The Law of Hunting a Wife Chapter 280: Dragon and Phoenix Fight


When you reach the level of a female saint, you are like a national treasure. Basically, you will not easily face another female saint.

But today, Yang Qiqi and Qing are bound to have a fight.

Mei Baoqian stayed behind in the imperial capital, guarding the two children. Nian Jimo and six others followed Qiqi out.

On the night of Mei Bingqin’s full-moon baptism, Nian Qinghui’s eggshell began to crack, and a chubby little hand poked out of it, and then a calf. Several adults worked hard to free him from the eggshell, and saw the cub’s appearance that he had been guessing for a whole month.

The silver hair, gray-blue eyes, and fine scales on the forehead are exactly the same. This whole thing is the baby version of Nian Jimo.

“Oh~oh~” Xiao Qinghui’s eyes flickered around a circle of adults’ faces, and then he decisively stretched out his little arm towards Qiqi.

“Oh, my baby is so cute.” Qiqi was immediately captured by the handsome boy’s cuteness. She held her in her arms and kissed him again and again, and finally kissed the baby’s biological father: “Aji turned out to be so cute when he was little. Ah!”

Nian Jimo’s expression remained unchanged, but his face was dyed red. Looking at the little beast cub that had completely inherited his own appearance, his eyes became much gentler.

Except for Mei Baoqin, who was holding Xiao Bingqin, several male beasts were very envious. Zheng Shou stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Qiqi’s waist, humming in her ear: “Qiqi, I was very cute when I was a child. When will you give me a little bear cub?”

Qiqi’s mind immediately pictured a cute little black bear, sitting and grabbing its toes with its front paws… It seemed quite fun. However, she had just given birth to two children and was nine months pregnant. She didn’t want to get pregnant again right away. She wanted to have another baby easily in two or three years.

“Akari is still very cute now.” Qiqi turned around and blocked his mouth…

“Qiqi, pay attention to safety.” Nian Jimo warned from behind, but his eyes were aimed at Lou Huang.

Qiqi put away her longing for her children and responded: “You too.”

Having a child is different. At such an extraordinary moment, I was distracted. I’ve only been away for a few days and I miss you so much. I wonder if they are used to drinking milk powder and will cry because she is missing.

Qing on the opposite side suddenly sank to the ground: This is earth element.

After reaching the level of female saint, earth-type supernatural beings like Qing can freely pass through the ground, come and go without a trace, and the power of sneak attacks and assassinations is greatly increased.

Unfortunately, Qiqi is not only a wood-type psychic, she is also a spiritual psychic. An important function of the spiritual system is reconnaissance. Mental waves enveloped the entire battlefield, and suddenly a wooden spear formed in his hand and plunged into the position three steps forward to the left. After a sudden surge of soil, there was no movement. Qiqi pulled out the spear and saw that the tip was dyed dark red. The blow did not miss and successfully stabbed the opponent.

Then, she focused her gaze and looked into the dense forest. His body swayed and he chased after him with a spear.

“Let’s fight quickly, Master Nian Jimo.” Lou Huang followed Qiqi into the dense forest, lost sight of him, and then said to Nian Jimo.

Nian Jimo nodded: “That’s exactly what I meant.”

The seven of them, together with dozens of other male beasts brought by Qiqi, attacked the people brought by Lou Yuan. Lou Yuan showed a strange smile…

The spears were thrown out of his hands one after another, and they were pierced into the soil with a bang, chasing Qing’s escape direction deep into the forest. Suddenly, Qi Qi jumped up and hung on a horizontal branch of a tree with one hand. Where she was standing, a stone was sinking to the ground quickly, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“Get up!” she shouted, and the ground in front of her shook, like a giant beast rolling inside.

The ground cracked, clods of soil flew up, and the surrounding trees sank and fell.

Little animals left their homes and fled in all directions, and the birds that were originally on the trees also screamed and jumped into the air.

The forest is the home ground of Qing, the earth-type superpower, but why not the main place of Yang Qiqi, the wood-type superpower?

Now, let’s see whether the soil buried the wood or the wood broke through the soil.

The soil within this 100-meter area was like boiling water, constantly gushing out, pulling down the trees and vegetation within the area little by little. Just when it was about to be completely swallowed, there was a sudden tremor. , a giant brown ball was raised from below. The head exposed on the top of the giant ball is clearly that of Saint Qingnu.

Wrapped in various plant roots and unable to move, in such a state of embarrassment, she looked at Qiqi with sparkling eyes: “Yang Qiqi, as expected, the new life is terrifying. However, this is not over yet.”

Qiqi’s arm hanging on the horizontal branch exerted force, and the person was thrown in a semicircle, turned over, and squatted on the horizontal branch. Only a “duh” sound was heard, and there were countless pores on the tree trunk under the horizontal branches. If she hadn’t been able to hide quickly, she would have been beaten into a sieve by now.

“Under the Orange Light Female Temple.” Qiqi’s eyes were as sharp as an arrow, and he saw a person slowly stepping out from behind a huge stone.

The very eye-catching long pink hair is braided in two braids and hangs down on her chest, with a colorful ribbon tied on her forehead. Although he is seventy years old, he looks only about sixty years old. A black sleeveless vest, a colorful knee-length pleated skirt, and a pair of black mid-calf boots. His eyebrows are deep, his skin is a healthy wheat color, he is tall and strong, and he is very heroic. This is exactly the other female saint of Tai Su in the data, Orange Light.

