The Ring That Defies The Heavens Chapter 544: To pick up girls



After saying hello to his parents, Jiang Fei walked into the kitchen, sat down and started eating. Originally, his parents had already finished eating. When Jiang Fei came back, his mother was cleaning the dishes, but Jiang Fei had already eaten for several days. I haven’t had a serious meal, bread and biscuits are not delicious, so I almost salivate when I see the food on the table.


“Mom, your cooking skills are getting better and better!” Jiang Fei raved about his mother’s craftsmanship while eating.


“Listen, listen, my son can talk a lot. He’s not like you. He never asks for help, and he picks and chooses what he eats!” Mom gave Jiang Fei a proud look.


“Didn’t I choose to improve your cooking skills?” Jiang Fei’s father laughed.


“Haha…” Jiang Fei felt relieved when he saw his parents were in such a good mood. It seemed that they didn’t leave any shadows in their hearts because of the kidnapping incident last time.


“Xiao Fei, can you tell your mother what’s going on outside?” the mother asked curiously.


“If it’s inconvenient to talk about it, forget it.” Jiang Fei’s father had many things to think about, so he had a lot of concerns instead.


“I learn martial arts from my master. If I don’t practice well, I won’t be given food. The hardship is very hard, but it’s not dangerous.” Jiang Fei made up a lie, he didn’t want his parents to know that he was in How dangerous is it out there.


“Oh! Oh! Mom doesn’t know what’s going on with people like you, but the hard work of martial arts is written in novels. Don’t worry, your master’s mom can’t control it, but at home, no matter how lazy you are , Mom will cook for you!” Mom was relieved after knowing that Jiang Fei was not in danger. But I felt a little distressed when I heard that my son was so hard to learn martial arts outside.


“Yeah! The only way to be a good person is to suffer hardships! Although we are not in your circle. But thank you Master for me!” Dad also nodded.


“Oh!” Jiang Fei promised, but said in his heart: If only I had such a master!


After dinner, Jiang Fei chatted with his parents for a while, and when it was late at night, he returned to his room.


Lying on his bed, Jiang Fei felt extremely relaxed. It was only here that he truly felt a trace of peace. After checking the time, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening.


Although I missed the game start time. But Jiang Fei still logged into the game.


“Fei, are you in trouble again?” As soon as Jiang Fei went online, Isabella asked.


“Yeah! But it’s resolved!” Jiang Fei nodded, then looked around and found that Sylvie was gone.


“You didn’t come yesterday, she should be looking for the saint,” Isabella said.


If Jiang Fei is not online, Isabella will have to be locked in a small dark room in the pet space. But Sylvie was not subject to this restriction. Although Jiang Fei was not online yesterday, the game would be thawed as usual.


Without Jiang Fei, Isabella couldn’t get out of the pet space. Sylvie could be said to have no relatives in the Demon Flame Fortress, although she defected to the dark camp for Jiang Fei. But the reputation of these dark camps and her is only indifferent, so no one pays any attention to her at all, only the captured Holy Maiden of Light can chat with her.


“Shhh!” Jiang Fei just mentioned Sylvie, and after a golden light, the girl flew to Jiang Fei’s side.


“Husband. You’re finally here, and I suddenly felt your breath just now. I thought it was an illusion!” Sylvie said affectionately, pulling Jiang Fei’s hand.


“Husband, where are we going to play today?” Isabella naturally grabbed Jiang Fei’s other arm.


Although the two women stopped fighting, the battle for favor in front of Jiang Fei never stopped.


“It’s here again…” Jiang Fei’s face turned bitter. He had come here with such pain and happiness these past few days. If it wasn’t for these two women being so difficult to deal with, he wouldn’t have experienced a rapid increase in love experience.


“Husband, Your Highness the Holy Maiden wants to see you.” Just as Jiang Feiyi pondered, Sylvie said.


“Uh…” To tell the truth, Jiang Fei really didn’t want to see that Saintess, because he knew that Her Highness the Saintess was holding back on giving him a mission.


Although the quests released by the Holy Maiden have good rewards and a lot of experience, the reputation of this chick and herself has already been respected. If you have a few more quests, you might become obsessed with it. After all, the girl can give Jiang Fei a lot of reputation. It’s like no money.


“Let’s go have a look, I think Saintess is a good person!” Isabella rarely confronted Sylvie.


In Isabella’s heart, the Holy Lady of Light is indeed a good person. Although everyone has different beliefs, the Holy Lady of Light is only for the safety of the people, which is admired by the kind-hearted Isabella.


“I don’t want it anymore. What if I deal with Saintess too much, what if she also takes a fancy to me?” Jiang Fei deliberately ran on Isabella, he knew that Isabella, a little vinegar jar, could not hear this.


“Humph! Just brag! That’s why we are blind to you, stop being narcissistic!” Isabella said with a small mouth.


“That’s right! Her Majesty the Holy Maiden must serve the God of Light wholeheartedly and cannot fall in love with a man!” Sylvie also said aside.


“Your sister! This reputation system doesn’t matter if it’s possible or not. Once the reputation is infatuated, the nun has to think about it!” Jiang Fei’s face was full of helplessness, but he couldn’t tell the two girls for this reason. After all, he told them straightforwardly: ” You guys didn’t exist in the first place, but were created artificially to entertain players.” This is too hurtful!


“Go! Go! If you are very attractive and really abduct the Holy Maiden, this palace will approve it!” Isabella said, really posing as a princess.


“Aren’t you jealous?” Jiang Fei thought Isabella was joking.


“Hehe, if you can kidnap the Holy Maiden of Light, what a blow to the Holy See! The Holy Maiden betrayed her faith, eloped with a man, and even eloped with a man from a demon race! Haha, I’m afraid the belief of the entire bright camp will collapse? In order to watch this lively, what if multiple sisters share you? Anyway, there are already so many people, and I don’t care about one more!” Isabella said.


In the final is still the princess of the demon clan. She has been educated by sacrificing her ego to complete the entire demon clan since she was a child, so although she is jealous, Jiang Fei really wants to bring the light to the camp. With such a big scandal, she would really go out and have one more sister to share Jiang Fei’s feelings!


“So, I’m on a mission to pick up girls?” Jiang Fei joked.


“Hey! You really don’t say it! Let’s go! Let’s go to see my father, maybe there will be a reward!” Isabella said suddenly.


This is what the girl extroverted said. Before she married Jiang Fei, she was thinking about how to get her baby out of her father’s hands.


Next, Sylvie went back to accompany the Holy Maiden of Light, while Jiang Fei was dragged by Isabella to the tenth floor of the Demon Abyss. After returning to the Demon Emperor Hall, Jiang Fei and the two met the Demon Emperor, Isa Bella told the Demon Emperor about her plan, but the Demon Emperor actually agreed!


Although as a father-in-law, no one wants to see his son-in-law, three wives and four concubines, but as a demon emperor, he can bring such a subversive scandal to the Holy See of Light. The demon emperor has one hundred and twenty support! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile users, please read it.)


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