Bright camp. Because it was the front line, there were also aerial cavalry patrols from the Bright camp, so Jiang Fei did not dare to lower his altitude. Keep flying at super high altitude.


According to the coordinates indicated by the mission, after a two-hour flight, Jiang Fei arrived at the place where the Saint ‘Female’ Guard was imprisoned.


This is a small valley. There is a small castle in the middle of the valley. It seems to be a prison for prisoners. The guards here are not too strict. The chances of being attacked by outsiders are not high.


Although the defense is not too strict, it is not easy to save people from here. After all, the arrow tower on the castle is enough to kill Jiang Fei a hundred times! Fiction…


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