The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 281: Lou Yuan fled


Seeing Nian Jimo and Lou Huang rushing over, Lou Yuan showed a strange smile.

Nian Jimo’s movement technique is the wandering flower step, which is ethereal and fast. He can swing the dagger with his elbow before Lou Huang. Where the silver light passed was Lou Yuan’s neck.

Lou Yuan’s body was swaying in the wind, leaning sideways along with the direction of the knife, narrowly avoiding the first knife.

Lou Huang’s speed was only one step behind Nian Jimo. When he made his first move, he just stepped on Lou Yuan’s birth position. This position is very clever. It blocks Lou Yuan’s escape route. If he reverses his body, it will also be a threat to Nian Jimo. When Nian Jimo’s dagger missed, he just reached out his claws and touched Lou Yuan’s throat as he was leaning over. Lou Yuan couldn’t avoid it, as if he automatically put his neck into the opponent’s hands. The texture of black silk gloves is very unique, with the coolness of metal and the flexibility of silk fabric. When it touches the skin, it feels like snake scales sliding across it.

There was no splash of blood, no open wounds, and no desperate screams before death.

Lou Huang’s hands slid across his neck, pressed on his shoulders, and then swept his legs across Nian Jimo. The target was also the neck, the most vulnerable point in the body. The force of his kick was enough to kick his head away. The foot swept across the neck, but there was no resistance at all. What the kick hit was just an afterimage in the eye, with strong force and a whistling sound that broke through the air.

When Lou Huang changed his moves, the battle formation on the field also changed.

Originally, Lou Huang’s remnants and the men led by Nian Jimo were supposed to attack Lou Yuan’s men. Now, Lou Huang’s men have turned against them one after another and brutally attacked the Chidu people around them. The strange thing is that Chidu’s side seemed to be well prepared. When the other party made a move, they attacked almost at the same time. There were even several people from Lou Huang who were caught off guard because they did not expect the opponent to counterattack.

Yutang grabbed the wrist holding the dagger with one hand, and punched the opponent’s left chest with the other hand. The man died almost immediately. He vomited blood, which was mixed with pieces of internal organs, and his eyes almost popped out of his sockets.

What about the sneak attack you promised? What about the promised kill?

Xiang Buchen kicked one of them away, which was not enough. His eyes just happened to catch sight of a male beast who was forced back by Ling Yue’s push. His eyes lit up, and he hit the opponent in the stomach. He kicked the person flying for a while, and he lay on the ground for a while before he groaned.

After a while, the two groups that were mixed together just now, as Lou Huang’s side was cleared, the formation of dozens of people on Chidu’s side began to shrink, and they were clearly separated from them.

“It’s really a wonderful way to master the plan.” Lou Huang smiled and looked at Nian Jimo. “When did you find out?”

“When you, Qiqi, and the prince were discussing in the secret room, Qiqi saw through you, Mei Yuan.”

“Lou Huang” was stunned for a moment, then he uncovered the silver half, took out the soft crystal that changed the color of his eyes, and revealed his true appearance. It was indeed Lou Yuan. “It really makes me a little embarrassed. I thought it was a very successful performance, but I didn’t expect to be found out so early. In the past few days, have I been acting like a clown? But before the fight starts, can you untie me? Confused. Lou Huang and I still have a bit of a resemblance, especially the lower half of his face. Moreover, these black silk gloves and half of his face were actually ripped from Lou Huang’s corpse. What on earth do I think? What flaws were exposed?”

After seeing his master reveal his true colors, “Lou Yuan” behind him also rubbed his face a few times, and a layer of flesh-colored clay fell down. This is a male beast that looks very much like Lou Yuan, so it’s no wonder that it’s played so vividly. And he is Lou Yuan’s royal substitute Yuan Ying.

“Qiqi looks at people, and their bodies are more important than their looks. And your physical condition is very good. In her words, you have ‘exquisite bones’. With such a rare physical condition, according to Qiqi, only Xiang Buchen has Comparable to you. With such a distinctive appearance, she was confused from the first sight. When you told Qiqi that you were the Black Phoenix Guild President, she was basically sure that you were Lou Yuan and not Lou Huang. .”

“Why? As far as I know, although Lou Huang had contact with Qiqi as the president of the Black Phoenix Guild, he never showed his true colors.”

“She didn’t see his face, but she remembered the aura of President Black Phoenix. I don’t know what method you used to imitate his aura, but there is still a difference between real and fake. ”

“That makes sense.”

“Then, she asked the queen for Lou Huang’s information. Lou Huang has always been mysterious, and his habit of wearing a half-mask wherever he went gave you the convenience of pretending to be him. However, he is left-handed, and you because With my left arm broken, even if a robotic arm is installed, I can only use my right hand. There are other flaws, so I won’t go into them one by one, right?”

Lou Yuan touched his nose and said with a grimace: “There is really no need to say anything more. This is the first time I know that I am so stupid and naive.”

Lou Huang is a tough guy. If he hadn’t been in the black market before and established his own power, it would be impossible to catch him off guard.

After being recalled by his father Wang Lou Lang that day and assigned the task of capturing Yang Qiqi, Lou Huang quietly returned to the black market and planned to deploy his men to capture Qiqi. And Lou Yuanke never thought of confronting him openly. He had always used unscrupulous means. For Lou Huang: winning Yang Qiqi = winning the crown prince’s position. Lou Yuan’s idea was more direct: if he killed Lou Huang, he would become his father’s only heir = crown prince.

So, Lou Yuan activated his own power in the black market, activated all the “needles” in the Black Phoenix Society and everyone who secretly surrendered to him.