Qiqi’s pupils shrank.

It can be said that Lou Yuan is very capable in mobilizing a female saint. However, if two female saints appear, it cannot be the work of a prince.

——This is a trap for her.

“The stunningly talented Qiqi Female Saint is worthy of being the mother of the Taisu Kingdom.” A golden hook rose from the back of the orange light, with colorful gems inlaid on it, so dazzling. In the blink of an eye, the golden hook turned back from Qing’s side and hung behind the orange light’s head, making her look like a god. “Come to Taisu, and we will unify the four countries together. Or, bury your bones here, and let us end your myth.”

Qiqi was extremely angry and laughed back: “If you want to end me, it depends on whether you have the ability.”

As he waved his hand, the branches and roots of the surrounding plants attacked the two people opposite, like crazy demons dancing.

“Come out!” After breaking free of the roots cut by the golden hook, Qing still felt sad. Seeing these annoying roots and vines rolling in again, she quickly summoned her own elemental spirit: the earth giant.

A three-meter-tall native stood up from the ground, bent down and stretched out his palms, swept away the vines around Qing, picked her up and put her on his shoulders. Then, he started to draw his bow left and right, swiping at all the plants he wanted to get close to.

Yang Qiqi and Cheng Guang also summoned Qinglong Cang and Jin Fengyan respectively.

In mid-air, Qiqi stepped on a huge cyan dragon, wore a Miloluo battle suit, held a thorn vine, her hair was flying, her skirt was fluttering, and she had a solemn look on her face, like a female war goddess from ancient times.

Orange light, also standing on the back of the golden giant phoenix, the golden hook hanging behind the head is solemn.

Quickly charging against each other, just as the two elemental spirits were about to pass each other, Cang’s long tail shot out and hit Feng’s buttocks. Yan was hit hard and screamed. Cang didn’t take advantage either. The scales were damaged and cracked where they came into contact with Yan. As expected, the metal elemental spirit had thick skin and strong bones.

When the two sides crossed each other, the golden hook of orange light shot out, so fast that only a thin light and shadow was left.

Qiqi waved the magic whip and blocked all approaches. I saw the whip shadow like a circle, protecting the person in the center. As the golden light flickered around, every appearance was a momentary pause caused by the whip blocking the way.

On the ground, Qing left the defense to the giant, while she tried her best to bury the trees.

All the plants within a radius of 500 meters have been buried by her, but there are still a steady stream of plants pulling their roots out of the soil from farther away, “running” like animals migrating. Seeing the dense swarms of plants of all sizes, thick and thin, made her feel frightened. She is also a female saint, and Yang Qiqi is obviously much stronger than her. With multitasking, she can also mobilize a wider range of elements than she can.

Looking at the two sides fighting fiercely in mid-air with a complicated expression, she once again caused the soil to crack, trapping the row of plants. Before they have time to crawl out, they use their support to close the cracks.

Cracked, buried.

Sag, close together.

After repeating the operation countless times, even if she is a female saint with abundant energy, she is already sweating. At this moment, the ground began to shake violently, with an intensity as strong as a moderate earthquake.

Too many plants are buried in such a small place. Under their collective restless struggle, the soil layer could no longer suppress it.

“Damn it.” After the earth giant was dragged down by the many coiled plant stems that broke out of the ground, Qing had no choice but to jump away. An earthen platform immediately rose under her feet, allowing her to stay away. When she looked again, the earth giant had been wrapped into a huge cocoon, twisting and struggling in vain, but the more he struggled, the tighter and more entangled he was. Finally, I couldn’t move anymore.

And in mid-air, when he passed by again, Orange let out a sharp scream and fell upside down with his head in his hands. Yan quickly screamed and swooped down, catching her before she landed.

The mental attack worked ~ ~ When Qi Qi trembled and stagnated due to losing effective control, Qi Qi whipped him away with a whip. As for the man, he stepped on Cang’s back and jumped up. In the middle of the way, he touched the golden hook on his toes and flew up for the second time. At the same time, the thorn vine in his hand shook as straight as a rod, poking at Cheng who had not yet recovered. On the light numb point. With one hit, the thorn vine softened again and rolled up her waist. When Cang caught Yang Qiqi, she pulled the vine and captured the orange light.

Qing was dumbfounded when she saw the orange female saint, who had always been a powerful warrior, being **** by a long vine without any resistance and Yang Qiqi was lying on the dragon’s back in front of her. The palm struck the back of Orange Light’s neck, and the golden phoenix chirped unwillingly and dissipated. The golden hook also dissipated.

Qiqi grinned at Qing who was standing on the earth platform, commanded Cang Fei to rush towards her, and waved the long whip of his other hand.

“Earth shield, condense!” Qing woke up in surprise and waved her hands repeatedly.

A row of twelve earth shields surround Qing.

The big pale eyes were full of contempt, and he opened his mouth and breathed a dragon’s breath. At the same time that the twelve earth shields collapsed and melted, the whip hit the earth platform with a “snap” and knocked off a corner of the platform. When the leaping Qing was still in the air, the whip had already been raised and wrapped around her ankles… rs()


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