First, the poison destroyed half of his strength, and then he surrounded and suppressed Lou Huang and his die-hard loyalists.

This battle was so intense that there were countless casualties. The injury to his abdomen was sustained in this battle, and similarly, it was also in this battle that he was able to break through to the fifth level. In the end, if Ghost Hand hadn’t stabbed Lou Huang in the back, I really don’t know who would have had the last laugh.

After Lou Huang died, Lou Yuan took away his gloves and half of his face and placed them on Lou Lang’s table. Although he has not been officially canonized, he is already the prince.

Different from Chidu’s Purple Level Saintess’ Church, it is independent of the royal family. Taisu’s three female saints obeyed the king’s advice. From this, Lou Yuan was able to mobilize Orange Light and Qing.

Nian Jimo and Yutang are certainly powerful, but Lou Huang’s subordinates, in addition to those from the Taisu royal family, also have masters from the original Black Phoenix Society and the black market, with as many as eight reaching the fifth level.

The collision of strength and power, the showdown between martial arts and martial arts.

Zheng Shou’s eyes turned red, he looked up to the sky and howled, transformed into a black bear, and swatted it down with one claw. Opposite Yuan Ying cut off his arm in order to “synchronize” with Lou Yuan. With this transformation, he became a three-legged mastiff, as fierce as Zheng Shou. The two giant beasts quickly attacked and fought, rolling into a ball.

Blood splattered, dust flew, and the sound of killing shook the sky.

Yutang also learned the Youhua Step. Every time he pounced in front of the enemy, before the opponent had time to react, he would punch the opponent in the chest. Basically, he would blow out the opponent’s heart with one punch and kill him with one blow. Occasionally, there are those who have quick reactions, stretch out their arms to block, break their arms and then punch them to the heart. The one who stretched out his hand to block the punch had his metacarpal bone shattered and a heart-breaking punch. He is like a life harvester, unstoppable wherever he goes.

Ling Yue and Xu have a tacit understanding of each other. One for defense and one for attack. Two people can fight one alone, or they can fight three or four in a group.

Xiang Buchen and Nian Jimoze seemed to be in a massacre competition. The two sometimes marched side by side, with a dagger like a stream of light, and every time it was swung out, it would bring out a cloud of blood mist. One’s legs are like the wind, and the feet are not missing, and the sound of “bang bang” is constant. Sometimes they would go their separate ways, jostle around, and when they met again, they would exchange gestures.

Nian Jimo: five.

Xiang Buchen: Six, one more than you.

So, one with a proud expression and the other as cold as ice rushed into the enemy group again.

Nian Jimo and others had the upper hand, but although the others in Chidu were also selected experts, they were not as accustomed to fighting for their lives as the group of desperadoes in the black market. Moreover, there are twice as many people on the Taisu side as there are on the Chidu side. Therefore, the casualties were heavier.

Lou Yuan retreated from the battle group. While paying attention to the fighting in the field, he was also more concerned about the battle of the three female saints in the forest.

He postponed the crown prince’s canonization and blocked Lou Huang’s death. After this incident, it looked like a stupid scene. Wasn’t it just to kidnap Yang Qiqi to Taisu? Therefore, it doesn’t matter even if the male beast’s entire army is annihilated, as long as the Orange Saint and the others can capture her. Although she saw through her own trick early on, fortunately, she still followed him out. As long as they come out, they are given a chance.

The dragons and phoenixes fighting in mid-air made Lou Yuan mesmerized.

Such a strong and proud female beast, such a stunningly beautiful female beast, is worthy of his oath!

Such a female beast would be a real disaster if released. Therefore, he would imprison her in the palace, on the bed, chained with the most gorgeous chain, and become his only pet.

Suddenly, a chill hit him, and Lou Yuan raised his arms to block it.

With a “squeak” sound, Nian Jimo’s dagger cut through the sleeve and simulated skin of his arm, revealing the mechanical arm inside. The ugly metal poles and interlocking teeth are exposed. The most advanced prosthetic limb can perform some simple movements through the muscle movement of the broken arm. Such as grabbing things, shaking hands, etc. However, Lou Yuan disliked this thing very much. The fake ones were just fake. They were not as flexible or tactile as the real ones. Therefore, he would rather leave that sleeve empty unless necessary.

Lou Yuan held the seam of his left arm with his right hand, twisted it, quickly took it off, and threw it on the ground, making a heavy “bang” sound.

For him, this robotic arm is a it, he can go faster.

Up to the fifth level, Lou Yuan’s movement skills have improved. As Yang Qiqi said, he is also a prodigy in martial arts. However, facing Nian Jimo’s You Huabu, he was still inferior. But he is born with quick reactions and can always successfully avoid fatal injuries at the most critical moment. Even so, the minor injuries on his body continued to increase, and his whole body seemed to be stained with blood. He fell to the ground again, and out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a figure walking on a dragon in mid-air. The two people **** like caterpillars in front of her feet made his pupils shrink.

Two against one, still defeated.

Without further ado, he took out the projectile and threw it in front of him, causing a cloud of gray smoke to rise up.

Immediately afterwards, the sound of “chichi” continued, and the beasts from the black market threw their own smoke bombs. Because of the large number, it quickly filled the entire battlefield and obscured everyone’s sight.

When the wind blew away the smoke, Lou Yuan took away everyone except the abandoned bodies. As for those who were seriously injured and unable to move, their necks were broken by them. He is cruel and ruthless, as expected from the black market.

Zheng Shou and other male beasts were so angry that they cursed until Qi Qi jumped off the green dragon’s back and threw Qing and Cheng Guang to the ground. rs()


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